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The Mexican

Revolution, 1910

Events and Important People

Important People

 Government
 Porfirio Diaz
 Mexican President, 1876-1910
 Dictator, trampled the middle class

 Revolutionaries
 Francisco Madero
 Pancho Villa

 Emiliano Zapata
The Beginning

 Election Day, 1910

 Madero’s letter from jail sparks angry
Indians, as well as disadvantaged
 Madero’s Military Success
 Early success, eventually Diaz
began to lose control of Mexico;
administration falls apart
Other Revolutionaries Join the
 Pascual Orozco and Chihuahua
Governor Abraham Gonzalez join forces
 Take Mexicali and Chihuahua City
 Pancho Villa encouraged, joins union
 Not loyal to Madero
 Take Ciudad Juarez (next to El Paso)
against Madero’s wishes
Treaty of Ciudad Juarez