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Revamping Rasna A Marketing Overhaul Saga

Initial Success
Do-it-yourself concept & first to provide such variety in flavors World-class technology for ensuring quality and operational efficiency Affordable (price as low as 50 paise per glass) Efficient sales and intensive distribution network No major competition in SDC segment Creative Promotional activities Effective Branding through large scale advertising and targeting children The Tagline I love you Rasna

Reducing Market Share

Consistent decline in growth rate through late 1990s and 2000 Increase in competition from Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc Entry of new players in SDC segment like Tang, Dr. morepan , Sunfill and others Shift in consumer tastes towards fruit juices and ready-todrink preparations Unable to sustain brands popularity Steadily increasing prices

Failure of the new Products

y New productsin the form of variants Rasna Royal, Rasna Aqua fun

and Oranjolt failed

Rasna Royal- An expensive drink which went against the main value proposition of SDC of low price Rasna Aqua Fun - Non-acceptance of the blue color by the customer as blue is never related to food products Oranjolt - Had problems in its distribution owing to its short shelf life

Reasons for Revamping

y Shift in consumer tastes towards ready-to-drink preparations and y y y y y

fruit juices Failure of many new variants of Rasna Competition from global players like Coca Cola, Pepsi etc Increasing purchasing power Availability of more international products in tetra packs Changes in price

y Ensuring sustainability y Increased awareness among consumers regarding difference

between natural and artificial synthetic flavors

Initiatives Taken
` Revamping the brand

New, catchy brand tagline- relish a gain ` To reach an estimated 700000 retailers annually ` Extensive distribution channels to effectively cover rural areas ` The urban markets were also not left out ` New approach to advertising aimed at including every age group from every section of the society ` Emphasis on affordability and easy availability ` Multi-media advertising and promotion. ` Special emphasis laid on outdoor-visibility ` A new leaf symbol added to Rasna brand name ` Product Categorized product lines into two brands (Rasna Utsav and Rasna Rozana) to effectively target different consumer segment Relaunched Rasna International New brands enriched with more nutrients

The Future
y Should continue with its success factors - cost and taste. y Decide on its target customers is it family or children? y Should go for M&As in order to grow in size comparable to other

giants like Coca-Cola, HUL etc. y Difficult to target everything to everyone y Promotion based on pricing Redundant y New tagline and promotional activities might not be able to re establish the old brand