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Summer Internship Report 2011 Presented By:-

ASUTOSH COLLEGE BBA (Hons.) , 3rdyr.

Tanishq Regional Office Location - INDIA

Regional Office - North 2 A, Old Ishwar Nagar, Main Mathura Road, New Delhi. Regional Office - East Block 'C', 8th Floor, Apeejay House 15, Park Street Kolkata - 700 016 Regional Office - West The Metropolitan 9th Floor, Plot No.C-26/27 Bandra- Kurla Complex Bandra East Mumbai - 400 051 Regional Office - South Mitra Towers ,10/4 Kasturba Road Bangalore - 560 001

Celebrity Endorsement


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Multiple definitions . Multiple Perspectives.

. the promise , the big idea , and the expectations that reside inside the head of each customers mind about a product , service , or company the brand is shorthand . It stands for something . - Alina Wheeler ( 2006)

.. a set of mental associations , held by the consumer , which add to the perceived value of a product or service . - Kevin Lane Keller (1998)

Dispelling some Myths

Delivers the message clearly

Creates business credibility

Creates a connection between the product and the clientele

Helps motivate the buyer


Brand Consistency
What is Brand consistency ?
Brand consistency is where a business attempts to communicate messages in a way which doesnt detract or wander away from the core brand proposition.

Why bother with brand consistency ?

Brand consistency has one massive advantage recognition.

With recognition comes familiarity .

With familiarity comes trust and confidence .

Also , if done correctly , consistency brings clarity and purpose which consumers buy into (They can become loyal) .

Brand Value and Authenticity





Brand Growth Checklist

MISTAKE : mixing up user profiles and brand positioning

Portraying a specific type of user is wrong, as it fails to talk to the spread of people using the brand. For example : Yorkie's "Not for girls" was bad marketing, as it missed out girls, who in fact eat a lot of Yorkie choco bars.

Yorkie is a chocolate bar made by Nestle, an alternative to Cadbury's 5Star.


Branding and its Content - Goes hand in hand

Define your strengths and leverage them. Purposefully written Web copy that effectively tells your prospects why they should buy from you or your client can make a world of difference on the sales front. In fact, if done right, it can actually disqualify the competition.

BMW boasts performance:

Do bear in mind that 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds limits your chances of actually spotting the BMW M Coupe on the road. For that you can thank a 330 hp in-line six engineered to peak at an astounding 7,900 rpm. Raw power is unleashed precisely through a short-throw, 6-speed manual and is kept in-check by massive compound, cross-drilled brakes.

Volvo tries to make synonymous with safety:



Preventative safety features like Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) help you, the driver, avoid accidents by evading them. And nothing is safer for you than no accident at all. So every Volvo is equipped with a variety of innovative preventative safety features, many of which are, of course, uniquely Volvo, developed by Volvo safety engineers over years of research, design and testing, both in the laboratory and the real world. 11

Heritage the one characteristic and attribute of a brand that provides sustainable competitive advantage . Disneys brand story is about family and community. Visit a Disney theme park and you will experience the safety, security and enjoyment of the quintessential American town.

Marlboros brand story embraces nostalgia to exploit the myth of the stoic American cowboy, wide- open spaces, simple choices, good and evil, and heroism.

Nikes brand story is one of maximum performance, of challenging oneself to strive for ones best, calling that achievement perfection.


Building Powerful Brands

A misleading trend nowadays which is often misinterpreted as a brand building activity is endorsement advertisement. Not all endorsements fall into this category but some do for sure!
The problem with this endorsements lies in the absence of the CONNECT element. It also defies rationale as to how a superstar actor or actress identifies with a bank or a PSU telecom provider which is contradictory to the actors image!

Instead the approach should be to create relevance through the endorsement and add brand value. A classic example of this would be Palmolive shaving creams which brought cricket legend Kapil Dev in the early 1980 s to endorse its shaving cream, a effort that turned out to be a mega success, with the tag line- Palmolive da jawab nahin.



