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Local SMS Community Newsletter

Let us be clear Half-educated, unemployed youth, with no prospect of being integrated into a better future is a prescription for disaster. If young people do not have a stake in the existing social order and political order, if they do not feel there is a way for them, why should they sacrifice today for a better tomorrow? Why should they have an interest in protecting the stability and social safety of that system?
Ismail Serageldin, Vice President, World Bank May 1999
Courtesy: YES Inc

Therefore this project is designed for


dropped outs Opportunity less street wanderer Socio-politically sadden youths Financially backwards youths to promote social entrepreneurship in them & help them gain social prestige and enough m o n e y for livelihood.


Local SMS Community Newsletter

Winner of NASSCOM Foundations Social Innovation Honour Award 09 International YES Fund Award - 2008 by Clinton Global Initiative & Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program Manthan Award - 2007 for best e-Content in India

A social entrepreneurship project by

National Youth Awardee by Govt of India

Ravi Ghate

Its a Location based Citizen centric Information & knowledge focused Update & alert service through SMS Which is free for the members And which is run by a local social entrepreneur

Why LoCo

To develop ci are tizens own local-micro media To amplify citizens voice To bring them together under a single umbrella to encourage their participation To update citizens with all latest local happenings on various fronts like social, political, governmental information To enhance affection and oneness in the members To empower local school-college dropouts

A : 18 Cr B: at home C: 2-4 Ch D: Audio Vanishes E: City/ District

Why SMS as media

A: NA B: Home-off C:10 papers D: paper Vanishes E: City-Rural Separate edition

A : 29 Cr B: Always with U C: 1 message D: SMS gets stored E: Micro Location based

A : 15 Cr B: at home C:100 + Ch D: Picture Vanishes E: TV-State /Cable TV -City A: 3 Cr B: at office C: unltd websites D: News Changes E: City, Special area-cause

A= Penetration B= Availability C= Options D= Visibility E: Coverage

LoCo Memberships
Students Students Farmers Farmers Citizens Citizens Co-op Sector Co-op Sector Politicians Politicians Businessmen Businessmen Women SHG Women SHG NGOs, Social Workers NGOs, Social Workers Artisans, Professionals, Workers Artisans, Professionals, Workers

1000 members from above categories

LoCo Members in different roles

Human Beings Product/Service Providers Citizens


Members in different roles




Considering different roles of citizens, different SMS are sent to the community members Types of SMS send 1. Social 2. Promotional Ratio 1:4 = 1 Social= 4 Promotional No bombarding of SMS We send only 1 SMS per week. Maximum 5 promotional SMS per month Annually maximum 60 SMS

Sectors wise demand for SMS

A. B. C. D. E.

Political Co-operative Commercial Social Governmental

Lets see how ?

Political Sector

As our members are voters of some political parties, every political party will approach us and we can offer them combine or exclusive coverage There are 8 major political parties in every state in India. Congress allied 2 BJP allied 2 Communist & Regional or Caste based parties 1 each Many many independent candidates

Aspirant Politicians
8 parties = Every party has minimum 3 office bearers in every village, ward, block, tehsil e.g.: President, Vice President,

These 24 local leaders wants to reach the voters on

Their own birthdays On party Leaders birthdays- Local, State & Party Chief On their own new political appointment On the National Days like 15th August, 26th January On Diwali, Dassera, Holi, Id, Xmas days Any work done by them

Expect at least 100 SMS from these aspirants

Elected Representatives
Following elected representatives wants to communicate their work with their voters. In rural : Sarpanch, Tehsil Panchayat Member, ZP member, MLA, MP In urban : Corporator, MLA, MP They wants to showcase their works like road constructions, development of Community Hall, Gymnasium, Water & Irrigation facilities, Election cards.etc Expect at least 50 SMS from these representatives

Parties & Candidates

India is a country of continuous elections, at least one election every year !!! How it helps us. 8 parties + 2-3 independent candidates 10 candidates tries to contact voters to attract themtime period hardly 2 months. Every candidate wants to send at least 2-3 SMS in a monthbutwe send only 1 SMS per weekwhat to do ? Auction our SMS.one who pays moregets an opportunity to contact voter through us. Expect at least 20 Premium SMS from candidates

Demand from Political Sector

Type Aspirants Elected Representatives Candidates Total demand of Rs. Demand 100 SMS @ Rs.2 50 SMS @ Rs.2 20 SMS @ Rs.5 Amount 2,00,000 1,00,000 1,00,000 4,00,000

Co-operative Sector

In Maharashtra, every family is connected to some or other co-operative organisation. Types of co-operative organisation

