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Ideas & Update

Effective Communication Skills

Discuss 3 basic essential communication skills applied by managers Identify and discuss underlying issues that affect the way we communicate and explore solutions Present and listen to thoughts and ideas clearly, creatively and convincingly Discuss identified factors that affect listening and speaking Explored and demonstrated some key skills

Your wish list

How do you come across? List 3 adjectives that best describe the way you want to be perceived by your team members

The communication formula

Expression Comprehension

+ Feedback Communication

The method used can depend on

WHAT? WHO? WHY? HOW emotive is the message? HOW did they react/respond last time?


WHAT are the company By WHEN? guidelines on methods used? HOW much feedback?

Before communicating
Pause and ask yourself Whats at stake-to whom?

What channel should I use?

What should I say?

How should I say it?

Why do we communicate?
To influence or persuade others positively
Build and maintain working relationships

As Supervisors we
Speak Display a body language

In listening do

Seek clarification
Take notes Use verbal signals Show interest Restate and summarize

Think before you speak

What are the Common Barriers to listening in your teams

In speaking
What you say

How you say it

Key issues to consider

Personal characteristics The information requested for Information given and the manner of giving

Personal Characteristics
Your facial expression and other body language Voice and how it is utilised The mode in which language is utilised Your mood in general

5 attributes of your voice

1. Pitch

2. Projection the volume

3. Pace the speed 4. Accent be authentic but understandable 5. Pausing adding emphasis

Assessing your speaking capabilities!

Does your voice sound clear, confident? Do you appear enthusiastic about my message? Is your pronunciation and articulation good? Is your speed and volume acceptable? Do you listen carefully to questions?

Your Questions and Answers

Preparing yourself for questions

As a supervisor you need to



Handling questions
Those who ask you questions may range from Genuinely confused Team members who want to be in the limelight

The saboteur
You need to be able to distinguish between these and respond appropriately

When answering questions

Listen carefully
Break complex questions into chunks Answer briefly keeping to the point

Check - does that answer your question?

Embarrass the questioner Argue Be defensive Bluff

Plan and demonstrate

As a team leader how you will handle Genuinely confused team members Team members who want to be in the limelight The saboteurs in a team meeting

We must speak the same language

Productive team working can be encouraged with clear communication and a developed team cohesion It is imperative that you do not assume that everyone in the team understands what you intend to communicate and how you intend to Lets find out

Key pointers to bear in mind

Be patient

Explain issues clearly

Dont take personal offence Dont offend others unwittingly Respect others
Each team member has an important role to fill Dont belittle them!

Action points Take 5 minutes to consider the teams you work with in Anglophone Ashanti. How could you usefully carry your learning forward from this activity to benefit them? What steps might you need to take in your communication with: Individual team members (name them) The team as a whole What are you planning to do specifically?

Topping up your Portfolio

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