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Tanishq [The name Tanishq has been formed by combining "Ta" (the first two letters of Tata) and
"Nishk or Nishkh" (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit)] is India's largest, most desirable and fastest growing jewelry brand in India. Started in 1995, Tanishq is the jewelry business group of Titan Industries Ltd - promoted by the TATA group, India's most respected and widely diversified business conglomerate. Tanishq challenged the age-old jeweller's word with TATA's guaranteed purity. It exploded the market with facts about rampant impurity across India. It introduced technology-backed challenge in a category completely governed by individual trust. Tanishq introduced innovations like Karatmeter, the only non destructive means to check the purity of gold. Jewellery is one of the last great commodity frontiers in India; it has remained so because this market is very fragmented, very unorganized. Tanishq has successfully taken on the challenge of transforming this frontier into a reliable consumer space by bringing to it all the virtues and benefits that branding offers". - Harish Bhat, CEO, Tanishq.

Tanishq Premier Jewellery Brand of India

Jewellery in India is reflective of a tradition and

culture rich in artistic and skilled craftsmanship. As far back as 1500 B.C the Indus Valley Civilization was known to have manufactured gold jewellery in the form of necklaces and earrings and beaded necklaces with metallic bangles. Historically this love for jewellery remains strong and the Indian market exports worldwide, as well as continues to fulfil its consumer demand for gold, diamond and gemstones. With increasing consumerism, economic growth and an estimated luxury market of a hundred million, the passion for jewellery has endured with an emerging public demand for quality brands. One such brand which came to Indias jewellery horizon in 1995 is Tanishq, distinguished as being the most prominent, largest and fastest growing premier brand of jewellery in modern India. The concept at Tanishq (tanishq.co.in) as Revitaliser of Tradition has been the signature of its newer concept stores across India. The theme has been to sustain the immortal art of jewellery making from traditional India to mesh into the present purity and simplicity of modern designs. The artistic and special architectural work characterizing magnificent wonders such as the Taj Mahal has inspired the detailing in the construction of the Tanishq stores in the North. For the tourist this gives an incredible ambiance of not just jewellery shopping but 16 combines with it a feel for India.

Class Consumer Profile
Inherited Income/Professionals/Business/ exceptional ability Professionals/Business/career oriented/Executives

Product Preference
Branded Designer Jewellery and Diamond studded jewellery Branded jewellery

Company Preference
Tanishq and Geetanjali


Upper Middle

Tanishq Local Shops like PP jewellers Sia Jewellers for Artificial jewellery No company preference 17


White Collar, Educated

Unbranded jewellery as well as high quality Artificial jewellery

Lower Middle Lower

Blue Collar, Skilled Semi Skilled

Artificial Jewellery No Need



Sold to a more westernized audience evoking Nice but not for me reaction. Underwent several strategic retooling to reach the traditional but modern Indian woman segment. The setting of their stores intimidated the Indian consumers. They had always positioned themselves as Jewelry for adornment and not for investment.


Design and retail innovation have been
PROMISE OF PURITY AND A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE the hallmark of Tanishq all these years. First and only jeweler who guarantees the purity of its gold jewellery and certifies the quality of its diamonds and colored gems in writing.

It has established itself as a highly ethical


player in a market that was rated as having the highest incidence of under karatage (Bureau of Indian Standards). They even have gold meters where one can check the purity of gold.

also has been positioned as a branded jewellery of luxury rather than commodity. It moves jewellery beyond investment to the fashion and adornment sector.



Superior Product

order to compete with the regional players, Tanishq introduced the concept of consistency in delivering promise. Tanishq is known for its ability to develop specialized design collections. It is the only jeweler that houses a fullfledged design studio with a team of several international award winning Indian designers. Offer a totally new perspective to Jewellery buying especially when it comes to exquisite oriental jewellery. 20


7Ps of Marketing





Physical Evidence





Based on Tangibility
Tanishq Diamond Tanishq Gold Tanishq Platinum

Based on Occasion
Tanishq wedding collection Moham Fashion Colors of royalty


o Tanishq is known for its ability to develop specialized design collections. o Each piece of jewellery is designed by a team of award winning designers. o Designed to suit all forms of attire, western and Indian, casual and formal. o Aria, for seven stone diamond jewellery, Hoopla, focused on diamond studded hoops and Collection-G for lower priced gold jewellery.

o Brand name ensures innovation. o Considered equivalent to purity and tradition.


