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Wireless Underwater Communications Network

ECE Senior Design Team #88 Spring-Fall 2007 Roy Behymer Krenar Jusufi Mary Hoyer Advisor - Shengli Zhou


Background Project Description Technical Specifications Timeline Budget


Goal is to expand two-node underwater, acoustic network to three-node relay network with motion sensor

msgErr msgData msgUseful msgNoPack msgSeqNo msgDest

Packet Structure 64 bytes

1 1 1 1 57

1 msgNext 1

Packet Structure 64 bytes

Next Hop Address Source Address Destination Address Sequence Number Number of Packets Number of Bytes of Useful Data Data (57) Error Check


Destination and Source nodes compared

If same, no message transmitted Otherwise determine next node

Determine message length and number of packets needed. Parse data if needed Determine number of useful bytes in last packet The new data string encompassing header information is processed.


Compare Destination and Computer info.

Relay message if not at destination

Broken down using packet structure

Process remainder of message if at destination

Display message

Matlab Lessons Learned

Characters / Strings best handled via arrays

not as friendly as VB built-in functions not as versatile

Start with structure and maintain it while developing code Document code Document function and file dependencies

Breaking the Code

Transceiver_RNS main, open this to run program

SendDataCallback this is used by Transceiver_RNS to send signal SelectRecordCallback this is used by Transceiver_RNS to receive signal

contReceiverv2 same as SendDataCallback writefileCLEAR clears writefile

Breakdown of SendDataCallback

writefileTX converts symbols to ascii and writes into file

num2binmap finds binary equivalent

contReceiverv2 continuously monitors incoming data, if trigger is met goes to autoautocorr zTxRNSv2 processes and sends data

readfile converts ascii character to text to binary num2binmap finds binary equivalent CCQPSKencode performs coding on binary vector then QPSK mapping insertnull insert null subcarriers and pilot tones synchcpofdm cyclic prefix-ofdm writefile converts symbols to ascii and writes to file

Writetodisp lets us know message was sent


analyzedata analyzes data

autoautocorr auto correlation to find useful data zRxV2 main receiver file, receives and processes data

CFOchjointestimation2 uses channel estimation to determine carrier frequency offset removeqrtrdataV2 removes pilot tones and null subcarriers BERcount finds raw bit error rate Ch_estimation provides time and frequency domain channel representation dem_wi_decoder QPSK signals demodulation binaryBER finds BER after decoding writefile converts symbols to ascii and writes into file


b) c)



Draw flow chart based on dependency reports of codes Give description of each functions and sub functions Delete files unused Combine small files into large file for organization Clear variables before each run so there is less chance of failure in testing Put all parameters as global variable

Motion Sensor

Need real-time, continuous data acquisition MATLAB does not support our motion sensor Solution: use LabView VI for interface
Must convert LabView VI to MATLAB function Math Interface Toolkit

February March April May

Short Term Goals

Review / Research Ordering parts (air) Hardware Mods Software Mods

Long Range Goals

Three-node relay network in air with motion sensor

July August September October November December

Review / Research
Underwater Testing Debugging Hardware Mods Software Mods Hardware Mod Software Mods


Three-node relay network in water

Three or four node full network in air and water with two motion sensors Final Write-up and Demonstration

M-Audio Mobile Pre USB Audio Interface with Preamp (2) XLR Cable (2)

$238.00 $15.65

Audix TR-40 Microphones (2)

Microphone Stands (2) Motion Sensors (2) LabView Math Interface Toolkit (1) Total

$23.94 $208.00 ~$100.00 ~$965.53


Background Project Description Technical Specifications Timeline Budget