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JKA Style
By : Pulkit Farsaiya

1. Seek Perfection Of Character 1. Be Honest And Faithful 1.Endeavour 1.Respect Self And Others 1.Refrain From Violent Behavior

Karate is not merely a sport its a martial art whose aim is harmonizing mind and body for balance, strength, perseverance for total confidence and self mastery .

1400 years ago a monk named Daruma came to China from India and taught Buddhism. The Chinese also utilized and adapted these arts for physical fitness. And somewhere near the same time frame in japan King Shohashi united Okinawa and banned weapons Hence to protect themselves from bandits they had to learn some sort physical protection which kind of lead to the origin of Japanese style of karate

Funakoshi transformed Kara-te from a mere fighting technique of Okinawa to a full-fledged martial art with a spiritual background. He not only ttaught the physical aspects of Karate, but also instructed his students in teh new phiolosophy of this martial art. Some of his percepts were: "Karate is not for winning but to build character;" "Karate is a martial art of a respected person;" "All Kata of Karate start from a blocking technique because Karate is for defense and not for aggression;" "To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles does not prove superior skill; rather, to defeat the enemy without fighting indicates superior skill."

Today there are mainly 4 styles of karate practiced

The naming of Goj -Ry came about more by accident than design. It may be argued that Wad -ry is a Jujutsu style rather than Okinawan Karate. In 1930, numerous martial arts masters asked Chojun Miyagis top When first registered with the Japanese Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in 1938 the student, Jinan Shinzato, while in Tokyo as to what school of martial style was called Shinshu Wadoryu Karate-Jujutsu, a name which reflects the arts he practiced. As Naha-Te had no formal name he came up with hybrid nature of Wado. Wad -ry 's founder Hironori Ohtsuka was a licensed the impromptu name Hanko Ry (Half-Hard Style). On his return to practitioner in Shindo Yoshin Ryu and a student of Yoshin Koryu Jujutsu Okinawa he reported this incident to -ry ( Miyagi. is a form of karate that was ?) After much Shit Chojun when he first met the Okinawan karate master Funakoshi. After having consideration Chojun Miyagi decided onin 1931 byGoj -RyMabuni the name Kenwa (hard received tutelage of not only founded but later also the Okinawan masters Funakoshi and soft school) as a nameof the four majorakarate he tookstyle,world, so many to his -ry is name Shotokan Karate is one for off style. ThisShindostyles in fromwith Okinawan the a line Shit merge combination Ryu which attempts Mabuni and Motobu, he set to Yoshin in systems are derived from thisunite the diverse roots andkarate. On one hand, Shit the Bubishi (a classical Chinese text on martial arts of other style Karate subjects). This line, is a traditional Martial Art the Japan that focuses not only on Shotokan Karate which appears in a poem, of Hakku Kenpo long powerful ry has the physical strength and (roughly, "The eight laws of thestancesdescribingcharacter and mental discipline. fist"), of one's the eight styles, such developing the body but also improving Shuri-te derived precepts of as Shorinthe martial arts, reads,of practing Shotokan karate( include ), on the other hand Shit The many benefits Ho wa Goj andShotokan (the way of an increased sense of ry wa Donto su inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness, or everything in the movements awareness, better cardiovascular health, self-confidence and a convenient form ry has circular and eight-directional universe inhales soft and exhales hard). of stress management

Contemporary Shotokan Wado-ryu Shito-ryu Goju-ryu

 Our Dojo is dedicated to imparting instruction in the Shotokan Karate of JKA Japan Karate Association. The JKA was formed by Master Gichin Funakoshi, (pen-named, Shoto), who brought Karate to the mainland Japan from Okinawa. The JKA is the oldest and largest single style Karate organization, with its corporate headquarters in Japan, and branches in over 126 countries world-wide.

 The JKA emphasizes on practical and scientifically proven training methods, in line with safety and correct body-mechanics.  Also, JKA Karate is the only style or school of Martial Arts that emphasizes on training and developing a one strike, one kill approach. Even in our tournaments, one wins through one deadly shot/technique, instead of accumulating points and playing tag. This keeps training very real, and obviously, very practical for combat and self-defense.


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