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Change Management

The Project of Change Management On


Fareed Raza Syed Abbas Raza Azizullah Khan Mian Asim Ali

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Allied Bank Limited (ABL)

Areas of our Focus Are:

People Structure Technology


Allied Bank is the first Muslim bank, to have been established on the territory that became Pakistan. Established in December 1942 as the Australasia Bank at Lahore with a paid-up share capital of Rs. 0.12 million under the Chairmanship of Khawaja Bashir Bux. the Bank had attracted deposits, equivalent to Rs. 0.431 million in its first eighteen months of business. Total assets then amounted to Rs. 0.572 million. Today Allied Bank's paid up Capital & Reserves amount to Rs. 10.5 billion, deposit exceeded Rs. 143 billion and total assets equal Rs. 170 billion.

A Glance on History of the Bank

The Pre Independence History (1942 to 1947)

In the early 1940s the Muslim community was beginning to realize the need for the active participation in the field of trade and industry. Banking, was an exclusive enclave of the Hindus and it was widely believed, and wrongly so, that Muslims were temperamentally unsuited for this profession. Khawaja Bashir Bux establishing this first Muslim bank on the soil of Punjab that was to become Pakistan in December 1942; by the name of Australasia Bank Limited. The initial equity of the Bank amounted to Rs 0.12 million, which was raised to Rs 0.5 million by the end of first full year of operation, and by the end of 30th June 1947 capital increased to Rs. 0.673 million and deposits raised





view of Khawaja Bashir Bux's Residence. The first branch of Australasia Bank.



Australasia Bank (1947 to 1974)

Australasia Bank was the only fully functional Muslim Bank on Pakistan territory on August the 14th, 1947. The bank was identified with the Pakistan Movement. At the time of independence all the branches in India, (Amritsar, Batala, Jalandhar, Ludhaina, Delhi and Angra (Agra)) were closed down. New Branches were opened in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Sialkot, Sargodha, Jhang, Gujranwala and Kasur. Later it network spread to Multan & Quetta. Australasia Bank made a profit of Rs 50,000 during 194748. By the end of 1970 it had 101 branches. Unfortunately it lost 51 branches in the separation of East Pakistan. By the end of 1973 the bank had 186 branches in West Pakistan.






Allied Bank (1974 to 1991)


In 1974, the Board of Directors of Australasia Bank was dissolved and the bank was renamed as Allied Bank.

The first year was highly successful one: profit exceeded the Rs 10 million mark 116 new branches were opened during 1974



Branches increased from 353 in 1974 to 748 in 1991.


It also opened three branches in UK.


Allied Bank (1991 to 2004)


As a result of privatization in September 1991, Allied Bank entered in a new phase of its history, as the worlds first bank to be owned and managed by its employees.

Allied Bank enjoyed an enviable position in the financial sector of Pakistan and was recognized as one of the best amongst the major banks of the country.


In August 2004 as a result of capital reconstruction, the Banks ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Leasing Limited and Ibrahim


(2005 To date)
In May 2005 Ibrahim Leasing Limited was also merged with Allied Bank 2. ILL shareholders were issued ABL shares ABL was formally listed and trading of the shares of the Bank commenced w.e.f. the following dates. Islamabad Stock Exchange 8th August 2005 Lahore Stock Exchange 10th August 2005 Karachi Stock Exchange 17th August 2005



Today the Bank stands on a solid foundation of over 64 years of its existence: having a strong equity, assets and deposits base offering universal banking services with higher focus on retail banking. The bank has the largest network of on-line branches in Pakistan and offers various technology based products and services to its diversified clientele through its network of more than 740 branches.

To become a dynamic and efficient bank providing integrated solutions in order to be the first choice bank for the customers.


