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 Batch : III
 Roll no : 100
 Class : 12 th
 Subject : ENGLISH
 Topic : world population day
 Prepared By : Rashmi Chadha
 School Name :
 Distinct : Amritsar
 World population day
is celebrated in 11
July. Ten years
ago,179 governments
committed to the
program of Action of
the international
conference on
Population and
Development (ICPD)
by signed to it. The
ICPD prescribed the
steps that will not
only save millions of
International Conference On
Population And Development
(ICPD) Programme In Action
 Enact laws and policies to protect
 The rights of women and girls
 Ensure equal access to primary education for
girls and boys
 Ensure universal access to reproductive health
services as part of basic primary health care
 Empower women and girls socially and
 Prevent HIV infection
 End gender based violence
Population Action International
(PAI) works to improve well being
and preserve global resources by
mobilizing political and financial
support for population, family
planning and reproductive health
policies and programs
INDIA Population Status
 India is home to one-sixth of
the world's population. While
India has made great strides
in health care and education
in past decades,
improvements have not
been achieved uniformly
throughout the country. In
some states, like Kerala,
85% of the population is now
literate, and quality-of-life
indicators have soared. In
comparison, the state of
Uttar Pradesh — where one
in six Indian people resides-
consistently falls below
national standards in health,
education, and general
quality-of-life indicators.
Action takes by INDIA
 Innovations in
family planning
services projects
 Quality care and
support services
for people
 Reducing gender
based Violence
Purpose of World
Population Day
 The human right of every woman, man and child to enjoy
a life of health and equal opportunity. In many parts of the
world, extreme poverty subjects women and men to a lack
of real choices, opportunities and the basic services needed
to improve their situations. Women often suffer
disproportionately, due to violence, discrimination and the
burden of poor reproductive health, which is the leading
cause of death and disability for women in their
reproductive years
 Perhaps nowhere is the need for reproductive health
services more urgent than in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Every day, 14,000 people are newly infected, and half are
young people under the age of 25. Reproductive health
services that empower women and young people with
. life-saving information and skills will help prevent HIV from
spreading and reduce further suffering and social and
economic disruption.
 It must also step up efforts for family planning, which has
a direct impact on maternal health.
World Population Day
 What is the current population of INDIA?
 How many population of Kerala is Literate?
 When world population day is celebrated?
 What step we can use to control our
 Why we celebrated world population day?
 Since 1950,_______of the world's
population growth has occurred in Asia.
 Which policies apply to control the
population of INDIA?