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Victor Plus Brand Isha Singh (42) Kamal Kishore (45) Kirti Kumari (49) Ritesh Kothari (83)

Shivam Nagar (85) Supratim Kundu (106) Tanya Chandra (110)

Key Issues
y It was initially promoted as an chocolate drink and

than promoted as health drink y Confusion over being a regional or national player y Low revenue y Issues in distribution channels

Branding & Marketing

Drawback - Brand Image is inconsistent. Solution Hence variants required y Pure Taste: As north and west Indian use as milk, y Pure Health: old and south Indians y Undertake proper market research y Target customers specifically who can deliver the maximum y Increased Price: Competing brands are at least 20% higher.

Drawbacks y positioning statement The tasty and Nutritious Cocoa drink with milk does not connect and is not catchy either y Initialy was energy drink, but was repositioned to nutrition and tasty drink Solutions: y From the first perceptual map, we can see that the consumers rate Victor plus high on taste as compared to other competitor s products. y Hence we suggest Victor Plus to be repositioned as The Tasty Energy Drink . Also by this positioning both target segments of children and mothers can be captured. y Various flavours can be introduced in the market

Drawbacks: The label emphasizes on drifferent things on front and back side. It should have one tag line and should stick to it Solution: Different shapes bottles y Bottles that could double up as water bottle, once the content is used up. This could draw the attention of many children and parents y Smaller container packs to promote the taste. y Trial Packs in selected areas.

Drawbacks y Only 25000 locations compared to 1lakh to that of higher brands. y Not many retailers are interested to stack the product. Solution y Increased retail space y A class outlets & retailers should be there for specific customers. y Monitoring and feedback for the distribution channel y If required, the distribution can be outsourced.

Target: Institutional and Household segment Promotion strategy: y Heavy advertising to ensure high awareness of the brand and its benefits y They could continue the promotions across schools and colleges across the nation. y Trial offers to attract new customers y They could also sponsor some huge kid s event or television series on T.V which would increase their visibility. For eg, The Bournvita Quiz contest is a very popular T.V quiz show

y If the brand Victor Plus needs to compete with other national brands it has to be advertised extensively in local as well as national media. Some of the channels could be: y Television Ads y Radio Ads y Billboards at various locations y Print Ads in newspapers and children s magazines