To provide value-added services to our customers

To provide high-tech innovative solutions to meet customers requirements To create sustainable value through growth, efficiency and diversity for all stakeholders To provide a challenging work environment and reward dedicated team members according to their abilities and performance To play a proactive role in contributing

Integrity Excellence in service High performance Innovation and growth

People (In focus)

In start they just recruit employees who r hardworking, not specific criteria was there. The Bank did not fired a single employee just because of introducing a new change of Computerized system in all branches in 2000, and people even did not resist much on that, in fact the employee accept it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Bank started hiring Management trainees from last year, before that they were called probation officers. Allied Bank has more than 7,139

ABL Declares 20% Bonus & 25% Dividend

The shareholders of Allied Bank Limited (ABL) in their 61st Annual General Meeting held on 29th March 2007 at Lahore adopted the Annual Accounts of the Bank for the year 2006. The shareholders also accorded approval for the payment of 25% cash dividend and issuance of bonus shares @ 20% by utilizing share premium account in the proportion of twenty shares for every 100 shares held.

The meeting observed that during 2006 the Bank exhibited excellent overall performance and recorded highest ever earning in the Banks history of over 60 years. The Operational Profit before provisions and taxes increased by 37% to Rs.7,574(m), After Tax Profit of Rs.4,397(m) registered growth of 42% over 2005 figures resulting in improvement in earning per share from Rs.6.88 per share in 2005 to Rs.9.80 per share in 2006. During the year 2006 deposits were increased to Rs.206,031(m) registering a growth of 28% and gross advances increased by 27% to Rs.151,705(m).

Incentives and Rewards


is no hard and fast rule for rewards and incentives. is totally based on the performance of the employees.


Board Of Directors

Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar


Khalid A. Sherwani
Director/President & CEO

Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed


Mohammad Waseem Mukhtar


AbdulAzizKhan Director

Sheikh Jalees Ahmed Director

FarrakhQayum Director

Tasneem M Noorani Director

MubashirAAkhtar Director

KamalMonnoo Director

Nazrat Bashir Director

Structure (In Focus)


bank has the largest network of on-line branches in Pakistan. 740 branches are there in all over Pakistan. The structure of Branches are quite simple, and Allied bank did not change it in spite of introducing Computer based system in 2000.

Branch Network

Journey towards future

Structure of Branch
Chief Manager

Customer Service Manager


Advance Incharge

Import Incharge

Export Incharge

CD Incharge

Import & Export Managers are there in Branches which deals in Foreign Exchange

Higher Management Structure

Board of Directors


Group Head (HR)

Group Head (Operations)

Group Head (Marketing)

Group Head (Fianace)

Departmental Heads

Departmental Heads

Regional General Managers

Ranking Structure of Employees in ABL










Some Other Information

Before Ibrahim group take over the Bank had 27 Regions but today there are 11 regions. There are 25 branches dealing with foreign Exchange in all over Pakistan and 3 branches in Faisalabad are dealing in foreign Exchange.


Current Account PLS Saving Deposits Foreign Currency Deposits Allied Profit Plus Term Deposit Allied Profit Plus Deposit Account Allied Monthly Income Scheme 10.2% Allied Bachat Scheme: (ABS) Allied Cash+ Card Online Banking Internet Banking Helpline

8% 9.5% 13.33%

Alternative Delivery Channels

Lending Products LC LG Agricultural Finanace Export Business/Trade Finance Running Finance Demand Finance

Allied Bank offers the following services to its customers:

- Home Remittances - Remittances - Hajj Services - Utility Bills - Lockers - Commodity Operations - Helpline (+92 800-22522)

Technology (In Focus)



ATM Network Allied Bank has vast network of ATM's presently consisting of 100 ATM's installed in over 40 cities which is undergoing expansion. In addition Allied Bank is a member of 1-LINK ATM sharing switch comprising of over 600 ATM's nationwide.


Card 1. Allied Bank under license from Master Card International, U.S.A issues it's Master Card to anyone meeting the eligibility criteria. 2. Accepted at 16,000+ establishments in Pakistan and over 17 million retailers across the world,


Allied Cash+ Card

Online Banking

Internet Banking

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