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HiPath ProCenter Call Director

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Overview: HiPath ProCenter Call Director

What is HiPath ProCenter Call Director?

 How Does it Work?
 What are the Benefits?
Call Director Components
 Message Component
 Menu Prompt Component
 Digit Collection Component
 Number Playback Component
 Performance Message Component
 Announcement Components (HiPath 3000 / 5000 ONLY)
Call Director Usage Examples
Call Director Messages and Announcements Usage

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What is HiPath ProCenter Call Director?

 A fully integrated IVR for HiPath ProCenter Agile and Enterprise

 Enables basic transactional or self-service IVR applications
 Helps “front-ending” incoming calls and refining the specification
of caller requirements:
 Menus and caller navigation fully integrated into
routing workflow and management tools
 Auto-answer, greetings, messages and
 Digit collection and passing of data to
Agent desktop or 3rd party applications
 Numbers-to-Speech functionality for
simple self-service and transactional call processing
 Supports 6 languages (English, German, Spanish, French,
Italian, Brazilian Portuguese)

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How Does it Work?

 Call Director is fully integrated into the

HiPath ProCenter Design Center
 Use the visual, intuitive Design Editor
to insert configurable
Call Director components in
 Routing Strategies
 Queue Processing Flows
 No IVR programming skills required -
use a graphical, workflow-oriented
user interface
 Simply “drag-and-drop” Call Director
components into visual workflows

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What are the Benefits?

 HiPath ProCenter Call Director is a low cost IVR and fully integrated into
HiPath ProCenter’s visual, workflow-style Design Center
 Implement IVR functionality without complex IVR programming
 Simple self-service and automated transactional interactions improve
customer access and convenience and lower operating costs
 Keep customers informed through greetings and intelligent announcements
 Gather and provide data to refine routing
 Automate collection of caller information (e.g. account number, PIN number)
to speed up call resolution and streamline customer service
 Enhance agent productivity by providing collected customer data
synchronized with each incoming call

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Call Director Components

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Call Director Components

 Components and related wave files are defined in the HiPath

ProCenter Design Center
 Previously defined Call Director components are stored in Design
Center for later re-use
 Call Director provides the following components:

Message Components Performance Message Components

Menu Prompt Components Announcement Components

(HiPath 3000/5000 only)

Digit Collection Components

Number Playback Components

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Message Component

 Plays a message to the caller on

a one-to-one basis to provide
information such as:
 Greetings –
“Welcome to ABC Company.

We appreciate your
 Promotional messages –
“ABC Company is currently
offering best rates ever
 Messages can be defined as

 Caller interaction using
Page 8 Siemens Communications
Function Keys is possible
Menu Prompt Component

 Prompts the caller with a menu choice

 Digits entered via the telephone
keypad prompt the caller to continue to
the next step, e.g.
 Determine caller preferences:
“Press 1 for English, 2 for French.”
 Route call based on subject matter:
“Press 1 for Sales or press 2 for
 Identify caller status: “Press 1 for Gold
customers, 2 for New customers …”
 “Exit on no Input” option allows
defining treatments on no input, e.g.
for callers calling from a phone without
touch-tones (rotary phones)
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Digit Collection Components

 Retrieve caller information through

digit input via the telephone keypad
 Collected information is passed on
to the agent as part of the contact data
 Use information such as account
number or customer number for
lookup in any external ODBC
compatible database to identify callers
 Write collected digits to external
database using the Database Function
 Prompt the caller to confirm correct
entry of data before moving to the next

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Number Playback Components

 Plays back number values from the

contact data to the caller, e.g. from a
database lookup or caller inputted
 Formatted or non formatted playback
 “959” = “Nine-five-nine”
 “959” = “Nine hundred fifty nine”
 Use for simple self-service or
transactional routing strategies, e.g.:
 Playback an account balance
 Output an appointment time

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Performance Message Components

 Performance Message Components

present intelligent messages to the
caller while in queue, for example:
 Estimated wait time
 Current service level
 Number of calls in queue
 Help to manage the caller’s
expectations while waiting to be
connected to an agent
 Allow the caller to make an educated
decision to pursue alternative
methods of contact such as email, or
use self-service options

