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Woild wiiloui wiies

WhaL ls WlLrlclLy?
O wl1tlclty tecbooloqy ls ttoosfettloq electtlc eoetqy ot
powet ovet Jlstooce wltboot wltes wltb tbe boslcs of
cLrlclLy and magnLlsm
Iarlous Wlrss Lnrgy Lransfr
O ShorL rang lnducLlv Couplng
O Mdlum rang 8sonanL lnducLlon
O Long rang LcLromagnLlc Wav owr 1ransfr
ShorL wav lnducLlv couplng
O lnducLlv couplng works on Lh prlnclps of
Whn a currnL (cLrlclLy) passs Lhrough a wlr lL
gnraLs a magnLlc fld prpndlcuar Lo Lh wlr 1hls
ffcL can b magnlfld Lhrough collng Lh wlr Whn a
wlr ls ln proxlmlLy Lo a magnLlc fld lL gnraLs a
currnL ln LhaL wlr 1ransfrrlng nrgy bLwn wlrs
Lhrough magnLlc flds ls lnducLlv couplng
lnducLlv couplng
ConcpLs lnvovd ln Lhls
O kesonance It ls a proprLy LhaL xlsLs ln many dlffrnL
physlca sysLms lL can b LhoughL of as Lh naLura
fruncy aL whlch nrgy can mosL fflclnLy b addd
Lo an osclaLlng sysLm
O kesonant Magnet|c Coup||ng Magnet|c couplng occurs
whn Lwo ob[cLs xchang nrgy Lhrough Lhlr varylng
or osclaLlng magnLlc flds 8sonanL couplng occurs
whn Lh naLura fruncls of Lh Lwo ob[cLs ar
approxlmaLy Lh sam
rlnclp bhlnd wlLrlclLy 8sonanL
WlLrlclLy ln hlsLory and why wasn'L
lL succssfu
O esla used ile concepi of
induciion wleie in ile
cuiieni fiom ile souice
induces a magneiic field
in ile souice coil and
wlen ile secondaiy coil
is placed in ii's viciniiy ii
lappens io cui ile
magneiic lines and
cuiieni is in iuin
O Wiiiiciiy is based on
coupled iesonani objecis
implemenied using self
iesonani coils. In ilis
fiisi expeiimeni iley
demonsiiaied efficieni
non-iadiaiive powei
iiansfei ovei disiance up
io eigli iimes ile iadius
of ile coils. lis
expeiimeni was done
using iwo coppei coils
O le eneigy involved in
induciion is iiiadiaiive
in naiuie
O Unlile Eleciiomagneiic
induciion ilai iiiadiaied
ile enviionmeni wiil
eleciiomagneiic waves
,ilis concepi filled ile
space wiil non iadiaiing
magneiic field
oscillaiing ai a ceiiain
Wlen MI Piofessoi Maiin Soljacic was awalened in ile
middle of nigli by lis mobile plone beeping io lei lim lnow
ilai le lad foigoiien io claige ii.
Coup|ed kesonators was f|t for the
s|tuat|on Se|f kesonant co||s
O or fflclnL Lransfr of powr and nrgy Lh coupd
rsonaLors ar supposd Lo work ln the stronq/y
coup/ed reqime 1hls concpL of sLrongy coupd rglm
ls vald for a klnds of rsonancs (g acousLlc
mchanlca cLromagnLlc Lc)
O lL was obsrvd LhaL sLrong couplng coud b achlvd
ovr dlsLancs LhaL graLy xcdd Lh slz of Lh
rsonanL ob[cLs Lhmsvs
O Self iesonani coils iely on ile inieiplay beiween
disiiibuied induciance and disiiibuied capaciiance io
aclieve iesonance.
Sf rsonanL cols
Coupd mod 1hory ldnLlfylng
Lh sLrong rglm
O Coup!cd modc thcovy (CMT) is a paiadigm ilai
allows one io solve plysical pioblems involving
sysiems in vibiaiion of diffeieni linds: meclanical,
opiical, eleciiical and oileis. le sysiem is made of
diffeieni iesonaiing sub-componenis ilai inieiaci
iogeilei. le coupled mode ileoiy allows io gei
soluiions foi ile oscillaiing and piopagaiing waves. Ii
iuined oui ilai ile siiongly coupled iegime in ilis
sysiem is aclieved wlen ile disiance beiween ile coils
was seveial iimes laigei ilan ileii sizes.
Coup mod Lhory uaLlons
O le soluiion of ile equaiion slows ilai ai exaci
iesonance i.e u

ile ieim l]sqii(i,:) seis
ile figuie of meiii foi a wiieless eneigy iiansmission
sysiem along wiil ile disiance ovei wlicl ilis can be
O Hence ile desiied opiimal iegime is l]sqii(i,:) >>i.
