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 I probably go to a restaurant to eat once in a
 If I got a chance to eat out, I always go out to
Eating Out eat with my sister as we share the same taste
buds when it comes to the choices of food.
 Personally, I usually avoid eating outside and
 [describe your experience eating out] prefer to eat homemade food. I believe that
 -how often you eat out homemade food items have better taste and
healthier. Furthermore, restaurant foods are
 -who you usually eat out with quite expensive in my country.
 -if you enjoy eating out [why/why  In my opinion, some people prefer to eat out
not? to save time. Cooking takes a lot of time. You
 -why some people prefer to eat out also have to clean the dishes as well as the
kitchen after you’re done. However, you can
avoid all the hassle in a restaurant. So, some
people enjoy eating out.
 Out of all the restaurants and cafés near my residence, I
RESTAURANT frequent Noza Café.
 It is not a big place. However, the décor is impressive.
When one enters, they feel quite comfortable and
homely as their furniture includes typical drawing-
 Describe a restaurant or a cafe you often go to. room sofas and chairs. So, everyone feels relaxed.
 You should say:  There is a special service where the cafe also allows the
• Where it is pets, a policy that makes everyone feel home. Three cats
are the permanent residents of the place. There is both
• What it looks like an indoor as well as an outdoor eating area.
• What kind of services are provided  Noza Café serves a decent list of food items, all of which
• What kind of food do you like there/ What kind of are tasty. My favourite food here is the onion rings with
food is famous? And say why you like it. fries and mayonnaise. It is simply delicious. I love this
place because it offers variety of food with a cheap
 Recently I went to Kuala Lumpur with my
family members.
 It was the first family trip we had after a long
time. We got to KL by by using public
transport such as train and bus. We even
went on foot to explore KL.

As a tourist we explored as much area as
possible of this region, we visited famous
sites such as The Petronas Twin Tower, KL
Tower and many other places.
 Personally, the whole area was very
attractive and interesting in my taste. I felt
like I was witnessing something I have never
seen existed. The street architecture of
building, shop houses gave me a totally
different experience. I would definitely want
to visit KL again maybe this time with my
friends after we finish our SPM exam.
 month it was my mother’s birthday and so one of
the gifts I gave her was something a little different from the kind of
thing I would normally give her on such occasions.
My mom is a very hardworking person and sometimes I think she is

being overworked.

 arranged with my sister to organize a weekend away at a luxury
spa hotel for our mother and her best friend as a gift. The package we
purchased included things like a deep-tissue massage, seaweed wrap,
and other spa treatments and the spa location had a swimming pool and
other facilities for her and her friend to enjoy over the weekend.

 in all, we thought it would be nice for her to have some time off
from all the routine things she does and to get away for a while – a sort
of escape.
A song you like A song that I like is ‘ Assalamualaikum’ by a
famous Malaysian singer, Faizal Tahir. It is a
pop-rock song with a very catchy melody. The
first time I heard that song was probably 6
years ago.
 Thissong has meaningful and soulful lyrics, talking
about unity, peace and equality. It says that we
should treat each other equally and put an end to
discrimination based on color and religion.
I like this song obviously because it is from Faizal
Tahir who happens to be my favourite singer of all
time. Apart from that ,I really love the message
behind the song. I’ll wrap up by saying that it is a
beautiful song carrying a message to make this
world worth living.
Book  Recently I have read The Godfather. It was a
highly interesting book and I loved reading it.
The Godfather is a popular crime novel. It was
written by Mario Puzo, an Italian-American
 The book plot is about a fictional Mafia family
and its inner events.
  I believe that those who love crime and
thrillers genre would find this novel interesting
and they would enjoy it.
 Though it was a crime novel, I do not think that
the characters of the novel were criminals.
Rather, they were following their own rules for
survival which created a new insight on me.
So, for all such reasons, I enjoyed the book
very much.
Usually watching movies is not in my nature but if there are
something special, I do not miss. Accordingly, I enjoyed a
movie named – Forrest Gump. I watched this movie last
week with my friends via Netflix.
This movie has influenced me to be grateful for everything I

