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Explain in your own words what the Lincoln-Douglas Debates were about and what was the outcome?

On the Brink of War!

3.02 Analyze and assess the causes of the Civil War. 3.03 Identify political and military turning points of the Civil War and assess their significance to the outcome of the conflict.


Tell me something that you learned about yesterday.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates
In 1858 Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas run against each other for the Illinois Senate seat

An important debate on the issue of the extension of slavery in the territories developed Douglas: believed popular sovereignty would kill slavery in time
Lincoln: believed legislation was required to end slavery; slavery should not be allowed to spread Douglas won the Senate seat, but Lincoln and his beliefs were introduced to the nation.

Freeport Doctrine
S. Douglas Part of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates After the Dred Scott decision He said that slavery could be prevented in any territory if the people who lived there did not pass laws that favored it Meaning that the Slave Codes could be ignored. Slave codes are restrictions on slaves to keep their masters in total control.



Lincoln Elected (1860)

No Southern states voted for Lincoln South Carolina was the first state to secede The Southern states formed The Confederate States of America (Confederacy) in 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederacy Four of the slave states remain in the Union


Fort Sumter Attacked (1861)

The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina Confederates took over federal installations in their states

Lincoln considers this an act of rebellion and treason


Sectionalism -Economic & Cultural differences -N: Industry -S: Agricultural Anti-Slavery movement -Court decisions and new laws that increased tension Debate over expansion - Compromises which failed to resolve the issue of expanding slavery

Short Term Causes

Kansas and Nebraska Act -Split political Parties Lincolns election as President South Carolina secedes from the Union!

Fort Sumter


Civil War Begins


expected a

short war Lincolns goal and purpose for going to war: Preserve the Union


Know-Nothing Party
The KnowNothing Party was established to favor native-born Americans (nativism) They used secret handshakes and passwords anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant

Anaconda Plan
The Union devised a three part plan to conquer the South: 1. Blockade Southern ports with ships so the South could not export or import; 2. Control the Mississippi River to cut the Confederacy in half; and, 3. Capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Va.

Fort Sumter
The Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter, in the harbor of Charleston, SC on April 12-13, 1861 These were the first shots fired of the Civil War

It was considered a Southern victory Lincoln called for volunteers to fight in the war

Get out your Journals!

-Today we are going to continue writing in our journals. -Cover the following in your books. 1. How has the outbreak of war affected you? - Does it change anything about your job? - Does it change your home life? 2. What does the war have in store for you? - Will it affect you in any way? - Will you join the war effort? - If you will be then tell me how. If you are not joining the war effort explain to me why.

On your sheet of paper create a timeline of events from the Mexican War to the Civil War (11 events) The events must be chronological Each event must have an brief description on the back of the timeline You MUST COLOR!!!! If you dont finish today it is homework

Lincoln-Douglas Debates 1858 Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 John Brown raids Harpers Ferry 1859

Harriet Beecher Stowes

Bleeding Kansas 1854

Brooks Beats Sumner 1854

Uncle Toms Cabin

1852 Underground Railroad

Lincoln Elected 1860

Fort Sumter Attacked 1861

Dred Scott v Sanford


Research these people

-Abraham Lincoln -Jefferson Davis -Stephen Douglas -Robert E. Lee -Ulysses S. Grant -William T. Sherman -George McClellan -Stonewall Jackson -Thaddeus Stevens -Andrew Johnson -Clara Barton -An African American Solider -Carpet Baggers -Scalawags - Klu Klux Klan

-Who are they? -When were they born/created? -What happened to them? -Why are they important? -What did they do? -How were they important to the Civil War?