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Paris to Berlin (1885 -87)

After completing his studies in Universidad Central de Madrid, Rizal(24 yrs. old) went to Paris and Germany inorder to specialize in ophthalmology. He particularly chose this branch of medicine because he wanted to cure his mothers eye ailment.

In Berlin, Jose met and befriended several top German scientists:

Dr. Adolph B. Meyer

Dr. Rudolf Virchow

Dr. Hans Meyer

Dr. Feodor Jagor

The stay at Barcelona (1 week) Maximo Viola - friend of Jose; a medical student and a member of a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan. Seor Eusebio Corominas - editor of the newspaper La Publicidad and who made a crayon sketch of Don Miguel Morayta. Don Miguel Morayta - owner of La Publicidad and a statesman. He gave Editor Corominas an article on the Carolines Question for publication

In October 1885 - Rizal was living in Paris, where he stayed for about four months.

..leading French ophthalmologist were Jose Rizal worked as an assistant for four months. Rizal wrote a letter for his mother to reveal that he was rapidly improved his knowledge in ophthalmology.

Dr. Louis de Weckert

Outside his working days at Dr. Weckerts clinic, Rizal relaxed by visiting his friends, such as the family of the Pardo de Taveras (Trinidad, Felix, and Paz), Juan Luna and Felix Resureccion Hidalgo.

Rizal in Juan Lunas studio in Paris

Rizal, Hidalgo, Paz Pardo de Taveras and Luna constantly encouraged each other in their individual pursuits -- and also enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship of each other.

People in the Picture: Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera, Nellie Bousted, Felix Resurrection Hidalgo, Paz P. Luna and Juan Luna's mother in - law, Juliana Gorricho is at the center holding Andres.

"The Death of Cleopatra" where he posed as an Egyptian Scribe, recording the event for posterity.

"The Blood Compact where he posed as Sikatuna, with Trinidad Pardo de Taveras taking the role of Legazpi

Rizal had no natural aptitude for music, and this he admitted. He studied music only because many of his schoolmates at Ateneo were taking music lessons. He told Enrique Lete that he learned the solfeggio, piano, and voice culture in one month and a half. He is also a flutist.

Some of his compositions are: Leonor song he composed before his departure for Spain. Alin Mang Lahi a patriotic song which asserts that any race aspires for freedom La Deportacion (Deportation) a sad danza, composed in Dapitan