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Organizing Your

Football Program

Kevin Boyd
Co-Head Coach;
Offensive Coordinator
Plainsmen Football
Planning Needs for Football Programs

•In Season – Weekly
planning; Game
Off Season

December January

•Off season •Continue off

training season training

•Make changes to •Plan coaching

website clinic trips
•Detailed inventory
Off Season
February March
•Continue off •Continue off
season training season training
•Minneapolis •Plan fundraisers
Nike Coaching
•Continue off
season training
•Send letters out
for spring camp
•Football Manitoba

May June
•Continue off •Continue off
season training season training
•Spring camp for •Send out letters
both Varsity and for summer
•Send out
Schedule of

July August
•Continue off •Begin main camp
season training
•Player meeting
•Optional summer
•Parent meeting
practices – pass
skelly & speed
Schedule of
produced in
Publisher to
inform players
and parents of
important dates
and events
Forms for Player Sign-Up

•Player Information Sheet

•Equipment Handout
•Master Equipment List
•Player Lists
•Football Manitoba Forms
•Parent’s Handbook
Player Fee Full Part
Name Paid $225

Information/ Address
Number Date of Birth
Postal Code


Height Weight Grade

Equipment Parents Parents Work

Names Numbers
T-Shirt Pants/ Shorts Hoodie
Size Size Size


Equip. # Date Equip. # Date
Equipment List or check Returned Equipment List or check Returned

•Allows for easy access and Helmet Practice Belt

storage of player info Shoulder Pads Mouthguard

Practice J ersey Rib Pads

•Keep in a binder to help
Practice Pants Shoulder Spider
with equipment hand-in at
Hip Pads Gloves
the end of the season
Tail Pad Cleats

Thigh Pads Cowboy Collar

Knee Pads Cramer Collar

Girdle Other

I recognize that the above-mentioned articles of football equipment have been issued to me for the 2007 Plainsmen
Football season. I fully understand that I will be held responsible for the replacement costs of any unreturned,
damaged (not caused by regular football wear and tear) or stolen equipment. I fully understand that the equipment
must be returned clean directly after the 2005 football season before I will receive my transcript at the end of the

Player Signature Coach Signature

Waiver Form
I am satisfied that my son, _______________________ is in good health to take part in the
strenuous activities that are part of Crocus Plains Plainsmen Football. He has my permission to
participate in those approved physical activities that make up the practice and game plans of the
Crocus Plains Plainsmen Football Team and I absolve the Crocus Plains Plainsmen Football Team
•Have the parents/guardians and/or any of its staff, directors, executive, associations, members, sponsors and any coaches
participating on the Crocus Plains Plainsmen Football Team’s behalf, from any and all liability. I
sign this before the kids are further agree with the need to have my child examined by a physician following any illness or
injury as a direct result of football activities, in order to re-establish a bill of good health and that
allowed to practice this medical examination is my sole responsibility.

•Keep in a binder to have at

each practice and bring to Parent/ Guardian Name:

every game
Parent/ Guardian Signature:

Participant’s Signature:

Participant’s Medical #:

Doctor’s Name:

Doctor’s phone #:

Emergency Contact:

Special Medical Conditions/ Allergies:


Helmet Shoulder Hip Tail Thigh Knee Practice Practice Date

Name # Pads # Pads Pad Pads Pads J ersey Pants Belt Girdle Other Returned
34 80        
97 97         Cowboy collar
47 1        
1 5        
92 1        
98 00        
27 8        
88 87        
79 77        
66 2        
4 44        
78 10        
35 72        
54 89        
36 5        
91 64        
32 33        
85 16        
10 40        
00 73        
19 24        
95 53        
63 94        
72 84        
24 1        
67 41        
       
94 6        
18 43        
48 95        
75 32        
68 93        
90 54        
16 4        
       
Missing info form        
Missing equipment #’s        
Player List
2007 Plainsmen Freshmen

Athletes Name Phone # Address PC Fees Paid Fees Owed FB MB Consent Waiver
1 $ - $ -
2 $ - $ -
3 $ - $ -
4 $ - $ -
5 $ - $ -
6 $ - $ -
7 $ - $ -
8 $ - $ -
9 $ - $ -
10 $ - $ -
11 $ - $ -
12 $ - $ -
13 $ - $ -
14 $ - $ -
15 $ - $ -
16 $ - $ -
17 $ - $ -
18 $ - $ -
19 $ - $ -
20 $ - $ -

$ - $ -
Dear Parent/ Guardian:

Welcome to the 2007 Plainsmen football season. As a coaching staff, we are here to help your child
develop a strong knowledge of various important life skills, teach your child about the game of football
and have fun doing it. We want to develop good citizens first and if we can develop good football players
along the way we consider that to be a great bonus.

