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Wind From The Sun is a new technology for obtaining power from the sun and wind. This hybrid system turns the sun's light into heat, then uses that heat to create a wind within a horizontal large-diameter pipe. largeThe wind inside the pipe is converted into electric power using a series of wind turbines. Provides a greater degree of control and predictability.

MATERIAL  converts the energy from sunlight into heat.  Must have low reflectivity,dark color.  Does not need to have high thermal mass.  Increase in temperature drives the entire system.  Made of black ceramic gravel.  The higher the temperature of the collector, wind power the system can generate.


A small collector loses some heat to its surrounding perimeter. A large collector has less perimeter per unit area and so loses less heat. The collector will be hotter towards its center. An area of ceramic heated by the sun gets hotter if it is surrounded by more hot ceramic. The surrounding hot ceramic keeps the ceramic within from losing much of its heat.

Optimum size depends on a number of factors .  It is similar to solar chimney power plant.  Solar chimney power plant-solar collector-4000m plantcollector(dia) & 1500m high-600GWH/year. high A wind from sun power plant is best located in regions receiving 2300KWH/m2/year.  Energy of the system is given by multiplying area by amount of solar radiation.  Sufficient increasing area results in increased power output


Must be hotter than the surrounding land. For sea-breeze difference is 100C wind speed seais 12m/s. Hotter towards the centre & cooler towards the perimeter. Large collector has fewer perimeters/unit area.


No. of factors makes the rising column narrower. The collector is hotter in its centre making the air hotter & rises faster. The hotter air towards the centre rises faster than that over the perimeter. The rising air at the centre meets with least resistance.

The cooler air at the perimeter moves inwards from 360 degrees around the collector as the hot air rises. Air over the perimeter horizontal than at the centre (vertical). The cool air at the perimeter pushes the rising column inwards. Updraft occurs around the centre of the collector.


connects the area of low air pressure over the solar collector to an area of higher air pressure away from the heat of the collector. Air moves from high pressure to low pressure, creating a wind within the pipe. The amount of wind power generated by this system depends on the air pressure difference from the center of the collector to the surrounding land. The sun is higher in the sky and gives more sunlight in the summer than in the winter.

The hot air rising from the center of the collector creates and maintains a low pressure area in the center of the collector. The pipes have a constant difference in air pressure from one end to the other. This difference in air pressure moves air through the pipes. Each pipe has pressure-staged wind turbines pressurewhich present a kind of obstacle to the air movement. The wind turbines remove mechanical energy from the wind in the pipes and convert it to electricity.



The wind speed can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the size of the collector. In summer, a higher wind speed is produced. In winter the collector can be completely uncovered to obtain maximum wind power. Wind velocity mainly depends upon the total pressure difference between the two ends of the air channels.



A series of very large wind turbines within the pipe turn the wind into electricity with a high degree of efficiency. Operates over a wide range. When the speed increases the turbines rotational speed increases. Hence results in greater available. Swept area is roughly proportional to power output, the output would be increased by 40% by using one large wind turbine, instead of 7 smaller ones


This type of system produce power Air must move from high to low pressure through the air channel & wind turbines. Has not been built & tested to determine how much power will be produced. Alternate Design: to increase efficiency, place air channel so that one end is over a large body of water. The water will be much cooler than the collector and will increase the air pressure difference along the air channel.