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The worlds youngest CEO

Mr.Suhas Gopinath
Presented by Puja Reddy

Mr. Suhas Gopinath, now aged 24, a resident of Bangalore and hails from a middle class family, where his father was a defence scientist.

Suhas is currently juggling his corporate life with a BE in Information Science at the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Information Technology.

At the mere age of 14, Mr.Suhas Gopinath founded his own company Globals.

Globals is a multi-national IT consulting company with representation in more than 11 nations.

The Beginning.

It all began in class 8th ,when Suhas started

exploring the cyber world through internet cafes.

He learnt HTML,ASP and all possible softwares on

his own.

He won several worthwhile friends in the US and

Europe through yahoo chat.

In 1998 he launched his first website named www.coolhindustani.com. He got a break through when a US companyNetwork Solutions sponsored his website for one year. Network Solution itself offered him his first job as a freelancer. Globals Inc. came into existance in the year 2000 when Mr.Suhas registered the company in San Jose,California.


Gopinath's company is into web-based and software solutions, mobile and e-commerce solutions - besides making web sites for corporates, advertisers and educational institutions
Globals has now presence in US,Italy, India ,Germany,Spain,Britain,Bahrain,Singapore, Australia and Nigeria

Globals Online Media solutions like E-Paper, Audio & Video Streaming, Podcasts Engine, etc can enable the Media Industry to reduce their carbon emissions enormously by transferring their media content through Internet Globals Web Solutions can help your business reduce time, cost and carbon emissions from these travels by setting up Webinars, Virtual Event Solutions, Live Meeting, and Presentation with Pre-Recorded Video Sync Solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Globals offers Green IT Solutions to help its clients reduce carbon emissions efficiently, and has incorporated green policies for its commitment for a cleaner and sustainable environment. Global Dignity is an autonomous non-profit, non-criticism and non-partisan project. We wish to be inspiration-based; commending and encouraging best practice and dignity centred leadership rather than criticizing shortcomings.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Globals has sponsored its technology solutions to various non-profit organizations like Red Cross Society, UNICEF, Rural Schools, etc.

Globals is strongly against the abuse of animals and is actively supporting various animal welfare organizations like PeTA, SPCA, etc.


Mr. Suhas Gopinath at the age of 16 was recognized as the worlds youngest entrepreneur in by CNBC and e-Business, Canada.
He was recognized as the World's Youngest CEO by leading Medias across the globe including BBC, Washington Times, The Age, etc., including Limca Book of Records. He is also designated as the resource person for Entrepreneurship at IIM Ahmadabad, and Advisory Board member at IIT Bombay

In the year 2005, he became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Rajyotsava Award conferred on him by the State Government of Karnataka. He is the Brand ambassador of PeTA and also the Youth Ambassador for Indo-Pak Leadership Program organized by School of Leadership, Pakistan. On December 2, 2007, The European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred Young Achiever Award to Mr. Suhas Gopinath.