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Andhra Pradesh

May 2009 April 2010

State Process
Held on 6th & 7th March at Hyderabad with COVA taking the lead.

As an effort to identify issues critical to the state & widen the state process.
Expert inputs on: State Budget Implementation of NREGA, NRHM,Programmes directed towards excluded groups. Efforts to understand RTE 2

State process (cont)

Participants from 10 districts Issues identified: Education Health Livelihood In all these sectors Inclusiveness / closer monitoring / / strengthening of the role of PRI elected members / effective civil society initiatives

Broad-basing AP-WNTA

Endorsed the idea of an AP-chapter of WNTA Set up an Ad-hoc steering committee made up of 9 members three each from the three areas of Andhra Pradesh: Telengana / Rayalaseema / Coastal Andhra.

Activities Andhra Pradesh

Nine is Mine; Phase Two Conducted survey districts/1500 forms Village survey :6 : 2 districts 10 villages

Campaigns (contd)
Nine is Mine : Initiative by children: Generation of data on SSA & ICDS Partnered - Institute of Human Rights Childrens Parliament, World Vision

Score Card

Activities (Contd)

Reached out to schools in states of TN, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala Flagged off the campaign in Guwahati Consultation, Chennai and Bhubaneswar. Advocacy at local, and MLA and MP constituency level

Activities Continued:
Global Call to Action Against Poverty Networked with childrens parliament, CRAF, CBCI SC/ST Commission/ IHRE 350 events, 3,90,000 participated in Stand Up event Production of a variety of SUTA materials, Reached out to Faith groups.

Suta Materials

Suta materials


Outcomes Greater awareness on MDGs In general public, peoples representatives Media coverage Opportunities for children to exercise their right to participation The generation of report cards did not meet the expectation.

Entitlements under SSA and ICDS far from satisfactory Need for intense lobbying with those responsible and with those who can influence decisions and stricter implementation. Access to NREGA, Misappropriation of funds, non payment of unemployment benefits.


Groups willing to be collaborate Enthusiasm among children to be part of the development processes Openness of some of the peoples representatives to lobbying by children The social audit process put in place by the state government on NREGA Interest in the media regarding the village studies around Education and Health.

Follow up

To expand the base of WNTA Ad hoc committee set up to concentrate on the different areas of the state Tie up with World Vision to work on especially health and create report card on SSA and ICDS Strengthen implementation and monitoring process of MGNREGA Collaboration around GCAP/bringing faith groups in large numbers in the effort.