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101 Open Text SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management for Partners

Jody White Extended ECM Program Manager Open Text

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.
Source: AIIM The ECM Association

Improve Productivity

Reduce Transaction Cost

Manage Content Lifecycle

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Global Roll-out & Availability

CY 2009
SAP Extended ECM by Open Text 9.7.1
General availability: As soon as on pricelist SAP Versions: SAP R/3 4.6C, R/3 4.7*, ERP 2004, ERP 6.0* (includes SAP PLM) SAP CRM 4.0*, 2005*, 2007* SAP SCM 2004, 2005*, 2007*, 7.0*   SAP SRM 2004, 2005*, 2007*, 7.0*

CY 2010


 *= Includes DoD certified Records Management on SAP ArchiveLink Documents and SAP Print Lists UI: English, German, French

SAP Extended ECM by Open Text 10.0

  General availability: Q2 2010 Key Features:  Records Management for SAP PLM/DMS Documents  Enterprise Connect Integration for Open Text Document Mgmt  TBD

Q2 2010

Target Customer

Target customer profile

 Installed or net new customers implementing SAP Business Suite (at least one of the 5 component: ERP, CRM, PLM,SRM, SCM)  Companies with annual revenue of greater than $1 billion, specifically PCN and LE accounts and upper ME  Companies across all Industries


Target Audience
      C-Level Executives LOB senior management teams General Counsel Records Managers VP of IT IT Management

Keywords to listen for:

 Inability to Access Content across applications  Optimization/Transformation  Lack of Process visibility  SOX Compliance  Mergers / Acquisitions  Mitigating Risk / Records Mgmt

How Extended ECM Expands the SAP Business Suite Footprint

User Experience Desktop Browser Outlook SAP Portal SAP GUI

SAP Business Suite ERP

 End-to-end processes  360 view Content in SAP Context Full blown ECM within SAP Link structured and unstructured Content Tight integration into SAP


Ext. ECM

 Preferred user interface

Capture Content Access Document Management Records Management Collaboration Workflow Archive

SAP Business Process Platform

Score Card & Qualifying Questions |

SAP Extended ECM by Open Text
Ten Questions To Decide If The Account Is A Good Target Do they have SAP Business Suite? Do we have executive access? Does this company manage a lot of content that supports business processes? Does this company require to have users, partners, suppliers collaborate on content and in the business decision process? Is the company heavily regulated (either by law or voluntarily)? Does the company have a records management program? Are your users required to log into multiple applications to find business documents to make decisions? Is your prospect considering a solution such as EMC-Documentum or IBM FileNet or do they already own these systems? Is this an SAP strategic target account PCN or LE? Do they have already own any Open Text? A total score of 6 points or higher is a good target 5 10 = GO! Y=1/N= 0

Qualifying Questions  Do you have problems managing the growing volume of unstructured content?  Are your users required to log into multiple applications to find business documents to make decisions?  Do your users spend a great deal of time searching for content?  Is litigation/compliance an issue for your organization?  Are you looking for a collaboration solution to support business decisions?  Does your organization do records management on SAP content?  Would you like to manage all electronic and physical records across your organization from within SAPGUI?  Does a lot of the content for one or many of your business processes reside outside of SAP?

The Key 5

things you will learn by the end of this session: 1. How Extended ECM enriches SAP business processes with content and the value it brings with it. 2. How Extended ECM delivers the right content to the right business process. 3. Youll understand and be able to articulate the business problems Extended ECM solves. 4. That Extended ECM is a productized SAP solution and there is no competition in the marketplace that offers this functionality. 5. Extended ECM is backed by SAP, sold by SAPs sales force

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SECTION 2: Understanding the Value Proposition

1. Introduction 2. The Business Need to Integrate Enterprise Applications with ECM 3. The Solution
3.1 Solution Enablers 3.2 Value Drivers 3.3 Business Processes

4. Why SAP Extended ECM?

People Need Accurate, Timely Information To Get Their Jobs Done

We dont manage content on an enterprise level. I cant find the documents I need to close out key transactions.

I never have the most accurate information about my client.

SAP User

Supporting multiple systems is overwhelming my staff.

Sales User

How can I manage all our corporate content without user involvement?