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Announcement Components

 Play an announcement to a group

of callers
 Use to play audio files not requiring
any caller interaction, such as
 “For quality assurance purposes,
your call may be recorded.”
 “Thank you for calling ABC.com,
we appreciate your business.”
 Announcements are supported by
HiPath ProCenter Agile and HiPath
ProCenter Enterprise on HiPath
3000 V5.0 and V6.0

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Call Director Components by
Communication Platform - Summary

HiPath 4000 V2.0/V3.0

HiPath 3000 V5.0/V6.0 Hicom 300 V6.6, HiPath DX V8.0
HiPath 8000**

Messages  
Menu Prompts  
Digit Collections  
Number Playbacks  
Performance Messages  
Announcements * not applicable

* Included in HiPath ProCenter Agile ** Planned availability 4Q2006

and Enterprise base license
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Call Director Usage Scenarios

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Routing Strategy: Intelligent Messages
Call Director Message Call Director Menu Prompt: Transfers the caller to
Component: “Press 1 to leave a message, 2 voicemail to leave a
“Welcome to ABC Company!” to wait for the next available message

Call Director Performance Performance Decision: Enqueue Component:

Message: If the estimated wait time is over 2 Places the call in queue
“Your estimated wait time to minutes, offer the option of leaving a Customer Service
speak to an agent is … seconds.” voicemail or waiting for an agent.

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Routing Strategy: Contact Data Collection

Call Director Menu Prompt:

“Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for
Customer Service.”

Enqueue Component:
Places the call in queue
Customer Service

Call Director Digit Collection: Database Lookup: Contact Data Update:

“Please enter your customer Using the customer number previously The caller contact data are updated with
number.” entered, the customer information is the information from the database for
retrieved from the customer database. display in the agent’s screen pop

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Routing Strategy: Branched Navigation Menus

Call Director Menu Prompt:

Call Director Message: “Press 1 for service in English
“Welcome to ABC - – Empuje 2 para servicio en
Bienvenido a ABC!” Espanol”

Call Director Menu Prompt:

“Please press 1 for Sales or Enqueue Components:
press 2 for Service.” Place the call in the appropriate
queue, depending on previous
customer choice.

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Routing Strategy: Self-Service Scenario – Get
Repair Status in Car Dealership

Call Director Menu Prompt: Call Director Message:

“Please press 1 to request the “You car is ready for
repair status or your car or pickup. We are open for
press 2 to speak to a customer pickup until 7PM tonight.”
service representative”

Call Director Digit Database Function: Contact Data

Collection: Determine repair status based on Decision:
“Please enter your repair confirmation number through Route call depending
confirmation number.” external database lookup on the “outcome” of the
database lookup.

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Routing Strategy: Simple Transactional
Application Scenario – Stop Newspaper Delivery

Call Director Menu Prompt: Database Function:

“Please press 1 to stop Write customer inputted
newspaper delivery or press 2 values back to external
to speak to a customer service database.

Call Director Digit Call Director Digit Number Playback:

Collection: Collection: “You have entered 04-29
“Please enter your home “Please enter the as stop date for delivery.
phone number.” month and day to stop Please press 7 if this is
newspaper delivery in not correct to reenter the
the format MM-DD.” date.”

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Call Director Messages and Announcements
Usage Scenarios

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Announcements in Routing Strategies
on HiPath 3000

Call Director Source/Destination Decision:

Announcement: Every incoming call is assigned the
“Welcome at ABC Company. appropriate queue depending on
Please note that for quality the Dialed Number (DNIS).
assurance purposes your call
may be recorded.”

Enqueue Components:
Place the call in the appropriate
queue, depending on Dialed
Number (DNIS / CLID)

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Announcements in Queue Processing
on HiPath 3000

Call Director Announcement: Wait Interval Component: Call Director

“We appreciate your call, but Uses the communication platforms Announcement: “All our
currently all our agents are standard treatment for this queue (i.e. agents are still busy, please
busy. Please hold the line.” Music on Hold) for a defined period of continue to hold.”

Flow Decision Component: Call Director Message: “All our

Evaluates how long the caller has been agents are still busy. Please
in queue and after 5 minutes, passes continue to hold or press ‘0’ to
the caller on to the next component. speak to an Operator.”

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HiPath ProCenter Call Director

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