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stands tall in the heart of city’s premier business and commercial district – Connaught Place. the hotel is 24 kms from the international airport and just minutes from government offices. cultural centers and international trade fair grounds. Jama Masjid and Red Fort. • Right next to lively shopping centers. . office complexes and colourful streets. • It is also within close proximity to historical landmarks like India Gate.INTRODUCTION • The Lalit New Delhi. a 457 room super luxury hotel.

Jyotsna Suri (Chairperson & Managing Director) Ms Deeksha Suri (General Manager-Corporate) . Lalit Suri Mrs.THE GRAND GROUP (MANAGEMAENT) Late Mr.

120 Lalit Luxury Rooms and 47 Suites. . Lalit Luxury Rooms and Suites.ACCOMMODATION • The Lalit New Delhi offers the finest choices in luxurious accommodation in its Deluxe Rooms. • The hotel offers 460 luxurious Guest Rooms. with 293 Deluxe Rooms.

DINING • • • • The 24/7 Restaurant & Bar The Grill Woks Baluchi .

• Quorum: the meeting place with smaller boardrooms and an attached dining area • Dedicated in-house co-ordinator . The gardens can take functions upto 1000 persons • Four multi-use function rooms.CONFERENCING/ BANQUETING • Crystal Ballroom: the main ballroom with a capacity of 500 people • The Terrace Gardens with a partial covered area. with a central prefunction area.


• Although at the Hotel’s more importance is given to the rooms rather than the food production. . • Nowadays the restaurants not only provide services to the in-house guests but also to the local guests and the recognized patrons. • When the guest arrives at the hotel he not only expects a comfortable and relaxed stay . • Food production is an integral part of the services of the hotel. but he also expects good food of the highest possible standards Especially in today's times with growing competition it is very essential that the hotel tries to provides as many food outlets to the guest serving various kinds of quality cuisine. it cannot be denied that the various restaurants do a lot of business and thereby generate a good amount of revenue for the hotel.INTRODUCTION • Hotels are justly proud of their reputation for fine cuisine and elegant dining.

Indian Kitchen 2. SPECIALTY KITCHENS: .Soup Section b.THE KITCHEN SUBDIVISIONS 1. BAKERY: 4. GARDEMANGER: 3. BUTCHERY: 5. MAIN KITCHEN: a.Hot Range (continental) c.


• The industry is usually defined by its output or products. • Contract to the need for operational personnel who are generally divided into food and beverage staff and room division staff. which satisfy demand for food dish drink and accommodation.INTRODUCTION • The hotel and catering or hotel and food service industry is now becoming widely known as the hospitality industry. .

THE 24/7 RESTAURANTS Location: • In Hotel . . lunch and dinner. 24 hour restaurant serves an extensive variety international & Indian cuisine.Hotel Lobby Serves: • Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner This 115 seater. filler snacks and extensive buffet options for breakfast.

There is live Indian entertainment every evening. except on Tuesdays. .Baluchi Location: In Hotel .Lobby Atrium .2nd floor Serves: Lunch Dinner The decor takes its inspiration from Baluchistan This 95 seats restaurant serves speciality fare from Tandoori to great Indian curries.

Lobby Atrium – 28th floor Serves: Lunch Dinner This 90 seats restaurant entices guests with its innovative Oriental & Chinese selections – steaming Dim Sums.WOKS Location: In Hotel . . wholesome soups and inspirational wok stirred specialties.

used exclusively by the Room Service staff to provide quick and efficient service to the guests. • To avoid any delays. • The food is served at the exact time stated by the guest. • It provides food and beverages guests in their rooms as and when ordered by them.Room Service • The Room Service is a very important outlet of the Food and Beverage department. there is a separate Room Service elevator. .

This document is the official intimation to all concerned departments of the hotel about the function being held at the hotel.Conference and Banquet facilities: • For every function a FUNCTION PROSPECTUS is prepared. It contains the following information: • Venue of the function • Date of the function • Party hosted by • Party booked by • Fax number • Contact number • Address of the organiser . Copies are sent to various departments.



• Front-Office is one department which deals with guests directly. . with his salesmanship can induce the guest to stay at the hotel and in this way it increases the revenue of the hotel. It is an essential department because it deals with the allocation of rooms. • It is a very important department. • The way in which a Receptionist deals with the guest has a direct impact on the guest. which is a major income of the hotel. • A receptionist.INTRODUCTION • Front Office deals in accommodating guests in the hotel and is a very important department.

Health Club Beauty Saloon Guest Relations Business Center Front Office Front Desk Club Intercontinental Guest Service Center Concierge .


• Cleanliness is the primary function of the department and the secondary function includes the accessories that are added on to the areas like flower arrangement. . cleanliness and service of the people occupying the rooms in the hotel. • In hotels it takes on organized approach and a technical understanding for the housekeeping to cope up with the volume of work. • In fact no hotel can run without the housekeeping department. It is one of the most important departments of the hotel. • The main aim of the department is to keep the rooms appearance appealing at all times and thereby push the room sales. supplies etc.INTRODUCTION • House keeping can be defined as the heart of the hotel. It provides for a clean. comfortable and safe environment. • It includes all factors that lead to comfort.

Rental car desk: Hotel cars or Travel counter Tour Desk .HOTEL FEATURES • • • • • • • 460 guest rooms Travel agent desk available 28 floors 5 Restaurants & bar Airline Desk: Available through travel counter.

The description of soiled item. balances and other remark is entered in linen exchange slip.LINEN ROOM • It is one of the most important sections in the HK. . • Linen Room supervisor heads the linen room. The soaked linen is collected & counted in front of House Man for the right count. All the departments depend on the linen room to get their linen and uniforms laundered. soiled count. Warning is issued to the person responsible. clean linen received. The damaged and badly stained linen is kept aside. Clean linen is given in exchange against the number of soiled linen.

The spring cleaning and scrubbing of the public areas in done by the night shift staff. The cleaning of the restaurant is done before mis-en-place starts. . swimming pool. The cleaning of the public areas has to be well planned. clock room restaurants. There are two supervisors who are in-charge of public areas for the morning and evening shift. In the morning there are 15 houseman working under the supervisor. The houseman are assigned with the cleaning of particular areas.PUBLIC AREA • Public area comprises of main lobby. It should be cleaned when there's no rush causing minimum inconvenience to the guest. The lobby should be cleaned during nights as it would not cause inconvenience to the guest. executive office etc. • • • The spotting of the carpets is done once in a month.

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