The Plainsmen Football Program demands a lot of time from our student athletes and we do not tolerate
absences or lateness for our practices, games or other scheduled events. There is a lot to learn in a
relatively short amount of time so good attendance helps both the participant and the team. We need
you to support us in this effort and make sure that your child is available for the scheduled practices,
games and other events such as fundraising.

We have a very successful program that lost out in the Championship game by eight points last season
and won the Championships the previous year. Our success over the years has allowed for us to gain
some interest from various universities and other high-level programs throughout Canada and the USA.
Over the years we have had a number of our student athletes gain valuable scholarships towards their
university education, while being able to continue playing the sport that they love.

Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of our program. Together we will have a lot of fun while
working hard towards our goals.

The 2007 Plainsmen Football Coaching Staff – please feel free to contact us with any questions or

Name Coaching Credentials Phone Number

Kevin Boyd Co-Head Coach, Offensive Fully Certified NCCP Level 2, 15
Coordinator, Running Backs years coaching, coached in all-star
games, J unior Player Development
Head Coach through NFL Canada
J amie Freiheit Co-Head Coach, Defensive Fully Certified NCCP Level 2, 17
Coordinator, Linebackers years coaching, coached in all-star
Corey Dinsdale Special Teams Coordinator, Fully Certified NCCP Level 2, 15
Kicking Coach, Wide years coaching, coached in all-star
Receivers games
Charles Hutton Assistant Offensive NCCP Level 1, 9 years coaching,
Coordinator, Quarterbacks coached in all-star games
Ryan Kukurudz Offensive Line Coach, J V NCCP Level 1, 4 years coaching
Offensive Coordinator experience at the youth and high
school level
Wyatt Urbanski DB Coach, J V Head Coach NCCP Level 1, 3 years coaching
experience at the youth and high
school level
Chris Ducharme Defensive Line Coach, J V Co- 3 years coaching experience at the
Defensive Coordinator youth and high school level
J unior Varsity
The J unior Varsity program is for players in grades nine and ten. This does not mean that players in Varsity Game Schedule
these grades won’t be part of the varsity program but this an exception and rarely do they make it to a
starting position. The J V program is meant to develop the younger athletes and prepare them for the
next step to the varsity level.
Date Time Home Team Away Team Location
This year the J V team will be part of a brand new league called the Manitoba Developmental Football
League. This is a league made up of J V or developmental teams from Crocus Plains, Neelin, Vincent Aug. 31 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Southwest Sabres Plainsmen Field
Massey and two teams out of Winnipeg – the Churchill Bulldogs and the Grant Park Pirates. We are quite Sept. 7 (Fri) 4:30 Neelin Spartans Plainsmen Neelin Field
excited about this new league and should provide a fun and competitive league for our younger players. Sept. 15 (Fri) Bye Week
The Championship Game for the MDFL will be played at Canad Inns Stadium, where the Winnipeg Blue Sept. 21 (Fri) 4:30 Dauphin Clippers Plainsmen Dauphin
Bombers play their home games. The J V squad will also play jamborees against J V teams in the Rural Sept. 28 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Neepawa Tigers Plainsmen Field
Manitoba Football League. Oct. 5 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Stonewall Rams Plainsmen Field
Oct. 12 (Fri) 4:30 Virden Golden Bears Plainsmen Virden
During practice we have basically two basic elements, individual time and team time. During individual Oct. 19 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Parkwest Outlaws Plainsmen Field
time we practice together, both varsity and J V, as this allows the younger kids to develop the same skills Oct. 26 (Fri) 4:30 Vincent Massey Vikings Plainsmen Kinsmen Stadium
as the varsity squad. During team time we separate into two different teams so as to compete at a more Nov. 3 (Sat) TBA RMFL Semi-Finals TBA
realistic and competitive level. Nov. 10 (Sat) TBA 2007 RMFL Championships TBA

