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Name : N.Sanjeeva Rao
Designation : Lecturer
Branch : Applied Electronics & instrumentation
Institute : Govt. polytechnic for women, srikakulam
Year/Semester : 1V Semester
Subject : Process Instrumentation –II
Sub. Code : AEI-405,
Topic : Flow Measurement
Duration : 50mts
Sub- Topic : introduction of orifice
Teaching Aids : PPT, Animations, photographs
AEI405.23 1

Upon completion of this topic you will be able to

• Orifice plate
– Its definition
– Its classification

AEI405.23 2
AEI405.23 3
The orifice plate is basically a thin metal plate

with circular opening

AEI405.23 4
AEI405.23 5
AEI405.23 6
Classification of Orifice plate

• Concentric

• Eccentric

• Segmental

• The concentric type is by far the most widely used.

AEI405.23 7
Concentric Type

• It consists of a central hole in a metal plate

concentric with the circumference of the plate.

AEI405.23 8
Concentric Type

AEI405.23 9
Eccentric Type Plate

Hole down side

AEI405.23 10
Segmental Type Plate

Segment hole AEI405.23 11

The materials used for construction of
orifice plates are

• Mild steel

• Stain less steel

• Phosphor bronze

AEI405.23 12
• The orifice meter is most common type of head
type flow measuring device for medium and large
pipe sizes.

• The office plate inserted in a pipe line causes an

increase in the flow velocity and a corresponding
decrease in pressure.

AEI405.23 13

AEI405.23 14

• The flow pattern shows an effective decrease in the

cross-section of the flow beyond the orifice plate with
maximum velocity and minimum pressure
• The particular position where the velocity is maximum
and static pressure is minimum is called vena

AEI405.23 15
Functioning of orifice plate

• An orifice plate installed in a pipeline creates a

pressure differential as the fluid flows through it

• This differential pressure is proportional to the

rate of flow

AEI405.23 16
Merits of orifice plate

• They offer low cost over other types of flow meters

• Especially in a large line sizes and have proved to

be rugged ,effective and reliable over many years
• It has low installation cost and a turn down of not
more than 4 : 1

AEI405.23 17

We have discussed about

• Various types of Orifice plates

AEI405.23 18

1. Orifice works on the principle of

b) Differential pressure

c) Differential velocity

d) Differential density

e) None

AEI405.23 19
Frequently Asked Questions

• 1)define the orifice plate.

• 2)classify the orifice plate.

• 3)sketch orifice plates.

AEI405.23 20