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Apeejay Institute of Management

Presented BY: Akhil Sehgal(2604) Parul Nanda(2686)

Presented to: Amit Sharma


To maintain the admission record previously huge registers, various record books and files were being maintained even then it was extremely difficult to get the appropriate data whenever it was required, even then most of the time it would not be as correct as it should have been. With the introduction of computers where a lot of other record keeping became easy and convenient, data regarding the admission with complete record of all types of details and information about each and every student has become extremely easy, correct and available at the click of a button.

Purpose of Project
Student Admission System Supports the student admission and registration process, the maintenance of student personal, academic and fee related data. Database maintained by this system usually contains the students personal, academic and its fee related information. Generate student information in formatted html tables, generates the fees invoice. Generate Students Academic Detail Report. Generate Students Personal Detail Report. Generate Students Fee Deposition Status Report. Generate Students all students currently deposited their fees.


Apeejay Institute of Management, the most sought-after and pioneering Institute of Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar was established in 1997 by the Apeejay Education Society, founded by Chairman Dr. Stya Paul, with Lord Swraj Paul as the Patron. The Apeejay Institute of Management has a very clear perspective of becoming academically responsive to the requirements of the Indian industry and commercial establishments.

We are committed to the course of developing IT savvy human resources for meeting the requirements of diverse sectors of the economy, both Indian and global. We aspire to be one of the best institutions imparting management and computer education in this part of the country and are sure that we have the requisite 'resources' and the 'will' to achieve it.

Our Mission is to be a recognized leader in the creation and dissemination of an integrated body of knowledge that has a significant impact on managerial education and practice. The Institute's educational programs focus on graduating outstanding individuals who are prepared to excel in a dynamic and competitive market place.

Creating a blend of academicians, researchers and professional managers at all levels of managements. Creating an environment of total involvement in the process of learning and applying managerial skills. Developing a focus on imparting practical knowledge and management of industries and business. Creating IT professional empowered with knowledge and skills relevant to currents and projected needs of industry. Creating professional individuals by developing their total personality.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office Access, previously known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system. Here RDMBS refers to organisation of data in a series of rows and columns in such a manner that any specific piece of information is available with the click of a mouse and a few key strokes. It is a database management system used to store and manipulate large collection of information of any kind.

One of the benefits of Access from programmer perspective is its relative compatibility with SQL queries may be viewed and edited as SQL statement. MS Access does allow forms to contain code that is triggered as changes are made to underlying table and it is common to use pass through queries and other technique in Access to run stored procedure in RDMS that support. It allows quick development because all database tables, queries, forms and reports are stored in the database. For query development, Access utilizes the query design grid, a graphical user interface that allows user to create queries without knowledge of the SQL programming language.

Components of MS-Access

Database is a collection of information retained in the form of table . Table consist of rows and columns. Each table stores information about one entity such as student , customer , product , patient etc. Each row is the table represents a single record of an entity. Each column contains a discrete element of information called a field. A field might be a student name , house number, unit number etc.

Tables Used In the Project

Table 1: Student_detail

Table 2: Courses_offered

Table 3:Category Table

Table 4: Computer Student Table

Table:5 Management Student Table

A form is Just a graphical representation of a

table. We can add, update, delete records in your table by using a form. table, they both still manipulate the same information and the same exact data. Hence, if we change a record in a form, it will be changed in the table also.

Although a form can be named different from a

Forms Used In The Project

Form 1: Start Form

Form 2: Courses Offered

Form 3: Student Details

Form 4: Category

Form 5:Computer Students

Form 6: Management Students

A Query is a question or an inquiry made by a user to extract information

according to his/her requirement from a

given table or group of tables. MS-Access provides the facility of creating query that helps to retrieve the data to answer the query.

Query Filter Operators

= equals > greater than >= greater than or equal < less than <= less than or equal <> not equal to Between between two values Is Null field is empty is not null field is not empty Like Matches a pattern (Like John*) OR Logical OR (one or other is true) AND Logical AND (both are true) etc.

Queries Used In The Project

Query 1 : Students From CHANDIGARH

SELECT * FROM Student_detail WHERE S_address=CHANDIGARH;

Query 2: Fee=25000

SELECT * FROM Course_offered WHERE Course_fees=25000;

Query 3: Category=General

SELECT * FROM [CATEGORY TABLE] WHERE ((([CATEGORY TABLE].student_category)="General"));

Query 4: Computer_Student=MCA

SELECT * FROM computer_student WHERE (((computer_student.Course_opted)="MCA "));

Query 5: Management_Student=MBA

SELECT * FROM Management_student WHERE (((Management_student.Course_opted)=" MBA"));

A Report is a type of form designed specifically for

printing in a prescribed format. Report provides no. of facilities for formatting and organizing data but can not be used to edit data. Most of the information in a report comes from an underlying table or query. A report is an effective way to present your data in a printed format. Because you have control over the size and appearance of everything on a report, you can display the information the way you want to see it. Other feature of Report is that we can take out Hard Copy of Reports as this is not in case of Tables and Forms.

Reports Formulated In The Project

Report 1: Student_detail

Report 2: Courses Offered

Report 3 :Student Category

Report 4 : Computer_student

Report 5 : Management_student