The varsity squad is the most competitive team and is comprised mostly of kids from grades 11 and 12. J unior Varsity Game Schedule
As you will see in our team rules, we have strict attendance policies, which have an effect on whether or
not your child starts or plays. We have open competitions for every position and basically the player who
is always at practice and plays the best at that position is the starter. We evaluate the players weekly
and it is not uncommon to have players change positions throughout the season. Date Time Home Team Away Team Location

The varsity team plays in the Rural Manitoba Football League and has been in that league since 2001. Sept. 4 (Tues) 5:00 Plainsmen Neelin Neelin
We have had tremendous success in this league and feel that we will have a very competitive squad Sept. 11 (Tues) 5:00 Vincent Massey Plainsmen Vincent Massey
again this year. Both J V and varsity teams play 9-man football and it looks like in 2008 the RMFL will Sept. 15 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Crocus Plains
make the move to 12-man football due to the increased roster sizes throughout the league. Sept. 25 (Tues) 5:00 Grant Park Pirates Plainsmen Winnipeg
Sept. 29 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Virden
Volunteers Oct. 2 (Tues) 4:00 Plainsmen Churchill Bulldogs Crocus Plains
Oct. 9 (Tues) 4:30 MDFL Quarter-Finals TBA
We can always use parents to help out with various activities, although we do not see this as mandatory Oct. 13 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Dauphin
for parents, as we understand that you have busy schedules. Some areas that we can use assistance Oct. 16 (Tues) 4:30 MDFL Semi-Finals TBA
with are as follows:
Oct. 27 or 28 TBA 2007 MDFL Championships Canad Inns Stadium
• Fundraising – including any ideas that you may have
• Painting the field – we have a field painter that we share with the two other high school
Practice Schedule
programs, as well as the WYFA
• Field set-up and teardown on game days – setting out yard markers, etc.  Pre-season – Practices run from 6:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday
 In Season – Practices run from 4:30 to 6:30 Monday through Thursday, with games normally on
If there are any special talents that you can lend to the team, please feel free to offer. If you can help Fridays for varsity and Tuesdays/Saturdays for J V
out at all please contact any of us on the coaching staff.  A more in-depth practice schedule is handed out to your child
Coaches Code of Conduct

