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Topic: Kanos Model Case study: Hospital Industry

Presented by: Syndicate 10

What is Kanos model? Project activities in which the Kanos Model is useful:

Identifying customer needs Determining functional requirements Concept development Analysing competitive products

Must-be attributes
Also called threshold attributes Represent basic musts or functions expected of a product/Service When present are neutral, when absent they dissatisfy consumers

Performance attributes
Also called more is better attributes and one-dimensional attributes Directly linked to voiced demands of customer relative to quality and their willingness to pay Presence enhances satisfaction while absence reduces it Linear relation to customer satisfaction the better you do the more they like it.

Surprise and delight factors

Also called excitement factors and attractive attributes Satisfies latent needs Their presence increases satisfaction, their absence doesnt decrease it Sources of differentiation

Indifferent factor
Is of little or no consequences Does not affect consumer decision

Case Study:

Hospital provides perfect medical equipment Hospital provides perfect escape equipment Good hospital sanitation Hospital washrooms properly cleaned Appropriate temperature from air conditioning system Empathetic service attitude of hospital administrators Nursing staff are concerned with and listen to patients demands Skilful techniques of nursing staff Nursing staff can handle and react to emergencies Patients recover after treatment Convenient hospital parking Hospital can quickly make improvements based on patients suggestions

Empathetic attitude of doctors Doctors can patiently listen to details of patients conditions Hospital guarantees the confidentiality of patients personal information

Clear directions for each department in a hospital Hospital provides computerized service Hospital provides obstacle-free facilities Empathetic service attitude of nursing staff Empathetic service attitude of hospital volunteers Doctors can explain the disease and its treatment in detail Hospital provides a complete complaint channel Hospital provides detailed information about hygiene education Side effects do not occur when patients take medicine

Products often have attributes that cannot be classified according to the Kano Model. These attributes are often of little or no consequence to the customer, and do not factor into consumer decisions Convenient hospital transportation whether the hospital can promptly reply to patients complaints