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PTLLS Session 4 Blooms taxonomy and giving feedback

Tutor: David Perry

 Introduce Blooms taxonomy and apply to task design and questioning techniques  Establish a framework for giving feedback in the micro-teach

Blooms taxonomy
Order these ways of understanding in order of depth. Eg. Surface understanding = 5 Deep understanding =1

Blooms Taxonomy (1956!)

The Jabberwocky problem

The Jabberwocky Problem Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogroves, And the mome raths outgrabe.

What does Bloom mean to us?

The way we ask our questions encourages learners to demonstrate different types of learning Some will need to answer knowledge or comprehension questions, but some can be pushed a bit more with questions that demand analysis, synthesis or evaluation.

Different types of questions encourage different levels of learning  Fancy being Parkinson?

Here are some questions/tasks at the lower levels of Blooms taxonomy. Can you write two related questions to address the higher levels?

A) What temperature should you bake an apple crumble? B) What did you do at the weekend? C) How long did it take you to get here this evening?

How do we know learning is taking place?

Mind shower : How many different methods of assessing learning can you think of? Feedback

Ways of assessing learning

Practical assessments (within a time frame) Observation Question and Answer (Q & A) Marking work and providing progressive feedback. Role play observing learners Completed homework Professional discussions (e.g. checking use of vocabulary, responding to questions). Tests, exams Quiz (a creative Q & A) True/false cards Product important for vocational subjects Capturing evidence via video/audio/online

Giving constructive feedback

The feedback sandwich is a useful model for offering constructive feedback. What do you understand by this model?

The feedback sandwich

First offer sincere praise about a genuinely positive element of the work.

Next offer advice on how the learner can improve specific weak areas.

Finally offer further sincere praise about another genuinely positive element of the work.

Adult, parent or child?

Communication between people often occurs within distinct roles Parent controlling, judgemental Child emotional, instinctive Adult objective, constructive, detached A challenge we face as teachers and learners in feedback transactions (for example with the sandwich model) is to remain in the adult role.
Eric Berne Games People Play (Transactional Analysis)

Assessment Task 2
Choose a topic to assess using the sandwich method in the role of adult.

Shrek on his personal presentation for a job interview

Cheryl Cole on her taste in men.

Wayne Rooney on his temperament.

David on todays class so far.

David Cameron on his first year in office.

Choose a format for your feedback

PowerPoint presentation Voice recording Video recording Written report

When youve finished present your feedback to the class. Decide how constructive your feedback is.