1. Winning is a consideration, but not the only one, nor the most important one. Care more about the student
athlete than winning the game. Remember that players are in sports for fun and enjoyment.
2. Be a positive role model to your players, display emotional maturity and be alert to the physical safety of
3. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved; be consistent, honest; be fair and just; do not criticize 1. Be positive with your athlete. Let them know you are proud they are part of the team.
players publicly; learn to be a more effective communicator and coach, don’t yell at players. *Focus on the benefits of teamwork and personal discipline.
4. Adjust to the personal needs and problems of player, be a good listener, never verbally or physically abuse 2. Encourage your athlete to follow all training rules. Help the coaches build a commitment to the
a player or official; give all players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self- team.
esteem; teach them the basics. *Set a good example in your personal lifestyle.
5. Organize practices that are fun and challenging for your player. Familiarize yourself with the rules, 3. Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his ability.
techniques and strategies of your sport; encourage all your players to be team players. *Athletes mature at different ages; some are more gifted than others.
6. Maintain an open line of communication with your players’ parents. Explain goals and objectives of your 4. Always support the coaching staff when controversial decisions are made.
organization. *The coaches need your backing to keep good morale on the team.
7. Be concerned with the overall development of your players. Stress good health habits and clean living. 5. I nsist on positive behavior in school and a high level of performance in the classroom.
8. To play the game is great; to love the game is greater. *Numerous studies indicate extracurricular involvement helps enhance academic performance.
9. We will coach the game with the principles of sportsmanship in mind. 6. Stay calm in injury situations.
*Parents can help minimize the trauma by being in control and offering comfort.
7. Cheer for our team and players. Opponents and referees deserve respect. *Realize that high
school players will make mistakes. Your support is needed during tough times.
Parents Code of Conduct 8. Promote having fun and being a team player. Very few high school athletes receive
1. Do not force your children to participate in sports, but support their desires to play their chosen sport. *Concentrate on what is best for the team. Preoccupation with statistics can be very distracting.
Children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment. Make it fun. 9. An athlete's self-confidence and self-image will be improved by support at home. Comparison
2. Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember, children learn best by example, so applaud the good
to others is discouraged.
plays on both teams. Do not embarrass your child by yelling at players, coaches or officials. By showing a
*Encourage the athlete to do their best regardless of brothers or sisters who may have been outstanding
positive attitude towards the game and all of its participants, your child will benefit. Emphasize skill players.
development and practices and how they are beneficial. 10. Winning is fun, but building positive team values is most important.
3. Know and study the rules of the game, and support the officials. This approach will help in the *The concept of working together to perform a task will have lasting benefits. Winning takes place when all
development and support of the game. Any criticism of the officials only hurts the game. the little things are done correctly.
4. Applaud a good effort in victory and defeat and enforce the positive points of the game. 11. Find the time to be an avid booster of school activities.
5. Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of your child and *Help build a solid support system for coaches and athletes.
the sport. Communicate with them and support them. 12. Help students keep jobs and cars in proper perspective.
6. If you enjoy the game, learn all you can about the game, and volunteer. *Materialistic values can detract from the commitment to the team. Teenagers should have the opportunity
7. Practice good sportsmanship with the players and the coaches from opposing teams. to take advantage of extracurricular activities.
13. Athletes must attend all practices and contests.
*Stress the necessity to make a commitment to the team. Practice is important.
Players Code of Conduct 14. Emphasize the importance of well-balanced meals and regular sleep patterns.
*An athlete functions best when care is taken to consume nutritious food and obtain sufficient rest.
1. Play for fun! 15. Many athletes enjoy participating in several sports.
2. Work hard to improve your skills. *Specialization in one sport may prevent an athlete from enjoying great team relationships in other
3. Be a team player – get along with your teammates. Learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline. activities.
4. Be on time for practices and games. 16. Persistence and being able to accept a role is extremely important for the team to be
5. Learn the rules and play by them. Always be a good sport. successful.
6. Respect your coaches, your teammates, your parents, opponents and officials. *Not everyone will be a starter, but everyone is important to the team. Some players may not develop until
7. Never argue with the official’s decision. their senior season. Encourage them to be persistent.
8. Practice good sportsmanship with the players and coaches from opposing teams.
1. Teamwork – The ability to work with others is extremely important in today’s
• Keep up with your schoolwork. Poor grades in school and not completing homework will result in
world. disciplinary actions by the coaches.
• If you don't practice, you don't play. All excused absences must be coordinated with the coaches.
2. Commitment – Players must be at all practices and follow team rules. If you don't make an effort to attend practices, we as coaches are not required to play you.
• If you skip a class – you miss a practice. One missed class/practice results in one missed half of
3. Work Ethic – Peak physical condition can only be attained through hard work. the next game. Two missed classes/practices and you are out for the next game.
• What the coaches say goes. Back talking, profanity, or any form of disrespect will result in
4. Pride in Performance – A feeling of accomplishment is realized through persistent disciplinary actions.
• Respect other players. Remember your teammates are working with you not against you. Any
application of effort. unnecessary aggression or violence towards another player will result in disciplinary actions.
• Take care of your equipment. Let the coaches know if your equipment needs repair. This is the
5. Friendships – Lifetime relationships are developed through participation in sports. key to safety.
• Wear your mouthpiece when practicing and playing.
6. Achievement – Players represent their communities, schools, and families. A • Come to practice prepared to work and play.
• Learn the rules of the game.
• Know the name of each position.
feeling of togetherness is experienced.
• Arrive on time for practices and games.
7. Enthusiasm – In order to be successful, both football and life must be approached
Equipment Care
with enthusiasm.
Equipment care is very essential in maintaining good quality equipment for you and others to use while
8. Persistence – One learns to get up and go again after being knocked down. participating with the Crocus Plains Football Team. The average cost of outfitting you with essential and
proper fitting safety gear is around $500.00 per student/athlete. The costs continue to rise each and
9. Confidence – Self-esteem is enhanced through a series of achievements. every year, so it is necessary for you as the borrower to take full responsibility for your equipment care.
Unlike other sports, we do not ask you to supply or buy your own football gear so we need to follow
10. Athletic Ability – The skills essential for football are valuable in other sports. some simple maintenance steps for your borrowed equipment throughout the year:

