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Market research is any organized effort to gather information about markets or customers. It is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services (Wikipedia)

Look at the range of products and services. Where are they usually advertised?




Public Transport


Sports Sponsorhip


Which tend to have advertisements which:

1. use images of comfort and people being looked after? Life insurance 2. stress reliability and safety? Car tyres 3. use beuatiful models? Perfume 4. emphasize excitement and glamour? Airlines

Which tend to have advertisements which:

5. show scientists in laboratories and use scientific evidence? Washing powder
6. have special characters, real or cartoon, which we associate with the product? Breakfast cereals 7. use jingles (a short and memorable song/piece of music)? Internet providers 8. use images of friendly, helpful, professional-looking people? Banks


What do advertising agencies need to consider when deciding the type of advert for a particular product? What kind of research do they need to carry out?
Advertisement agencies need to consider:


the target customer where the advert will be seen what the product looks like

Types of research they could carry out;

a street survey questionnaire focus groups where groups of people look at different types of products and discuss them. The advertiser observes and records the conversations.

dustbin survey the researcher look at the types of products on the customers shelf to see what they are buying

jingle (n) : A catchy, often musical advertising slogan.
E.g.: The jingle of Garanti Emeklilik advertisement is really effective.

gimmick (n): something used to attract attention to sth or s.o.

e.g: an advertising gimmick.

promotion (n): something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause,

institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial. e.g: In order to sell their products, companies make promotions such as discount.

campaign (n): series of operations energetically pursued to accomplish a

purpose: E.g: We are preparing an advertising campaign for our new product

position (v): to put in the proper or appropriate place; locate

E.g: Its vital to position your product appropriately in business life.

token (n): a gift document that can be used as payment for goods of a specified value

E.g. The customer exchanged his token with a free T-shirt.

mailshot (n): a leaflet or other advertising material sent by post, or the posting of

such material to a large group of people at one time

E.g.: After their mailshot, they got hundreds of replies and orders. voice-over (n): the voice of an unseen commentator heard during a film, television

programme, etc.
E.g.: Haluk Bilginer did the voice-over for Diego in Ice Age Series..

survey (n): A detailed inspection or investigation. E.g. In order to measure the demand of the customer, the company carried a large-scale survey. blind testing (phr.): a clinical trial in which participants are unaware of whether

they are in the experimental or control group of the study

E.g. The participants of the survey were asked to taste some food that they did not know. perceive (v): to recognize or understand E.g. I perceive a note of irony in your voice. market research (phr): the study of influences on customer and consumer behaviors and the analysis of market characteristics and trends. E.g. A company does a market research before it produces a new product by asking for the ideas of the customer.

questionnaire (n): a set of questions on a form, submitted to a number of people in order to collect statistical information E.g.: One of the common ways to collect data from customers is using questionnaire.

dustbin survey (phr): a kind of survey where a researcher visits households and studies the labels of the products consumed.
E.g. Some companies use dustbin surveys to see if customers use their products.

life insurance (phr): insurance paid to named beneficiaries when the insured person dies
E.g. In England, they call life insurance life assurance film (v): To make a movie of or based on E.g. The workers filmed their scenes in the factory at the end of the year.

VOCABULARY answers 1





Firms have to think carefully how to position their products; in other words to know which segment of the market they want to target. Which actor did the voice-over for the commercial? His voice sounds familiar. If you give the cashier the token from this packet, youll get the next one at half-price. We dont believe in stupid gimmicks; we just give out customers first-class service.

VOCABULARY answers 1

5. I think we should use local radio for our next advertising campaign. 6. I cant stop singing that stupid jingle for Cornflakes! I cant get the tune out of my mind. 7. There was an excellent response to our last mailshot; we sent 3,000 letters and and got 400 replies. 8. Our next sales promotion will include a special discount of 20%.

VOCABULARY- answers 2
1. 2.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

perceive market research survey questionnaires blind samples dustbin survey focus group consumers attitudes

Look at the photos. Whats happening? The first photo shows a man carrying out blind testing. He is comparing different types of cereal.

