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GE 9 cell Matrix

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Presented By: PANKAJ MALIK MBA Telecom A1603710021

Business Strength





5 . 00

M a rk e t A ttra ctiv e n e ss

3 . 67


2 . 33


Market Attractiveness
Annual market growth rate Overall market size Historical profit margin Current size of market Market structure Market rivalry Demand variability Global opportunities

Business Strength[TCS]
Current market share Brand image Brand equity Production capacity Corporate image Profit margins relative to competitors R & D performance Managerial personal Promotional effectiveness

TCS in IT Sector:
Based in Mumbai, India, TCS is a

subsidiary of the India-based conglomerate Tata. TCS has the largest services offering, with overall revenues of $5.7 billion Although more than half of TCSs revenues come from the North American marketplace it is more geographically diverse than the other companies

It have almost 30% of revenues from

Europe and more than 12% from India and Asia Pacific.

Leading Indian Services Providers : Revenues By Geography And Industry:

Nor th America Eur ope Rest of Wor ld

ompany Attribute

Infosys TCS Wipro

63.3% 51.4% 60.0%

26.3% 29.5% 26.0%

10.4% 19.1% 14.0%

Source: annual reports

Company Attribute

Banking & Ser vices


Retail and Telecom Distribution

Other s

Infosys TCS Wipro

35% 43% 26%

19% 10% 20%

13% 9% 17%

17% 16% 29%

16% 21% 8%

TCS Has Shown Willingness To Invest In LongTerm Opportunities:

TCS SWOT Analysis:

Corporate/portfolio strategy:

Goal is to have best-in-class competencies from strategy to execution; TCS consistently articulates its vision to act as a business partner to clients.

Solution alignment: Company identifies global

reach, industry focus, process excellence, and technology expertise as critical strengths.

Sales and go-tomarketstrategy: It is

reorienting its market approach to develop longterm relationships and is currently focused on the business advisory selling program.

Sustainability and viability: The company

has strong depth and stability in its management team, links to Tata, and financial fundamentals.

Corporate/portfolio strategy: While TCS has

a strong overall vision for its evolution, its offerings are still IT-focused, creating some potential for disconnects between vision and execution. It is still very technology-centric and needs to continue to invest to engage senior-level business buyers.

Solution alignment: The companys ability

to translate its strong end-to-end IT capabilities into business value is still emerging. Many of its IP leadership efforts suffer from visible, integrated marketing

Market dynamics: Company is well

positioned to take advantage of broad range of trends, particularly opportunities in Europe, and plans to add around 20,000 employees.
Client perception and adoption: Company

has a strong reputation among the Indian outsourcers and has strong references from leading Fortune 500 companies.


Congnizantis the biggest threat for TCS as in the recent 6 FY Quarters it shows a rapid growth [sources: Economic Times].

GE Matrix For TCS:

Market Attractiveness
High IT

Business Strengths



HIGHLIGHTS FOR Q1 FY12: Revenues at $2.41 billion up 34.4% Y-o-Y Net income at $532 million up 30.6% Y-o-Y Superior business portfolio enables growth across markets and industries