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Kentongan Has been used for a longtime, started from kingdom of demak,surakarta,yogyakarta and etc Function To give some

information (code/sign) for flood,robbery,party,celebration Sign that praying time has come

Smoke Famous for indian tribe in america Function To send secret information to a friend or foe Sample: one cloud of smoke means warning two cloud of smoke mean danger three trouble/request for help

Epigraphy and palmyra palm For correspondence started in period of kutai,taruma negara,majapahit,sriwijaya,and mataram kingdom.

A telephone and cell phone. Invented by alexander graham bell in 1876 from fix line to a cellular phone since april 3rd, 1973. not only for communicating,cellphone also has many functions.. Sending text messages,pocket camera,video recorder,portable radio and even your pocket pc

Newspaper A simple printed publication media contains the latest news about various topics (sport,politic,economy,etc) Nowadays,newspaper is available in online version

Television A communication media trough electronic equipment where you can see vivid picture and hear the sound. It gives you various information from all over the world, Invented in 1883 by paul nipkow From black and white TV to colorful TV and even INTERNET TV now

Telegraph Is a long distance message sender and receiver founded by samuel F.B morse and alexander brain Telegraph uses morse code (standart of tone,voice, or light transmitting data by differentiating dash and dot tap from sentence word,letter,number and punctuation mark message. A message sent/received is called telegram

Facsimile Is a machine that is able to send document trough telephine network that produce the same result as the original document. Founded in 1843 by alexander bain from scotland Its a scanner,modem,network printer and photocopier in one machine called FAX MACHINE

Communications radio Most of us must have known about communications radio or best known as walky talky, or even handy talky (HT) walky talky is a 2 way radio that can be used to communicate in two ways, or talking and listening. This gadget can be used to communicate by two or more people up to 0.5 km-2.5 km effectively

Radio Radio is a product of a technology that is used for signal transmission in modulation and electromagnetic radiation (electromagneticways) This wave crosses and transmits trough the air and can also transmit airless outer space because these waves dont need carrier media

Pager Pager is a personal telecommunication tool to send and receive short message Numerical pager can only receive one way short messages and only consist of a couple of digits just like a phone number that can only be used to call.

Satelite phone The size of satellite phone is not as big as GSM phone. This phone has inter receiver intercom function (just like a walky talky) Equipped with an automatic scanner to scan waves and other impressive features.

Internet Internet is one of most advanced products of communication and information technology at this moment. The development of the internet started when computer networking technology was creted in around 1960.