Describe a movie that have in life as I believe I did not suffer as much as the
character in this movie. I was touched by the life events of
had a strong impact on Forest Gump. He actually suffered a lot in his life. Life was
you filled with thrones for him. But finally, he overcame all the
obstacles for his determination and kindness.
 -what movie it was Personally, I enjoyed the movie to the last minute because I
love how Tom Hanks acted out in this movie . Other than
 -when you watched that, the plot had some emotional impacts on me which
the movie helped me to fall in love with the movie. In fact, this is one
of the best movies I have ever seen and enjoyed.
 -how it influenced you
 -if you liked it and why
 For me, the best birthday present I have
ever received was a MacBook Pro. The
present was given for my 17th birthday last
 Best Birthday Present year. I still remember I was over the moon
 -what the present was when I received the present.
 -why it was special  My father was the one who gave the
present to me .Personally, this present was
 -who gave you the present
so special and meaningful to me as it was
 - why is it important to give the last present from him before he passed
birthday present away earlier this year.
 I believe that is important to give birthday
present because giving a gift to someone
we care about allows us to communicate
our feelings and appreciation for them.
I want to talk about Fatimah who has been my best friend since school days. She is currently
studying in SMKA Kuala Selangor. It was in 2020 when I met with her in class. It just
happened that on her first day in the school, she couldn’t get an empty seat while I was
sitting alone since my friend was absent on that day. I asked her to sit along with me and
introduced myself. From then onwards, we became friends and our friendship is continued
till today.

A best friend
 We shared a lot of things in common, for instance we love playing chess and we love
watching K-Drama.
-what your best friend looks
 Whenever we get some free time, we meet each other on a coffee shop and sit over there for
hours, gossiping about our day-to-day life. In the weekend, we often study together in the
like library.

-how you met

Personally, I believe it is important to have a best friend since he or she can help me a lot in
 my difficult times. For example,whenever I needed support, Fatimah was always there for
boosting me up. She is extremely honest towards our friendship and a trustworthy person
-what you have in common
 as well. This is the reason why we need to have at least one best friend.

