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Front-of-the-House Management

World of Resorts: From Development to Management

2010, Educational Institute

Competencies for Front-of-the-House Management

1. Explain how resorts are typically organized. 2. Describe the responsibilities and components of a reservations department. 3. Describe the functions and components of a reception center. 4. Discuss property management systems and how they have improved resort management.

5. Summarize the importance of guest relations to resorts.

6. Outline typical guest activities and services found at resorts.
2010, Educational Institute 1

Resort Organizational Design

Front-of-the-house Heart-of-the-house Outdoors operation Condominiums Corporate

2010, Educational Institute

Reservations Department Responsibilities

Handling direct reservation requests Running the resorts reservation system Collecting and holding advance deposits Processing individual and group reservations Refunding deposits/reselling the spaces involved Flagging exceptional issues Referencing guest history files Tracing occupancy by market segments and providing the resorts executive committee with accurate rooms sales forecast information

2010, Educational Institute

Sources of Advance Room Sales

In-house reservations services Direct guest contacts Central or corporate reservations systems Resorts sales staff Non-affiliate central reservations systems Travel agents/tour operators Internet and automated reservations systems Hotel representatives

2010, Educational Institute

Types of Reservations
Guaranteed Non-guaranteed Confirmed

2010, Educational Institute

Types of Guaranteed Reservations

Prepayment-guaranteed Payment cardguaranteed Advance deposit Travel agentguaranteed Corporate

2010, Educational Institute

Common CRS Sales Interfaces

Interactive travel services (ITS) Central reservations centers In-house reservations modules

2010, Educational Institute

Advantages of Computerized Reservations

Facilitates rapid access to reservations records for modifications Provides detailed guest information prior to registration Establishes a monitoring file for pre-arrival transactions Enhances subsequent registration and account creation procedures Enables more reliable revenue and occupancy forecasting
2010, Educational Institute 8

Three Elements of the Reservations Process

1. Reservation confirmation 2. Preparation of the guest folio (account) 3. Preparation of the guest history file

2010, Educational Institute

Essential Reservation Information

Arrival date and time Number of nights and departure date Number of persons in the party Accommodation type requested Rate quoted Identification of guest (name, address, etc.) Reservation stipulation (non-guaranteed, guaranteed, or advance-deposit) Special requests Affiliation and discounts
2010, Educational Institute 10

Uses for Guest History Files

Accounting follow-ups Reservation and marketing follow-ups Security follow-ups ADA compliance Personalized guest service

2010, Educational Institute


Rooms Forecast Data

Number of individual guest arrivals/departures Number of group arrivals/departures Number of rooms that will be occupied Number of reservations expected Number of guests on each meal plan Number of guests on inclusive package plans, by type

2010, Educational Institute


Reception Center Functions

Reception Registration Rooming and related services; bell desk Guest mail and messages; room key control Processing of vouchers for charges/credits in each guest folio/account Reviewing rooms revenue as part of the night audit Information distributionhouse counts, rooms occupied, etc.to operating departments Coordination with other departments Assisting departing guests Concierge services

2010, Educational Institute

The Check-In Process

Greeting guests Identification of guests Verification and payment card imprint Room assignment Continuing guest service

2010, Educational Institute


Common Guest Charges

1. Room charge, meal plan charges, sales tax, and room tax 2. Restaurant, room service, and bar checks signed by guests 3. Departmental vouchers for guest services 4. Departmental vouchers related to hotel payment cards used in recreation facilities on the resort grounds 5. Paid-out vouchers for services paid for by the hotel on behalf of the guest, cash advances to guests, and miscellaneous paid outs 6. Charge vouchers generated by usage of major payment cards
2010, Educational Institute 15

Advantages of a PMS
Improved accuracy and efficiency of room sales, reservations, and accounting of revenues Improved operational efficiency (elimination of repetitive tasks, current information readily accessible) Improved guest service (accurate and fast dissemination of guest information) Improved internal operational controls (standardization) Improved internal efficiencies/elimination of outside service bureau costs Improved ability to handle the logistics of multiple operations (timeshare, vacation club, and condotel rooms)
2010, Educational Institute 16

PMS Capabilities/Uses
Managing room inventory Handling reservations Checking guests in Assigning rooms Accommodating in-house guest needs Posting guest charges, making adjustments Checking guests out Handling all billing and accounting needs Assisting sales and marketing Handling back-of-the-house accounting activities Generating standardized reports Creating customized reports with built-in report writers

2010, Educational Institute

Guest Relations
Pre-arrival mailings All staff members are responsible Moments of truth In-room expressions from management (flowers, wine, etc.) Concierges Reservations issues Damaged/lost guest property
2010, Educational Institute 18

Recreation and Social Activities Personnel

Social director Games instructor Teen activities director Childrens director/counselor Entertainment director Dance instructor Music instructor Artist-in-residence Health and fitness expert Directors or professionals of golf, tennis, etc.

2010, Educational Institute

Typical Daytime Resort Recreational/Social Activities

Sports tournaments and competitions Pool parties Property tours Local tours Fashion shows Arts and crafts demonstrations

Food demonstrations
Picnics or barbecues Meal transfers among outlets within the resort
2010, Educational Institute 20

Typical Evening Resort Recreational/Social Activities

2010, Educational Institute

Welcome receptions/farewell parties Cocktail parties Theme dinners Dancing and dance exhibitions Bingo Movies Musicales Talent nights Bridge tournaments

Guest Services
Travel and transportation desk Shops and offices Concessions Safe-deposit boxes Packing and mailing service Medical services

2010, Educational Institute