ComponnLs of Lh wlLrlclLy sLup
LhaL was flrsL dmonsLraLd ln Ml1
O 1h xprlmnLa dslgn conslsLd of Lwo coppr cols ach a sf
rsonanL sysLm
O Cn of Lh cols conncLd Lo an AC powr suppy was Lh rsonanL
O 1be otbet coll tbe tesoooot coptote Jevlce was conncLd Lo a 60
waLL lghL bub 1h powr sourc and capLur dvlc wr
suspndd ln mldalr wlLh nyon Lhrad aL dlsLancs LhaL rangd
from a fw cnLlmLrs Lo ovr 23 mLrs (82 fL)
O noL ony was Lh lghL bub lumlnaLd buL Lh LhorLlca
prdlcLlons of hlgh fflclncy ovr dlsLanc wr provn
xprlmnLay 8y paclng varlous ob[cLs bLwn Lh sourc and
capLur dvlc Lh Lam dmonsLraLd how Lh magnLlc nar fld
can Lransfr powr Lhrough crLaln maLrlas and around mLalc
WlLrlclLy was dmonsLraLd flrsL ln
WlLrlclLy sLup
Souice Resonaioi: Ii is a ciicuii wiil a Q facioi Qi
coupled io ile powei geneiaioi via
a) An impedance maicling ciicuii .lis
impedance maicling ciicuii is a iunable
ciicuii wiil vaiiable capaciiois and vaiiable
b) Magneiically coupled io ile powei souice
A second iesonaioi coil ilai is coupled io ile
desiinaiion load. Ii is coupled induciively io ilis
Mlnlmum lnLrfrnc wlLh Lh
surroundlng nvlronmnL
O Magneiic iesonances aie paiiiculaily suiiable foi
eveiyday applicaiions because mosi of ile
common maieiials do noi inieiaci wiil Magneiic
Fields, so inieiaciions wiil Enviionmenial objecis
aie suppiessed even fuiilei.
Lfflclncy of Lh sysLm
O le efficiency of ile sysiem is noiling bui ile
iaiio of ouipui powei io inpui powei.
O le ouipui powei is noiling bui ile device powei
O Inpui powei is sum of ile powei dissipaied by
souice, powei loss due io decay and ouipui powei
Efficiency=Pw ] (Ps+Pd+Pw).
O o% Efficiency was obiained by maling ile ciicuii
woil ai .Mlz
lnsLrucLabs Low powr wlrss
MasLr col
Sav col
O esla's Expeiimeni pioduced Eleciiic aics ilai weie
O le powei ilai was noi successfully absoibed by ile
desiinaiion is ieabsoibed by ile souice and does noi
affeci ile suiioundings.
O Oiganisms laidly iespond io magneiic field
App's dmo of wlLrlclLy
O Apple desciibes a scenaiio wleie youi iMac could be
ile souice of ilis iesonance powei io piovide a viiiual
claiging aiea in fioni of youi compuiei. Keyboaids,
mice and even mobile eleciionic devices lile ile
iPlone oi iPad could be claiged simply be being in a i
meiei pioximiiy io youi compuiei. In iypical Apple
faslion, iley desciibe ilai by doing away wiil clumsy
and annoying cables and eliminaiing ile need io
ieplace baiieiies, an easy io use and efficieni local
compuiing enviionmeni can be piovided io ile usei.
O no nd of ln of slghL
O no nd of powr cabs and baLLrls WlLrlclLy rpacs Lh us of
powr cabs and baLLrls
O uos noL lnLrfr wlLh radlo wavs
O WasLag of powr ls sma LcLromagnLlc wavs woud Lunn Lhy
woud noL propagaL Lhrough alr Lo b absorbd or dlsslpaLd So Lh
wasLag ls sma
O no haLh lmplcaLlons 8y Lh us of rsonanL couplng wav
ngLhs producd ar far owr and Lhus mak lL harmss
O Plghy fflclnL Lhan cLromagnLlc lnducLlon
O Lss cosLy 1h componnLs of LransmlLLr and rclvrs ar chapr So
Lhls sysLm ls ss cosLy
O Load foowlng 1h wlLrlclLy sourc chargs Lh oad ony as ong as lL
rulrs charg
O 1h rsonanc condlLlon shoud b saLlsfld or s an
rror xlLs and Lhr ls no posslbllLy of powr Lransfr
O 8paclng Lh od goods wlLh nw ons ls cosLy affalr
Ml1 LxprlmnL