The second is an example of a street survey.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

LISTENING answers 2.1

A focus group B blind testing C street survey questionnaire D dustbin survey

LISTENING answers 2.2

What product are they dicussing?

roller blades

What does Stephanie like and dislike about it?

likes the extra wheel doesnt like the shiny plastic look

Why doesnt Nigel like them?

because they are too feminine and not strong enough for speed skating.

LISTENING - answers 2.3


Imagine you run a market research organization. Discuss which research methods you would recommend to clients in these four situations.
Situation 1: A manufacturer of a substitute for butter wants to know how to position its products against its competitors. It would like to know what consumers think of the taste compared to rival products, including butter.

Imagine you run a market research organization. Discuss which research methods you would recommend to clients in these four situations.

Situation 2: The managers of an airport want to find out how travelers and passengers perceive the services offered inside the airport terminal.

Imagine you run a market research organization. Discuss which research methods you would recommend to clients in these four situations.
Situation 3: A marketing research organization has to produce monthly reports with information about the buying habits of consumers. It studies the same consumers over a period of several years. Situation 4: The directors of a supermarket chain want to find out why customers prefer their main competitors.

queue (n): a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
E.g. There was a long queue in the cinema yesterday.

promotion blunder (phr): an embarrassing advertisement mistake

E.g. Michelin made a promotion blunder by giving 40% discount.

demand (n): willingness and ability to purchase goods and services

E.g. The demand of the consumer determines the aount of the production.

disastrous (adj) Extremely bad; terrible

E.g.: The result of the advertisment process was disastrous.

recipe (n): a method for achieving some desired objective

E.g.: Internet advertisment maybe a recipe for succesfull marketing.

executive (n) : manager commit a mistake (exp): make a mistake
E.g.: Nokia committed a mistake by offering a holiday to its customers.

anticipated (adj): expected hopefully : awaited, hoped-for

E.g. There was anticipated 500 offers; however, they offered 1000 booklets.

astonishing (adj): surprising greatly

E.g. She does an astonishing amount of work

refer to (v): to send so or st to a different place consortium (n): a group of people doing business together : business association
E.g. The small companies merged and formed a consortium.

indulge (v): To yield to; gratify: satisfy

E.g.: Companies should not indulge their ambition because customers dont like it.

fiasco (n): A complete failure
E.g.: The final project was a fiasco for the company.

drive-through (phr): Relating to or conducting exchanges with clients who drive up to a window and remain in their automobiles
E.g.: McDonalda have many drive-through restaurants, where people can buy burgers while theyre driving.

representative: a person who represents and tries to sell the products or services of a firm, esp a travelling salesman : member, delegate,agent
E.g.: Avon is a company ,which sells its products mostly by representatives

quit (v): give up ; put an end to a state or an activity

E.g.: After having a disagreement with his boss, John quit his job.

turn up (phr. v): to make an appearance; arrive

E.g.: So many customers turned up in the outlet shop that the manager had to stop selling for an hour.


Can you think of any other special offers that companies use to promote their products and servises?

What kind of special offers would you be interested in?


COMPANY What the customer had to do The customer had to buy a Big Mac What the company offered Two big Macs for the price of one What went wrong

a. McDonalds

The demand was too great. Customers had to queue for over an hour, restaurants were closed.


The customer had to Two free flights to the spend over 100 pounds US. on Hoover products The customer had to save tokens The customer had to find a bottle top which the winning number 349 A military jet

300,000 people claimed the free flights and there were court cases and the company lost 50 million pound
A student formed a consortium to buy the tokens and get the jet at a tenth of its real price. A production error let to 800,000 bottle tops with the winning number and Pepsi had to pay out five times its budget.



30,000 pounds


How long did customers have to queue at Mc Donalds?

For more than an hour

How much did people have to spend on Hoover products to qualify for the offer?

100 pounds

How much did the promotion cost Hoover?

50 million pounds


How many people claimed free flights?

750,000 4.5 million pounds

How many requests for handsets were there?

What was the full price of the military jet?

What was the winning number?


How many winning bottle tops were produced?


Underline words or expressions in the text which are similar in meaning to mistake.

blunder disaster fiasco mess-up