Tanishq Gold

From the traditional harams, mangalsutras and

thalis to the more fashionable earrings, chains, bracelets and rings, there is a lot to choose from at Tanishq. In India Gold has always been associated with security and is the most valuable form of investment. However, it has been observed that consumer is an easy target to several malpractices like under karatage, under valuation of the gold sold and unfair buy back policies due to the lack of awareness about these issues. Tanishq propagates ethical practices not only by assuring the customer purity and selling policies, but also fair policies to the karigars who craft the jewelry .

Tanishq's designs in Pure 22k gold are not only

unique, expressing the wearer's individuality but each piece is subject to the intricate process of design, crafting and stone setting with stringent quality standards at every point. Tanishq caters to every occasion. Their collections in gold abound from the grandiose wedding collection to exotic kundan and polki, from the stunning Aarka collections to the exclusive Nakashi work. Tanishq ensures that they have something for everyone with our baby range, 9 to 5 for the working woman and high fashion, men's wear, teen's collection and regional specific designs. 24

Tanishq Platinum

- Metal at its best.

Platinum's purity endows it with a brilliant white luster. This helps to reflect the true radiance of diamonds. Because it is generally 95% pure (18 karat gold is 75% pure), platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish and keeps its looks for a lifetime. Rare Platinum is rare, the coveted treasure of discerning individuals. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 30 times rarer than gold. Platinum's rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive - a celebration of your individuality. Eternal Platinum jewelry is the perfect choice for a lifetime of everyday wear. Platinum does not wear away and holds precious stones firmly and securely. All precious metals can scratch, and platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on a platinum piece is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. Some of the world's most famous gems are set in platinum, such as the Kohinoor diamond, part of the British crown jewels. Platinum and White Gold are distinctly different materials and must not be confused. Platinum is a metallic element while White Gold is a Gold alloy, which gets its white colour due to palladium or nickel. Tanishq's Platinum represents excellent value for money. The price may be higher than a similar item in gold but platinum is pure, rare, enduring, beautiful , luxurious, classic, and the perfect host for diamonds; precious qualities that make it worth paying that little bit extra for.


The Diamond Collection

No gemstone expresses human emotions more powerfully than a diamond After all, a diamond is timeless and finding your perfect piece of diamond jewelry is an exhilarating and unique experience. Cut and crafted with utmost care the diamond collection renders each piece eternal.


The Solo Collection

'Solo' is a statement of feminity , luxury and lifestyle as well as a status symbol. For ages, Solitaires have mesmerized women with their inherent mystical appeal. Cashing in on this fascination for the stone is Tanishq, the leading branded jeweler in India, which has lined up a range of everyday- wear solitaire diamonds- Solo .


The Lightweights Collection

yet elaborate and light, this collection draws inspiration from the casual elegance and confidence of the modern day woman. Crafted using a special process called electro-forming, this intricate diamond jewellery collection is designed to appeal to the discerning customers looking for international designs, wearability and value for money.



The Wedding Collection

The bride blushes; Everyone around smiles; The shenai announces festivity;
The priests chant auspicious promises; She walks demurely; A vision of beauty; Her jewels are exquisite; Crafted by the best in the land; As pure as the blessings bestowed on her.


The Zoya Collection

Intricacy coupled with the simplicity; The magnificence of history interwoven with
linear contemporary; Secrets of the pharaohs masked with the mystery of the cosmos; oriental art embellished with occidental architecture; nature's bounty matched with man's ingenuity.


The Fashion Earring Collection

The Fashion earring collection', has a range of over 300 exclusive designs. Keeping in
tune with the raging popularity that earrings currently enjoy, the Tanishq design team has created the Fashion earring collection, inspired by the evergreen Jhumkas or Karnaphools and the trendy Chandelier and delicate Stiletto designs.