IT Manager

Compliance Manager

Typical Content-related Business Processes

Common themes of all processes
 The primary business process is driven by SAP applications  Require structured data and unstructured content  Collaboration required to make appropriate business decisions

Content Centric

More details to come with transaction may need to be declared a corporate record and managed appropriately  Content associated
 Physical and electronic documents are required to support business decisions

A few content-centric process examples

Quality Management

Project / Engagement Management

Asset Operation and Maintenance

Customer Service

Supplier Management/ Procurement

Records Management

Construction Management

Plant Maintenance

Talent Management

Correspondence Management

The Pain Disconnect of People, Process and Application

Structured and unstructured content continue to grow Content locked in siloed applications Multiple departments, users and applications

No consistent approach to records management

Content fragmented across applications Difficult to collaborate

ECM Solutions are Becoming an Integral Component to Core Business Processes


 Increase Efficiency  Cost Reduction  Compliance Risk Reduction

Business process-centric ECM ECM Suite

(Integrated solution) (Content embedded in business process)

Best of Breed
(Specialized components)

Stage of Maturity

The Solution Content-Enriched Business Processes

Manage content growth and reduce administration costs Integrated applications accelerate IT landscape consolidation Consistent, seamless and efficient content flow enterprise-wide

Records management integrated with business process

Collaborative workspaces

Content in business context

Why SAP Extended ECM by Open Text?

Flexible interface choices for effective business applications Integrated technology platform connects people, processes and content Increased control of processes across the entire company Better decision making based on comprehensive insight End-to-end solution for ERP-ECM built with industry best practices Lower TCO with native integration Co-innovation brings best-of-breed together


Make Your Business Processes More Efficient and Effective


Help users perform daily tasks efficiently Help people to work effectively across enterprise boundaries Manage cost - and keep things simple Manage unstructured content in the context of processes Make sure organization complies with regulations in every region

Business Process-Centric ECM

Extended ECM by Open Text

Content-Enriched Business Processes

Roles SAP Business Object Data Content Events Transactions

SAP Extended ECM by Open Text

Provide secure native access for users of SAP and non-SAP software Enable consistent document handling and Microsoft Office integration
SAP Business Process Platform

Empower teams with internal and external users to collaborate efficiently

Automate filing and indexing

Define, control and accelerate decision processes

Control the content and reduce compliance costs

Consolidate repositories and storage management

Leverage a business process platform for Enterprise Content Management

SAP 2007 / Page 17

Content Access
Solution Enablers  Role-based UI  Integration into MS Office, Web and SAP GUI  Comprehensive Search  Content Browsing and Navigation  Virtual Foldering
SAP Business Process Platform

Provide secure native access for users of SAP and nonSAP software

Value Drivers  Reduce search costs  Improve SAP user productivity  Increase content accessibility for cross-functional collaboration  Reduce deployment time  Eliminate need for end-user training

 Personalization  Permission and Role Management

Business Processes  Employee self-service  Customer folder for customer service  Supplier self-service  Plant maintenance  Your scenario
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Solution Enablers  Team and Project rooms  Shared Workspace  Forums  Discussions  Notifications  Task Lists  News Channels/Ticker
SAP Business Process Platform

Empower teams with internal and external users to collaborate efficiently

Value Drivers  Boost productivity and accelerate business decisions  Connect project teams globally  Push business decisions to the appropriate individuals  Streamline/automate communication within the organization  Reduce risks by providing secure access to content


Business Processes  Asset Operation and Maintenance  Creation and Negotiation of Contracts  Quality Management  Project Management  Your scenario
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Content Centric Workflow

Solution Enablers  Ad hoc document workflow  Work item lists  Notifications  Workflow Editor  Workflow Monitor Value Drivers  Reduce review and approval process costs  Cut cost of document-regulated processes  Decrease time spent on document-intensive processes  Improve processes and compliance by using electronic signatures

Define, control and accelerate decision processes

SAP Business Process Platform

Business Processes  Contract Management  Employee On-Boarding  Asset Requests  Real Estate Management  Your scenario
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Solution Enablers  Data and Document Archiving  Agnostic storage management  Content Move between different storage devices  SAP ILM integration  Advanced Security  Single Instance Archiving
SAP Business Process Platform

Consolidate repositories and storage management

Value Drivers  Cut costs by consolidating archive platform  Decrease response times when managing large volumes of data and documents  Reduce risk by protecting content with replication and tamper-proof storage  Significantly improve content accessibility

Business Processes  Archive platform consolidation  Data and Document Archiving  Upgrade of SAP application  Legacy Decommissioning  Your scenario
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Records Management
Solution Enablers  File Plan and Administration  Metadata Management  Retention Schedules and Legal Holds  Physical Records Management  Advanced Circulation  Automatic Classification
SAP Business Process Platform

