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Designation : Lecturer in Computers
Branch : DCCP
Institute : Govt. Poly. For Women, Nellore.
Year/Semester : First year
Subject : Computer Fundamentals
Subject Code : CCP-105
Topic : Windows operating system
Duration : 50 Mins.
Sub Topic : Files and Folders
Teaching Aids : Ppt, animations, drawings

CCP105.45 1

On completion of this period, you would be able to

know :
• How to create Folders
• Selection of Files and Folders

CCP105.45 2

 MS DOS is a character based operating system

 In DOS we learn about the creation of Files and Directories
 Remember the commands COPY, MKDIR/MD , RMDIR/RD

CCP105.45 3
You may have seen any Library
 Normally Library consists of different racks/Almirahs
 Each Rack may have Sub Racks and some Books
 Did you notice that one shelf contains same subject books
 Computer stores files on its storage devices
 Its storage devices are Disks, CDROM, etc,
 Computer stores files containing data of program on disk
in Folders/sub folders
 Folders/Sub Folders are used for grouping of Files

CCP105.45 4
Files and Folders
 DOS Directory is nothing but a Folder in Windows
 Folder is a part of secondary storage disk, which
contains files and sub Folders
 Examples:
Drives (C:)

Directories or Folders Directories or Folders Directories or Folders

Files Files Files

Sub-Folders Sub-Folders Sub-Folders

Files Files Files
Organization of files

CCP105.45 5
Creation of Folders

We can create a Folder in different ways,

The most common way is :
 Move to the location where you want to create Folder
using Explorer or My Computer
 Right click the Mouse and reach “New” option
 In that sub menu appears, select the “Folder”
 New folder will be created with temporary name
 Enter the new name and press enter key
CCP105.45 6
Folder creation using My Computer
1. Using My Computer reach one area in c: drive
2. Use Mouse Right Click, in short cut menu choose
3. Select Folder
4. Folder with temporary name created, enter new name

CCP105.45 7
Folder creation using My Computer
1 3
4 2

CCP105.45 8
Another Way For Folder Creation
 Reach a location using My Computer or Explorer
 Use the New option from File menu in that Window
 Select the Folder option
 The new folder with temporary name will be created
 Enter new name

CCP105.45 9
Folder creation from File Menu

1. After clicking File menu option choose New

2. Select the Folder option in sub menu
3. The Folder with temporary name created
CCP105.45 10
Selecting Files/Folders
1.To select single file or folder:
 First reach the place where you want to select the
 Click the file/ folder
2.To select more files or folders:
 Use the ctrl button + Other file/folder to select two or more
non-contiguous files
3.To select two or more contiguous file:
 Click a file
 Pressing down shift key, click another file
 All the files from the first to last file can be selected
CCP105.45 11
1. See the single selection
2. See the multiple selection

CCP105.45 12
 Folder is a part of secondary storage devices
 It consists of sub folders and files
 Creating a Folder
 Selecting files and folders

CCP105.45 13
1.______ option in file menu helps in creation of folders.
b) Fresh
c) New
d) Folder
e) File
2.To select contiguous file, _____key need to be processed
Shift key

CCP105.45 14
1. Create a set of folders within folders.
2. Show different methods of selection of files and folders.

CCP105.45 15

 Explain various methods to create a Folder?

 How can you select the files or Folders?

CCP105.45 16
CCP105.45 17