A) Helmet: Cost $175.00 and up

11. Have Fun! – Football is fun to play and exciting to watch.
This is not a devise made to use as a weapon. Fully understand that you’ll be taught the proper
techniques of the game and the use of the helmet other than a safety devise is strictly
12. I dentity – The team provides all participants with a sense of belonging.
13. Courage – Performance under pressure helps conquer fear.
 Inspect & tighten facemask screws weekly.
 Inspect & tighten chinstrap screws weekly.
14. Challenges – Participants learn how to overcome obstacles to success.  Inspect chinstrap buckles weekly.
 Wipe down your helmet weekly (inside & out) with a damp cloth.
15. Better Grades – Numerous studies indicate students active in school activities
B) Shoulder Pads: Cost $175.00 and up
perform better in the classroom.  Inspect all straps, strings, & clips weekly.
 Tape all your straps after proper clip adjustment has been received.
16. Responsibility – The game of football holds individuals accountable for their  Wash the molded plastic with a damp cloth.

actions. C) Pants, Girdle, Belt, & Practice J ersey

 Wash them regularly to keep them from stinking, staining and housing bacteria.
17. Success in Life – According to the American College Testing Service, participating
D) Hip Pads, Thigh Pads, Knee Pads & Tail Pads
in high school activities is the major indicator of success later in life.  Wipe these down with a damp cloth.
Plainsmen Football Mentoring Program Maps to Away Games

We are initiating a mentor program with the football team this season. Basically we are going to “buddy- Neepawa
up” an incoming 9th grade player with player from the 12th grade (possibly 11th depending on numbers)
to help the new player get a better understanding of the team and the school. Areas of concentration
will include, but are mot limited to:
• Day-to-day chat, encouragement
• Help with equipment
• Tour the school and help player find classes (it’s a big school)
• Team up for Varsity Gold blitz and other fundraising events
• Be available for advice


With the cost of outfitting a player in very good football equipment being around $500, it is essential
that we perform various fundraisers to supplement the fee that is charged for your child to play football.
Other major expenses come in the form of field equipment (our five-man sled alone is worth around
$6,000) and travel. We are also currently trying to save/raise funds to develop a clubhouse for the
program and upgrade our field so we can play our home games at the school. Our major fundraisers are
explained below:

Varsity Gold – Gold Card

We have been using the Gold Card from Varsity Gold, as a major fundraiser for a few years now and it is
by far the easiest fundraiser, allowing for a good profit for very little work and no expense. The student Dauphin
athlete is asked to pre-sell 20 tickets for a week before a one-night selling blitz. The card offers
discounts at various businesses and sells for a price of $15. Varsity Gold arranges the various discounts
with local businesses and produces the cards and the players sell the cards door-to-door for one night.
We receive $7.50 for every card sold and assume none of the cost of producing the cards nor do we
have to spend any time arranging the deals on the cards. We offer various incentives including cash, free
cards and mini helmets to players who sell a pre-determined number of cards.

Football Manitoba Raffle Tickets

This is a new fundraiser this year and has been a successful fundraiser for The Westman Youth Football
Association, as well as numerous football teams in Winnipeg. Each player is required to sell one book of
tickets for $20, as they are charged for one book in their fees. When they sell the tickets they keep the
money. The prizes are for various amounts of grocery money at Sobey’s and are quite popular.