The Kundan and Polki Collection

Influenced by the mughal era Kundan work requires special craftsmanship and a
myriad of stages, each crafted by a different set of highly skilled karigars. Tanishq as a revitaliser of tradition brings to life techniques and motifs of the period through our exquisite collections of Kundan and Polki (uncut diamonds). It is difficult for jewelers to ensure the purity and correct grammage of the product since it involves so many stages. However, Tanishq ensures the karatage and net wt. of the product.


The Colours of Royalty Collection

of Royalty a range of exquisite studded jewelry, reminiscent of the magical Victorian era. The collection is inspired by the classic design essence and sensibilities found in the architecture, fashion, design, drapes and patterns of the Victorian period. Tanishq has incorporated the timelessness of these styles into exquisite jewelry designs to present a collection where fashion and tradition converge. This line of precious stones and diamond jewelry in 18k from Tanishq comprises more than 200 pieces and is by far the largest studded collection launched by us. This exclusive collection was launched at the Ponds Femina Miss India 2006, where the 25 finalists wore it . The Colours of Royalty is a line of exclusive gems and stone studded jewelry that reflects the grandeur of India's rich past represented through the varied meanings associated with colors in our lives .



The Aria Collection

Aria is a collection of variety of everyday jewellery which

depict various moods and feelings: Mysteries of love Mysteries of passion Mysteries of envy Bewitching Fascinating Enchanting Hypnotizing Sensuous Captivating


Exquisite crowns and jewellery

Tanishq, India's most innovative jewelry brand, unveiled the aweinspiring set of crowns and its 'Colors of Royalty' range of jewelry, specially crafted for India's leading beauty pageant, Femina Miss India 2007.

Tanishq has built itself a reputation of bringing innovative designs that suit the needs of "the ever-changing never-changing" Indian woman.The crowns have been designed to convey the essence of India through the use of distinctive motifs such as the traditional and auspicious 'teeka' - the Indian touch to the contemporary styling. Crafted with painstaking detail, each of these crowns convey a story; a story of their "ORIGIN". Inspired by interplanetary movements and colors of flora and fauna, these tiaras are a stunning combination of trillions, baguettes, round brilliant cuts, princess, pears and specially cut colored crystals. Each crown weighs about 450 gms and has a special spring mechanism designed to fit perfectly on any size or shape of head.


The inspiration behind each crown is distinct and personifies the spirit of the title.
Miss Universe : This crown has the perfect cosmic blend of elements, very like the universe itself. The large red stone, set slightly on the side, is the symbolic and stylised 'teeka'. Miss World : The natural essence of this piece is enhanced by the wave-like undulating shape on the base of the crown, sitting snugly on the forehead of the wearer. And of course the vivid rectangular blue stone that expresses the teeka of victory, and sets off the varying hues of the sea on the rest of the crown. Miss Earth : This crown derives its inspiration from the essence of nature- her flora and fauna. Based on the fabulous colours and movement of the peacock and its feathers, this stunning piece is an intriguing study in harmony and contrast. The jewelry crafted beautifully with interspersion of diamonds and colored stones, is an ode to the ecstatic beauty and supreme power behind every woman. The contemporary styling has been brought to life with sensuous curves, balance, rhythm and symmetry of classic Indian motifs in an unconventional synthesis. These beautiful and vibrant gemstones in different shapes, sizes and colors are sprinkled amongst diamonds to create a symphony that enhances the look of the stones and adds a dash of color to conventional designs. Tanishq has translated the timelessness of these designs to a modern context and brought to life a collection where fashion, design and tradition blend perfectly.


opened 30 retail stores during FY-08, taking the tally to 130 stores. Currently, the average store-size for Tanishq is 1,000-1,500 sq ft. Tanishq will reportedly open 15 new retail stores in various parts of the country in the 2011-12. Of the 15, five would be large format stores of 10,00015,000 square feet which would be company stores. The stores operate on the franchise model. Tanishq retail identity has evolved over the years to offer large format and concept stores that reflect the brands philosophy of being Revitalizer of Tradition.




