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A Baby in the Womb

Reading Material R.C. Sproul Discusses the Issue of Abortion Abortion and Exodus 21 Sexuality in a One-ist World Fatherless

Reading Material - Books

(1) R.C. Sproul (1990) Abortion (2) Mary Eberstadt (2012) Adam and Eve after the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution Radio interview with the author (from

What will happen?

Slippery slope Stress test -Taking the extreme Learning from history Learning from humanities Learning from the Scriptures

What will happen?

Problem of relativism Intolerance of intolerance

A Baby in the Womb

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Problems of Realty of Sexuality

Biology, psychology, sociology, politics, and life ethics

Related issues - 1
When does life begin? Sanctity of life Basis of defining personhood

Related issues - 2
Sacredness of sexuality, marriage, & family Sexual ethics and education What about sexual morality?
Myth of sexual freedom

Sexually transmitted disease

Related issues - 3
Population growth and demographics Gendercide selective abortion of female (China and India)

Related issues - 4
Abortion near-term abortion Fourth term abortion abortion industry

Related issues - 5
Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Trial Should Be a Front-Page Story Revisiting the "after-birth abortion" controversy Top Lawmakers On Gosnell Verdict: The Courts Call It Murder. Democrats Call It Healthcare. 2013 05/23 Dr. Levantino Testimony

Related issues - 7
In the name of Family Planning Contraception In vitro fertilization

Related issues - 8
Organ donation Tissue Bank Body parts for sale Body theft Embryonic stem cell research


Related issues - 9
Gender identity
Gender Identity Debuts in a UN Resolution (

Homosexuality Androgyny

Gay spirituality pleasure-driven life becomes a spiritualism? Gender confusion; Sex change

Related issues - 10
Rape Pedophile Incest

Homosexuality vs. Homosexualism

Homosexuality is in sin as much as humanity is in sin.

It is homosexualism that is sin.

Homosexuality is what they are in Homosexualism is what they choose.

What we choose
to exercise God-given freedom will have us bound in Him or in Sin

Homosexualism is everything of their behavior, conduct, lifestyle, culture, movement, and gay agenda, activism, politics and ideology.

Degrading Humanity
Prostitution Human trafficking Pornography

Subjugation of women in history Polygamy, Bigamy,

Womens liberation movement Sexual harassment

Gay Marriage
Perversion of language Redefining the word marriage for political expediency of homosexualism agenda. Civic determined by choice of preference of sexual taste and pleasure principle

Civic union based on preference of sexual taste and pleasure principle Perversion of right vs. privilege Marriage is a rite, not a right Where is sacredness of covenantal relation? Where is a place for foundation of human society family and progeny?

Gay Marriage king_conformity d_to_same_sex_marriage_was_paved_by_rou sseau

Sanctity of Life
Eugenics Infanticides After-birth abortion Euthanasia Transhumanism Abortion, the Church and Hypocrisy Late term abortion in business

Thank you mom, you let me live and love

I love you, mom.


A baby born with her heart outside the chest

Getting rid of tissue - a new womans right

Is there God in heaven weeping over our humanity as it is desperately heading to degeneration and degradation turning from Homo sapiens to Homo hedonicus et potestas (in pursuit of pleasure and power)?

Picture source: Gosnell Trial Reveals Truth About Abortion Cf. (Wichita Abortion Service - reopened)

Getting rid of tissue to relieve

Getting rid of tissue to harvest tissue

Getting rid of tissue to waste or a feeder


To add to the toons

Hi, its a girl! I cannot be just a tissue. Im wonderfully made by God. Dont tear up my limbs. Dont crush my head. Save us from Roe v. Wade Shame on America!