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Sales Monitoring and Competition Analysis

J L Morison

Objectives of the Project

Secondary Sales
Check Displays Placement of JLM brands Coverage Mapping

Competition Analysis

JLM in the East

Strenghts Were are extremly stong in Feeders and teats and are a household name Most of the chemists only store our products Our SOs are well known and have built good relationships with many chemists The SOs are very capable in negotatiating and convincing store owners for sales and for displays We contribute about 30% to our distributors business and hence get special attention

JLM in the East

Weakness We are understaffed as far as the SOs are concerned Other than medical stores we are very weak in other stores and need displays and other concession for penetration We need a checking mechanism for visit frequency, outlet reach, new outlets and display efficieny Our SOs are not motivated enough towards the company and the brands We are highly wholesale driven

Prashanta Bose Outlets 15 day vsits 30 day visits Total Outlet Visits Per Month No of Working Days Outlets Per day Average Actual Visit Sandeep R Choudhury 821 Outlets 410.5 15 day vsits 410.5 30 day visits 1231.5 Total Outlet Visits Per Month 23 No of Working Days 53.5435 Outlets Per day 35 Average Actual Visit 918 459 459 1377 23 59.8696 35


34.63% Variance

41.54 %

The variance shows that we need to employ more SOs in order for us to reach our market

Coverage (Cont)
A few facts from the field We are highly active in areas with a high density of pharmacies There are beats which are visited every 7 days which vastly reduces our coverage There are beats that have not been visited in 5 months and are included in the beat plan SOs, usually, dont visit more than 25 -30 stores per day unless the beat has high density of shops/outlets The average productivity is 40 50 %, ergo we usually only note down orders and dont make sales

Position - Beside door Footfall - 300 per day Price - Rs 1000

Position Eye Level, Beside Door Footfall 250 per day Price Nil

Position - Beside door Footfall - 500 per day Price - Rs 1000

Position Eye Level Footfall 150 per day Price Rs 1000

Findings The SOs are very well equipped to negotiate for displays and choose locations On an average the display could range from Rs 400 2200 To put up a display the store must buy a certain quantity (ex Axe has a requisite of 24 units per display) HUL usually has an annual contract with stores and shuffles it amongst its brands

Recomendations for displays

Displays may be approved on footfall and location of the displays(i.e. behind the counter, etc) On an average the Kolkata market can be serviced with an average of Rs 750 per display per month. The dislpays should be approved for either new outlets or outlets that have been giving repeat orders for the product Displays for Baby dreams may help us display the newer products even at Medicine Counters and help build the brand

Placement of Brands
Other than the outlets with displays Brands are usually not visible The SOs are trying to ensure that the products are placed at eye level When asked, the shopkeeper blamed the poor offtake and that fast moving products had to place within eye level and range

Air Fresheners
80 78 Price to Retailer (Rs) 76 74 72 70 68 66 64 0 10 20 30 40 50

Margin (Rs)

Fresh Valley versus Others

Premium High awareness and Coverage Wholesale penetration which also strengthens its coverage Virtual monopoly since it is a first mover Others Ambipur and Airwick are display driven and use the clout of other brands to push products but distribution is not very extensive

160 140 120 PTR (Rs) 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 5 10 15 20 25
15, 120 18, 122 20, 140 20, 115

Margin (Rs)

Zero Gravity versus Others

Axe Uses Displays and In-shop branding extensively Storage unit along with a display in Class A stores Discounts off the bill value in the following slabs Upto 6 cans = 2% off 6-12 = 4% off 12-24 = 6% off 24+ = 8% off

Zero Gravity versus Others

Wildstone Uses monetary incentive for higher orders 12 + 1 units + Rs 100 24 + 2 units + Rs 225 48 + 4 units + Rs 500

Zero Gravity and Competitors

3000 2756 2500 Retailer Profit (Rs) 2000 1500 1000 500 0 0 10 20 30 Number of units 40 50 60 689 468 359

1872 Wildstone 1378 936 718 1568 Zero Gravity Addiction

Our margins are much better because of our trade schemes However we need to increase local activations and marketing activity to create awareness.

Baby Dreams
Baby Dreams is the undisputed winner in Feeders and teeets, due to its relationship with chemists is brand awareness amongst mothers The sale is highly wholesale driven which makes our presence stronger at chemists Hello Baby is a rage in Baby Stores due to its large portfolio of footwear, feeders, cups, sippers,etc We need to increase visits to baby stores to maintain relationships and push our products

Distributor Feedback
The branch is under alot of stress due to the relaunch of the certain brands The Distributors are unhappy with
Low offtake Large investments in new brands Instability in schemes and hence prices Pushing newer brands Lack of marketing attention Lack of interaction and recognition Lack of transparent return policy

The problems
Most brand rely too much on push strategies, as a result of which there is little or no marketing The deo market is one of hyper-competition and must use ATL and BTL local activations The air fresehner market needs marketing assistance if premium needs to be toppled Baby Dreams is ensconsed at chemists and medicine counters Gentlemen lacks the attention it needs on distribution and reach

Computerised codes, names and addresses of outlets so as to allow independent checks by third parties A more transparent Sales Policy that includes beat-wise targets for
Displays Sales New outlets

Better logistics so as to ensure constant supply of products especially in the when they are in the trial phase of its life cycle Span out brand launches so as to allow better focus on the brands

Better interaction with star retailers and distributors Increasing the average amount per display from Rs 500 to Rs 750 but imposing a quantitative pre-requisite to each Increasing activations and other BTL activities by employing a small marketing team in each branch Maintaining consistency in the rate at which price is offered and promoting offers Launching more consumer offers that invoke trial
Small SKUs packaged with larger ones, can also be used as samples and tester