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job opportunities in home care nursing

Opportunities in home care nursing

Community health nurse
a registered nurse (rn), is one with a college degree and is licensed by the government to practice nursing. He or she applies his or her knowledge on the promotion and preservation of health . The care to be delivered ranges from simple injections and bed bath to follow-up care after major surgery . She tries to involve the family in the delivery of health care and keeps the physician informed as to the patient's progress. A major focus of her role is health teaching in home schools and well baby clinics. She is dedicated to the maintenance of health in the community and recognizes that the more people know about nutrition, hygiene, dental care, child development, and safety, the greater the possibility of warding of disease

School nurse
Nursing, remember, is caring for well in addition to providing for needs of the ill. Certainly the role of the school nurse bears this out. The people with whom she works are essentially healthy people. Her task is to assist them in maintaining their health .

Physical therapist
He/she is concerned with restoring function and preventing disability following disease, injury, or loss of a body part.

Nutritionist- dietitian
The art and science of food preparation , consumption and utilization to the growth, maintenance, and repair of the human body.

Social worker
A social worker has the formal education required to treat individuals, families, groups, or social communities with social and/or psychological problems, and to coordinate community resources to meet patient and family needs.

Effective qualities to succeed as a care giver

1. You are a person that can be trusted 2. You are a person on whom others can depend on 3. You enjoy working with others 4. You get along well with others 5. You are sensitive to the feelings and needs of others 6. You are a good listener 7. You try to be courteous 8. You get satisfaction from helping others 9. You show sympathy and patience with others 10. You always try to control your temper. 11. You believe you are doing important work. 12. You want to improve your skills. 13. You try not to let your private life interfere with your work. 14. You are comfortable meeting and working with people of different cultures.

Guidelines to follow to be a good care giver

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Be accurate to the best of your ability Carefully follow the instructions of your supervisor. If you do not understand something, ask your supervisor. Immediately report accidents or errors to your supervisor. Keep information about your patients to your self, except when it might affect the patients health. 6. Do not waste supplies and equipments 7. Be ready to adjust quickly to new situations 8. Try to get things done on time, use systematic work schedule. 9. Report all complaints no matter how small to your supervisor. 10. Perform all your duties in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. 11. Keep personal problems out of the workplace.

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