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What is Motivation.

A need or desire that causes a person to act; to have initiative, spirit or be enterprising

Employers Point of View: Productivity Paycheck Job Satisfaction

Employee Motivation Questionnaires and Surveys

Usually very helpful in establishing whether staff in your workplace are motivated, performing to best effect Process of consulting with your staff and following through on findings is beneficial and motivating on its own

Tips for Questionnaires on Employee Motivation


What is the primary aim of your company its principles, priorities, mission? What obstacles stop employees from performing at their best? What really motivates your staff: praise and acknowledgement, status, job security, helping others, public recognition, financial rewards, etc. Do employees feel empowered? Do they have some autonomy to find their own solutions? Are they simply told what to do? What are the patterns of motivation in your company ?





6. Are employee goals and company goals aligned? Do they spend their time on the highest priorities of the company?
7. How do employees feel about the company? Safe, loyal, valued, and taken care of? Or do they feel taken advantage of, dispensable, and invisible? 8. How involved are employees in company development? 9. Is the companys internal image consistent with its external one?

How to Motivate Employees

Track project results & celebrate milestones (keep yourself informed of progress) Give support and accolades when deserved Gain respect of peers by .. Providing diversity if possible, cross-training Just ask them

Thanks personally, timely, often & sincerely Take time to meet and listen to staff Provide feedback Encourage new ideas and initiative Explain how employee fits into organizations plans Involve employees in decisions Provide ownership in their work Recognize, reward, and promote based on performance Give chance to learn new skills Celebrate successes!!!!

Tips for Teachers

Try it. Knowledge and confidence are crucial. The groups need assistance. Be patient.