Control the content and reduce compliance costs

Value Drivers  Ensure holistic enterprise program  Provide defensible disposition of all corporate content  Improve ability to mitigate risks  Diminish exposure to discovery costs  Reduce cost of storage through proactive destruction  Facilitate easier decommission of legacy content

 Disposition  Audit Trails

Business Processes  Controlling the lifecycle of content across the enterprise  Records management of physical content  Departmental and / or enterprise records management  Your scenario
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Solution Enablers  Scanning  Indexing  Forms Management  Intelligent Classification  Batch Processes  Imaging  Viewers
SAP Business Process Platform

Automate filing and indexing

Value Drivers  Eliminate paper and free up office space  Reduce printing, copying and paper storage costs  Ensure consistent and costeffective filing and audits  Eliminate manual entry errors  Decrease cost of filing content from non-SAP processes

 Bar-Code Recognition  Capture of various inbound types (paper, fax, mail)

Business Processes  Customer Correspondence  Claims and Complaint Management  Travel Expenses  Procurement Lifecycle Management  Your scenario
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Document Management
Solution Enablers  Version Control  Check In / Out  Metadata Categorization  Compound Documents  Audit Trail  User / Group Access  Content Type Agnostic
SAP Business Process Platform

Enable consistent document handling and Microsoft Office integration

Value Drivers  Reduce time spent finding the one version of the truth document  Trim discovery costs across enterprise content  Shrink file server and legacy document management application costs  Decrease printing and copying to desktops / file shares and between applications

 Comprehensive Search

Business Processes  Change Management  Contract Management  Regulated Documents  Quality Management  Your scenario
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What Is the Industry Saying?

The Deep Art of Enterprise Content Management

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 Jim Murphy

Rather than existing separately from established systems like ERP, content management acts as an extension of them, allowing for exceptions to the repeatable processes governed by ERP, as well as recognizing and capturing processes and data that should be managed in those systems.

IDC: Enterprise Content Meets Enterprise Business Processes Open Text & SAP Joint Solution
February 2009 Melissa Webster

We believe SAP users will see tremendous benefit in the ability to transparently leverage ECM in conjunction with their portfolio of SAP applications, without needing to change their existing processes, reimplement their applications, or retrain their users

Key Benefits of Integrating ECM and ERP


Consolidated and Integrated Enterprise Platform

ECM / Sales User Increase Process Efficiency  Web-based access to SAP content  All relevant information in one view  Quick Search

ERP / SAP User

IT Manager

Compliance Manager

Extend Functionality  Full blown ECM within SAP  Collaboration with non-SAP and external users  MS Office integration

Reduce Cost  Storage costs  ERP license costs  Administration costs

Mitigate Risk  Enterprise-wide electronic and physical Records Management including SAP content  Single set of retention policies  Reduced corporate exposure to litigation and regulations

SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved. / Page 26

The Bottom Line of Content Enriched Business Processes

Optimized Business Processes

Extended Functionality for SAP Users

Significant Cost Reduction

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

SAP AG 2009. All rights reserved. / Page 27

Potential Buyers and How They Benefit


Business Problems
Improves compliance and reduces risk by providing secure, long-term archiving and disaster recovery capabilities; boosts productivity by integrating content with SAP transactions Improves IT efficiency, reduces administrative overhead, reduces the costs associated with maintaining legacy applications, reduces total cost of ownership, enhances investment planning, and increases IT agility in aligning with business goals Reduces risk associated with content, permits organization to adhere to industry standards/certifications, federal, provincial regulations and SOX, DoD 5015.2, etc.


General Counsel /Chief Legal Officer /Records Manager IT Management

Shortens time-to-deploy cycles for major software projects, improves quality of application development , reduces the amount of content/data needed to be stored/managed, and leverages existing infrastructure. Improves efficiency by eliminating paper; streamlines processes; boosts productivity and improves service quality and minimizes disruption of supply and value chain processes due to missing or outdated documents/content and improves ability to make business decisions,

Heads of operating departments (VP of Finance, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales, VP Customer Service, etc.) Developers, performance specialists, testing teams, and QA engineers

Boosts productivity, maximizes reliability, and improves the quality of new application designs

WHITEPAPER Enterprise Content Meets Enterprise

Business Processes OTC SAP Joint Solution

Please take the time to read this whitepaper and share it with clients /prospects. Its honestly worth the read.

Thank you!

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