Zoya, Tanishq s high-end brand that primarily retails diamond jewellery, is showing a slow buildup. It currently has two stores (in Mumbai and Delhi) with a range of 20- 25 Lakh.

High-value diamond range (with retail price of Rs 2 lakh and above)

High End Pricing

Kundan and Polki range. The range starts from Rs 5 lakh onwards.

Tanishq paheli range starts at Rs.80,000 and jodha Akbar range at Rs. 1 Lakh .



Tanishq range of products start at an accessible low of Rs. 600 and the range - Solo, Aria, Diva, Hoopla, Lightweights, Bandhan and the most recent, Colours - comprises wearable everyday jewellery which has been designed for the urban working woman.

Very large collections of pendants, earrings and fingerings in this price range Rs 2000-5000

Mass Market Pricing

The 'up to 25 per cent' off offer by Tanishq is a unique opportunity. This attractive offer has been introduced to benefit the customers and provide them with the best price and product options

The Tanishq Valentine s Day collection includes pendants, earrings and finger rings starting from Rs. 2,000 onwards.


Concept stores, the first of which, costing Rs 10 crore, opened in Kolkata. The idea of such a store was to harmonize the tradition of the past with the modernity of the present. Titan transposed designs by stocking Bengali designs in Delhi, Keralite designs in Tamil Nadu and typical designs from Tamil Nadu in Bombay in order to appeal to a variety of people. In 1998, it launched the corporate gold gift scheme - 'When you want to say thank you, say it in gold'. In 1999, Tanishq delivered gold coins worth Rs. 20 crores to Maruti Udyog Ltd., to be given away as gifts to Maruti car owners. By 2001, the scheme accounted for almost 5% of the turnover and over 30 corporate clients like Coca-Cola, the UB Group, Whirlpool, TVS Group, Ceat and Liberty shoes.



T V Advertisement : anishq focus on the emotional advertisement like engagement, marriage and such other occasions.




Print advertisement : In Leading news paper and famine magazines are targeted to do the advertisement. In short they know their target market and hence do advertising as required. Bollywood tie-up: Has done tie up with Paheli and in Jodha Akbar Movie where they launched a product line named Jodha Akbar.

where in the movie Ms Rani Mukherji was seen wearing Tanishq jewellery through out .



Kept the entry-level price as low as Rs 600 (for a pendant) and

offered a range, which far exceeded that offered by any other jeweler. Initiated a loyalty program called the Golden Harvest Savings Scheme, which offers buyers the benefit of getting more jewellery than what they have paid for. The scheme allows consumers to plan future purchases in advance and pay for them in easy installments. Exchange offer - change impure gold for pure 22 karat gold attracted more people to the stores. Tanishq has also endeavored to be part of every occasion in an Indian womans life through festive promotions, customer contact programmes as well as through Anuttara, Tanishqs exclusive consumer reward programme etc.




Designers & Management trainees

from premiere institutes

Performance /Competency linked career

growth Path at management and manufacturing level

Karigar Park

Karigars work exclusively for Tanishq Provides tools & raw materials Better hygiene and medical facilities


CSP (Customer CRM CSMM (Customer DCCP (Direct (Customer

Support Program) Relationship Management)

Satisfaction Measurement Management)

Consumer Contact Programme)













Excerpts from the Feedback Forms

T ing T ey admire about Tanis Transparency Monthly Saving plans Quality Loyalty Service T ing T ey want Tanis More variety Introduce more casual wear Number of Stocks to improve upon T eir expectation from Tanis Better designs Latest designs & best service More designs in reasonable range Value for money More discount Reduce making charges Continuation of Purity


Celebrity Endorsements
Slide No. Essentials Do Celebrity Endorsements Work ? Celebrity Endorsement can alter Consumer Brain Activity Celebrity endorsements could be a two-edged sword Successful Celebrity Endorsement Bizarre Celebrity Endorsements Recommendation 50 - 51 52 53 54 - 55 56 58 59 - 63


Celebrity Endorsements
Endorsement is a channel of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the brands spokesperson and certifies the brands claim and position by extending his/her personality, popularity, stature in the society or expertise in the field to the brand Essentials of Celebrity Endorsements :

Attractiveness of the celebrity

Credibility of the celebrity

Oprah Winfrey


Meaning transfer between the celebrity and the brand


Do Celebrity Endorsements Work ?