-what activities you do

Why is important to have a

best friend
 To begin with, my family has got 4 members including
me. My father, mother, elder brother are the roots of my
existence and I love them very much.
 To start with my mother, she is the sweetest person and
the kindest hearted woman I have ever seen. She used to
work as a teacher in a college but left it when my elder
 Describe your family. brother came to this world. She still runs a small boutique
business besides taking great care of her family.
• You should say: 
how many family members your  As for my father, he works as a Vice President and he is a
super dad, our inspiration and guide. My elder brother
family has
and I are still studying in the same school.
• what they do  As a family we are very close. Every weekend we will play
• how close you are badminton and we will also bake together and trying out
new recipe.
 and explain why your family is  The famous saying ‘Blood's thicker than water’ is quite
important to you true as I feel most comfortable and blessed being with my
family members. My family is important as everyone has
great contributions to help me become the person I am.
Personally, I prefer to use Instagram . I started using this app
five years ago when I started experimenting with photography
and I find that it is an application that allows me to express
myself creatively, by using various filters for my photography
or videos to create an effect I desire.
A I now use the application at least 3 times a week to post stories
social Networking Site
Talk about a social networking or to dm my friends and followers.
I still enjoy using Instagram very much and would absolutely
site you prefer.
You should say: recommend it to others . However, I believe that this platform
is not suitable for all ages as some of the contents shared could
What the social networking site is
be inappropriate in terms of languages and the content.
What you use the networking site We should use social networking sites carefully because I have
for had people make derogatory comments to me which can be
If it suitable for all ages rather upsetting but fortunately you can block them easily. I
(why/why not) have been fortunate so far, but some people I know have been
Why social networking sites victims of catfishing, which can be traumatic.
should be used carefully
 In my opinion, online study is important to
ensure the continuation of knowledge
during this pandemic.
 Personally, the problems that I faced
 You have been attending online classes
would be the distraction at homes such as
lately. from television show or from my own
siblings. Other than that, I would feel very
 you should talk about:
lazy to attend the class as it is boring.
  Why online study is important  To make it online study more effective, we
  What are the problems that you face need to stay away from the distraction at
homes to help us to focus in class.
  How to make it more effective
 All in all , I find that online study is not for
 Do you like to study online? Why or
why not?
me because I tend to lose focus and get
easily distracted.
 If I were given a chance to do a part-time job, I
would love to become a barista.
 A barista is the one who prepares and
serves espresso-based coffee drinks. As a
barista I need to know how to operate and
 Talk about a part-time job you maintain espresso machines, froth milk and
would like to try. much more.
 You should say :  Truthfully , I choose to work part-time as a
 What the part-time job is barista because I was influenced by a K-
drama that I really love called ‘Coffee prince’. I
 What you do found out from the drama that being a barista
 Why you choose it is something cool as you can express your
 If working experience is important creativity in serving the coffee.
(why/why not)  As for me, passion is more important than
experience when it comes to work because
when you have the passion you will work hard
to improve yourself and execute your work.
 As you know teenagers face a lot of challenges in
life. As for me , the biggest challenge I experience
in my teenage years is stress. Currently I am really
stressed to do well in my SPM examination.
 To be honest ,my stress had led me to many
 A challenge as a teen sleepless night as I am worried whether or not I am
able to do well in my SPM.
 Talk about the biggest challenge
you experience as a teen,  To overcome the challenge, I went to see my
counselor. She has helped me by giving me
 You should say: valuable tips to face the exam. After seeing her. I
 What is the challenge is made some changes in my routine and I could see
the improvement.
 How it affects you
 Personally, I believe that challenges are important
 What have you done to face the
in our lives. As you go through challenges, you
become stronger and stronger. I would see
 If challenges are important in our challenges are an excellent opportunity for our
lives (why/why not) personal growth.
 If I buy things online, I prefer to buy it
from an online shopping site called ‘
 Talk about an online shopping
 I must say that I am obsessed with this
platform. shopping site as I would browse it
 You should say : numerous times daily.
 What is your favourite online  I usually buy scarf online as it offers many
shopping site. Why?
attractive designs with better prices.
 How often you browse the site
 Personally , I found a good experience with
 What are the things you normally
buy online online shopping. By shopping online , I have the
 Do you enjoy shopping online? ability to compare prices from hundreds of
(Why/Why not) different vendors before I purchase something.
For example , in Zalora for example if I type
the word ‘ scarf’ there will be numerous
vendors selling scarf. It is definitely making my
 Recently I was in need of buying a watch for my
brother’s birthday. I wanted to buy a latest watch from
Casio Retro Vintage collection and this watch was not
available with many of the online shopping sites but I
found that watch on Jabong.com.
 Recent online shopping experience.
 Even though I am a confident buyer, I was quite
 Talk about your recent online shopping
experience. sceptical about this site. Regardless , I still bought it as
What you bought online recently? it was hard to find it from any other website. In
Why you bought it? addition , the price offer was quite reasonable.
If you were happy with what you  To be honest, I wasn’t happy with what I bought. The
watch I ordered wasn’t packed properly. When I
opened the package, I found that watch was completely
broken. Overall, it was a disappointing experience.
From that day onwards I have decided not to buy
anything from that website anymore.
 The extreme activity that I would like to try
is bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is a
sport in which people jump off a tall place
like bridge with an elastic rope tied to their
 An extreme activity that you would legs.
like to try
 I am keen to try this when I watched a
 You should say :
challenge from the show Amazing Race
 What the extreme activity is
where the contestant need to do bungee
 What makes you interested to try jumping from the cliff. I still remember ,
 Do you think taking risks is one of the contestants was panicking
exciting? (why/why not)
hysterically when she needed to complete
the bungee jumping task.
 Well, I think it depends on how the big the
risk that you are taking is. Sometimes the
risk is so big that you are literally putting
your life in danger.

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