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 Sweet or salty. Soft or crunchy. Simple or

exotic. Everybody loves munching on biscuits, but do they know how biscuits began?  The history of biscuits can be traced back to a recipe created by the Roman chef Apicius, in which "a thick paste of fine wheat flour was boiled and spread out on a plate. When it had dried and hardened it was cut up and then fried until crisp, then served with honey and pepper."

As people started to explore the globe, biscuits became the ideal travelling food since they stayed fresh for long periods. The seafaring age, thus, witnessed the boom of biscuits when these were sealed in airtight containers to last for months at a time. As technology improved during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

Britannia was incorporated in 1918 as Britannia Biscuits Co. Ltd., in Calcutta. In 1924 Pea Frean. U.K. acquired a controlling stake,which later passed on to Associated Biscuits International (ABI) a U.K. based company during the 50Sand 60S Britannia expanded operations to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. Exports Of sea foods started in the 70S in 1987, Nabisco well known European Food Company, acquired ABI. IN 1989, J.M. Pillai, a Singopore based N.R.I. businessman along with the group Danone acquired Asian operations of Nabisco, thus acquiring controling stake in Britannia later, groupe danone and Nusli Wadia took over Pillais holdings

CEO Vinita Bali Chairman of board Nusli wadia Director Avijit deb Director Nimesh kampani Director kekiDadiseth Director Jehangir wadia Delight &lifestyle Health & Wellness Secretary & Legal Sales Engineering & technology Research & Development Accounting & Planning National sales New Business Development Quality Assurance Manufacturing &Engineering Process Architect Supply &Business Development

DirectorPratap khanna Human Resources Director Anil hirjee Director Ajai puri Quality Supply Chain


Enter into various new areas of food like snacks and health drinks, Look at New distribution channels like malls, Boost sales with aggressive brand building strategies, Look out for both organic and inorganic growth,and Enter family size pack .

 Marketing mix is a term generally use to denote particular combination of marketing variable which are controlable by an enterprise which are use to particular market segment marketing mix is a blend of four variable namely product price promotion & physical distribution.  Age Group Different product for different age groups. e.g.. Tiger and Treat for kids , little hearts for youths and Good day for elder ones.


Tiger Butterscotch, elaichi, strawberry, banana, orange , etc. Key competitors like ITC (sun feast) , surya foods (priyagold), Parle agro do not provide such wide range of flavored glucose biscuits.

 Targeted basically on kids.  Positioning is done for modern mothers who play an enabling role for their children to compete in today's world and thus want the best.  Over the years, Tiger has become the massmarket face of Britannia symbolising fun and energy in both urban and rural India, and transcending glucose biscuits.

 Little Hearts is targeted towards the growing youth segment.  A completely unique product, it was the first time biscuits were retailed in pouch packs like potato wafers.

Good Day Britannia Good day started premium biscuits enriched with cashew, butter, badam pista, etc. (1986)

 This rich biscuit enjoys a fan

following of consumers across all ages.  Good Day is amongst the fastest growing brands in Britannia's portfolio and is today the market leader with almost 2/3 share of the market. The brand is synonymous with everyday treats that infuse happiness into people's daily lives.

All the biscuit under Britannia has kept appropriate pricing. Every biscuit has economy packs to family packs. This style covers every economic segments in the market.

 SALES-PROMOTION e.g. Eat healthy ,Think better, Buy Britannia ,see cricket ,eat only Britannia.  Exchange 4 empty packs with a booklet, when Tiger was introduced in the market.  Britannia supplied note books , scales, pencils to children in the name of its new brand of cost .  Britannia is providing small gifts in the Britannia treats pack.


 Buying biscuits means buying health nutrition and food , Britannia conducted by Qualitative and Quantitative research , surveying over 5000 consumers , how they perceived the brand .

 Communication Channel T.V , RADIO  Distribution channel Big Bazaar , Retail shop  They give first communication channel on advertisement, promotion .  They spend huge amount own money over to distribution channel , they keep their product in front of customer, they compel to customer to purchase .

Glucose Marie Sweet Salty Cream Milk

2003-04 - 15% 2004-05 - 14% 2005-06 - 14% 2006-07 - 13% 2007-08 - 15% 2008-09 - 17% 2009-10 - 18% (April June)
20% 15% 10% 5% 0%




As a part of conclusion the biscuit manufactured and marketing mix of britannia industries Ltd.,. Occupies a lion s share in biscuit market as mentioned before. It products variety of biscuits which are consumed by people of different ages incomes and people siding in different geographical areas . now a days britannia biscuits are be coming part and parcel of daily routine in every bodys life . the study Marketing mix of britannia biscuits has enabled me to know the attitude of consumer towords the quality price and availablity of the product in the market with the analysis of marketing the britannia biscuits enjoy good market reputation because of regular supply of different types of biscuits by company and proper distribution work under taken by different agencies.

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