Kareena Kapoor recently struck a mega deal to promote Pepsico's Kurkure brand for a whopping $1.4 million, overtaking her $1 million contract for Vivel soap, making her the most endorser among female stars. Of course Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, the reigning kings of endorsements in Bollywood.

Most recently Master Blaster and cricket's hottest icon Sachin Tendulkar was signed on by Kishore Biyani's Future Group as Brand Ambassador for its upcoming range of products A recent survey conducted jointly by IMRB((IMRB International (formerly Indian Market Research Bureau) is a multicountry market research survey and business consultancy firm that offers a range of syndicated data and customized research services.)) and i-Pan of over 2000 respondents, across 12 cities ( small and big metros) found that 86 percent of those interviewed admitted that the ad they most remembered had a celebrity, but only 3 percent said it influenced their buying decision. The IMRB study found that "more than the celeb pull, factors like quality, price and experience ultimately drove consumers purchasing pattern" Furthermore, "only 22% of this sample believes that the celebs actually use the products endorsed."


Celebrity Endorsement can alter Consumer Brain Activity

A study by a group of Dutch scientists, writing in the Journal of Economic Psychology, shows that celebrity endorsements of products actually alter consumer brain activity, triggering the process that leads up to the purchase decision . The scientists studied a group of 2 dozen female consumers who were shown a series of photographs featuring celebrities and non-celebrities wearing various stylish shoes .

Seeing the pictures of celebrities led to heightened activity in the medial oribitofrontal cortex of the consumers brains an area associated with feelings of affection. The scientists theory is that celebrity endorsement ads prompt consumers to link the endorsed products with these positive feelings, making the appeal of the products that much greater.

Celebrity endorsements could be a two-edged sword Michael Phelps

23-year-old swimming star Michael Phelps apologized for his "regrettable" behavior and "bad judgment" after he was photographed inhaling from a marijuana pipe, but Kellogg's decided to drop its lucrative endorsement deal with the Olympic gold medalist anyway.

Martina Hingis
If you're receiving loads of cash for endorsing a company, it's probably not a great idea to sue that company. Case in point: Martina Hingis. Tennis player Hingis was a celebrity spokesperson for an Italian sneaker and tennis-gear company, Tacchini. Until she sued them, that is, claiming their gear was responsible for several injuries. Needless to say, Hingis did not represent the company much longer.

Kate Moss
Chanel is the epitome of class, and has been for nearly 100 years. So in 2005, when model Kate Moss was filmed allegedly snorting cocaine, she was dropped as the face of the label. Burberry and H&M also quickly dropped campaigns starring the supermodel. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to hire a model famous for inspiring the phrase "heroin chic" in the first place.

Throughout her career Madonna has been famous for stirring things up. Her "Like a Prayer" music video was no exception. The video, which aired in 1989, showed the singer getting physical with a saint and developing stigmata. Pepsi, who had just signed a $5 million deal with Madonna, was not pleased. The company quickly dropped commercials starring the singer, and canceled all of her future appearances

Michael Vick
Most people would say Michael Vick lost his superstar status when charged with animal cruelty, but in fact, his star began to dim even before reports of dogfighting surfaced. Following several bad-boy incidents, such as a middle finger salute to Falcons fans and a failed drug test, Vick's contracts with companies like Nike and Coca-Cola were not renewed. And the animal cruelty conviction certainly didn't help.

Bruce Willis
If you're a celebrity representing a brand of alcohol, getting arrested for drunk driving is probably not a good idea. You can thank Bruce Willis for that lesson. In 1987, the actor was also arrested for disturbing the peace and assaulting a police officer during a party at his home. The charges were later dropped and so was Willis -- as spokesman for Seagram's.