Co-op Credit Societies Co-op Banks Sugar Factories Milk Dairy Co-op Bazaars

Weaving Mills Vividh Karyakari Societies Water Supply Societies Different Farm Produce Cooperatives

Their exists at least 4-5 co-op organisations influencing daily lives of individuals Every organisation has minimum 11 elected directors Every village-ward has more than 20 directors of some co-op society All these directors are potential politicians And therefore they also likes to be in touch with members on all possible occasions.
Expect at least 100 SMS from Directors

Every co-op organisation would like to be in touch with their members for various reasons like

Annual General Meeting Dividend Declaration Foundation Day Celebration Award winning notification Public Welfare Programs participation Wishes on National & Special days & festival occasions- Ganeshotsav, Navratrotsav etc. Public lectures, spiritual lectures, various camps etc. Expect at least 50 SMS from Co-op Organisations

Demand from Co-op Sector

Type Directors Demand 100 SMS @ Rs.2 50 SMS @ Rs.2 Amount 2,00,000



Total demand of Rs.


Commercial Sector
Rural Indians doesnt do daily shopping alike in cities. Weekly Bazaars & crop yield based credit schemes influences buying behavior of rural Indian. Urban Indians are fed up with discount and schemes offering SMSs from a shop or mall which is too far from them. Therefore they wants location based offers with quality as a priority. or they dont want to see your SMS.

Rural Biz ads

SMS focusing on brand awareness, Farm Equipments, seeds & fertilizers, Educational Computer Training Institutes,2 wheelers, DTH antennas, Consumer Durables, low cost Mobile phones & Computers etc offering discounts or schemes attracts the attention of common rural Indian. Expect 10 SMS from Rural Commercial Sector

Urban Biz ads

Local very area specific SMS promotions Targeting females and students Local malls, shops, gift shops, local jewelers, hotels & joints, lifestyle shops &/or branded cloth shops, events & shows, classes, career guidance centers, computer training institutes, consumer durables, 24 wheeler sales & service centers,digital gadgets including compuetrs, mobiles and data storing devices etcetcetc Expect 50 SMS from Urban Commercial Sector

Demand from Commercial Sector

Type Rural Business Advertisers Urban Business Advertisers Demand 10 SMS @ Rs.2 50 SMS @ Rs.2 Amount 20,000 1,00,000

Average 30 SMS are considered for the ease of calculations Total demand of Rs. 60,000

Demand from Social Sector

Year round, ample of social activities & programs takes place in the surrounding areas, they are considered under social messaging. Eg.

Health related camps : Senior Citizens related programs : Children related : Women related programs : Spiritual Programs & lectures : NGOs, Youth Groups, Women SHG organised programs:

Expect 20 sponsored SMS from Social activities


Demand from Social Sector

Demand 20 SMS @ Rs.1

Amount 20,000


Total demand of Rs.


Demand from Government Sector

Every Governement, be it a Central, State, ZP, Municipality or Gram Panchayat, wants to percolate its various information & schemes to the citizens as beneficiaries. Govt tries this through various medias, SMS could be a very important media in future in case of emergencies, riots, law and order situations, natural calamities and in disaster management. All that we see in newspapers, televisions and radios can also be transmitted through SMS very effectively and speedily. eg: Polio campaign, AIDS awareness, Right to Information, Panchayat Raj Schemes, Various Award based schemes

Expect 30 sponsored SMS from Government

Demand from Government Sector

Type Government Demand 30 SMS @ Rs. 1 Amount 30,000

Total demand of Rs.


Total Demand for SMSs

Type Political Co-operative Commercial Social Government Demanded SMS No of SMS Rs./SMS 170 150 30 20 30 400 2-5 2 Amount 4,00,000 3,00,000

2 60,000 1 20,000 1 30,000 Worth Rs. 8,10,000

Business talk
Annual Demand for SMS is 400 worth Rs. 8 Lacks We are sending only 60 SMS worth Rs. 1 Lack i.e. 1/8 of the demand In next 3 years time, our weekly service will become daily necessity to know about local happenings & then we can think of 1 SMS/ day We will slowly increase frequency of SMSing.

Thats not all

In the history of India, no one, including Govt of India has tried to bring every household together through any communication media .i.e - ICT Once you connect every citizen. Value added services (VAS) follows you

mCommerce mDiscount mGovernance Samples mResearch CoBiz

coupons mAuctions mBazaar

by Youths mVillage

Income source to LoCo Leader

Self originated SMS Adv Per Centralised Adv sent
(After SMSONEs first 10 SMS, money or SMS credits will be redeemed)

All above 50 paise /sms Case wise Any % Any % Any %

mCommerce, mBazaar etc mServices, Samples, mCoupons CoBiz & Producer 2 Consumers

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