Successful Celebrity Endorsement

Sachin Tendulkar is not only known about the art ( Cricket ) he mastered upon but also for his humanity . Recently he refused a Rs. 20 crore liquor ad of the UB group for the sake of young budding talents of Indian sports.

It has been more over a decade now MRF endorsed Sachin to play with their bat (with MRF logo on it.) which he has been doing it since. Many of his contemporaries started to play with MRF logo bat whom the company didnt endorse at all. A couple of years ago he has put down the endorser but it has not stopped young budding talents of Indian cricket from playing with MRF logo bat . In fact many in the under 18 / state level cricket still continue to do the same.



Across India, the four new variants of LUX that were in a special 75th vear commemorative celebration pack was endorsed by Dream Girl Hema Malini, Beautiful Juhi Chawla, Stylish Kareena and Sensuous Sridevi. They all came together in the new LUX ad with the first Indian male star... Shah Rukh Khan !

From its very inception the target market of LUX soap has been the feminine sector . Before endorsing Shahrukh Khan in 2004 , the soap giant didnt go for any special promotion or advertising campaign to penetrate the mens sector. As a result Lux soap successfully failed to make space in mens choice of bathing bar .


Most Bizarre Celebrity Endorsements

Mr. T: Flavor wave oven turbo After a career as a professional wrestler and actor, Mr. T tried to get kids to stay in school, played Santa Claus to Nancy Reagan at the White House one year, and has appeared in a number of commercials, endorsing all kinds of goods. The weirdest? When Mr. T hosted his own infomercial plugging the Flavor Wave Oven Turbo, "an amazing invention" that prepares low-fat meals without a lot of mess in the kitchen.

James Dean : Safe Driving PSA. Even after just a few films, actor James Dean became an American icon, known for his moody but charming swagger, youthful carelessness, and remarkable talent. He died in a car crash after speeding down U.S. Route 66 in California on his way to a car race. But in this PSA, he counsels the public on safe driving, saying that he's finished speeding. "I find myself being very cautious on the highway," he says."I don't have the urge to speed on the highway." When asked to give advice to any young people watching, Dean looks directly at the camera and jokes," Take it easy driving. The life you might save might be mine," before chuckling and walking off set. He was dead within months.



Despite the rapid modernization & cross-cultural influence on Indian society, many Indians continue
to live in joint families in harmony & share a strong sense of family bonding Indian Celebrity Endorsements market is worth Billions. Companies whether MNCs or not endorse celebrities to capture consumer attention & guide their buying behavior. Tanishq, Indians largest retail jewellery chain, endorsed quit a few celebrities over the past few years:-

Arund ati Nag

Vipas a Agarwal

Vais ali Desai

with Nafisa Ali as mother in the ad (successfully failing to portray mother / daughter relation on screen)


& here comes the need of what we call THE REAL FAMILY BONDING Top on the list of father / mother & son / daughter relationship are :-

Jaya Bachchan - Abhishek Bachchan* Neetu Kapoor - Ranvir Kapoor* Anil Kapoor - Sonam Kapoor Hema Malini Deol - Esha Deol* *(special promotion for Mothers day) Moving on, popular among youngsters (Male): Ranvir Kapoor Shahid Kapoor Popular among youngsters (Female): Anushka Sharma


As far as celebrity couples are concerned they add to the credibility factor. They look more convincing being together in the ad Thanks to the level of comfort they share. Tanishq has recently signed Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan in their ad BUT This ads appeal is somewhat restricted to the 60s club.

Need to endorse celebrity couples in 30s Abhishek Bachchan Ashwarya Rai Bachchan


Could also endorse celebrity couple Ajay Devgan & Kajol ( brand ambassador of OLAY at present )


Coming to Southern region, to put a strong foothold, Tanishq can endorse popular South Indian couple:

Surya Jyot ika

[currently brand ambassador of Nescafe India along with a bunch of other brands]