If you have any other ideas for fundraising or would like to serve on a fundraising committee, please let
us know. We are always interested in hearing different ideas for how we can keep the fees low for our
Forms for Practice

•Practice Plan
•Drill Sheet
•Drill Chart
•Play Sheet
Practice Plan – 4 Days/Week - Monday
Practice Plan – 4 Days/Week - Tuesday
Practice Plan – 4 Days/Week -
Practice Plan – 4 Days/Week - Thursday
Practice Plan – 2 Days/Week

•Time can be adjusted for each of the

practice segments
Drill Sheet

•Have it at practice with you

•Great when you need to fill
a bit of time
•Keeps you from having
wasted time during Indy
•Helps with development of
practice plan
Drill Chart

•Have it at practice with you

•Helps with development of
practice plan
•Helps you to keep track of
drills that have been covered
24 Slant 33 Slant
Mesh Mesh Backs

Option Right Option Left

Verticals Verticals Backs

Reverse Left Reverse Right

24 Power 33 Power Cross Cross Backs

24 Counter 33 Counter

Bubble Switch

Zone Right Zone Left

Quick 24 Power Pass 33 Power Pass

13 Dart 14 Dart

28 Rocket 37 Rocket
28 Rocket Bootleg 37 Rocket Bootleg 13 Dart Pass 14 Dart Pass

31 Trap 22 Trap
Game Day Forms

•Game Plan
•Answer Sheet
•Game Roster/Score
•Stats Sheet
# Hash Formation Play Signal Pre-Game Scoring
1 L Pistol Right Option Right Ear; Head Time Activity
R Pistol Left Option Left Ear; Ear 12:30 Arrive at field
2 L Pistol Right 33 Power Chest; Ear 12:40 Begin taping
R Pistol Left 24 Power Chest; Head 1:10 Special Teamers on field 1st
3 L Pistol Right 24 Counter Belly; Head 1:20 QB’s & RB’s on field Quarter
R Pistol Left 33 Counter Belly; Ear 1:30 Everyone on field – Cal 2nd
4 L Spread Right Bubble Head; Belly 1:35 O-Indy Quarter
R Spread Left Bubble Head; Belly 1:40 D-Indy 3rd
5 L Spread Right 28 Rocket Ear; Neck 1:45 Team O Quarter
R Spread Left 37 Rocket Ear; Chest 1:50 Talk 4th
6 L Pistol Right 31 Trap Neck; Neck 2:00 Kickoff Quarter
R Pistol Left 22 Trap Neck; Chest Go For 2 Time Outs Taken
7 L Spread Left 37 Rocket Bootleg Chest; Belly Ahead By Behind By Plainsmen Rams
R Spread Right 28 Rocket Bootleg Neck; Hip +1 + 11 -2 - 16 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
8 L Spread Right Cross Backs Hip; Chest +4 + 12 -5 - 18
R Spread Left Cross Backs Hip; Chest +5 + 19 - 10 - 21
9 L Spread Right Zone Right Hip; Head Rams Defense Rock Squad
R Spread Left Zone Left Hip; Ear
10 L Spread Right 13 Dart Head; Neck
R Spread Left 14 Dart Head; Chest
11 L Spread Right 13 Dart Pass Chest; Hip
R Spread Left 14 Dart Pass Belly; Belly
12 L Spread Right Mesh Chest; Neck
R Spread Left Mesh Chest; Neck
13 L Spread Right Switch Head; Hip Turnovers
R Spread Left Switch Head; Hip Plainsmen Rams
14 L I Right 24 Dive
R I Left 23 Dive
15 L I Right 33 Counter
R I Left 34 Counter
16 L I Right 34 Lead Offensive Depth Chart
R I Left 33 Lead QB Caswell Russell-Yearwood Silvius
17 L I Right 34 Lead Pass 2B T. Thompson L. Thompson Stanley
R I Left 33 Lead Pass 3B Stantial Mutchler Dalke
18 L I Right 23 Dive X Sinclair Randall Riesmeyer
R I Left 24 Dive LG Denbow Stanley Munro
19 L I Right 38 Pitch C Gormley Stanley Munro
R I Left 37 Pitch RG Hogg Stanley Munro
20 L I Left 18 Waggle Y Dixon Randall Riesmeyer
R I Right 17 Waggle Z Silvius Riesmeyer Kim/Brooking
Situational Offense
2nd & 3 to 5 2nd & 5 to 10
Play Signal Play Signal
37 Rocket Option Lt 33 Slant 21 Gut 22 Gut 24 Slant Option Rt 28 Rocket Quick Quick
47 Pitch Zone Lt 33 Power 21 Dive 22 Dive 24 Power Zone Rt 38 Pitch 13 Dart Pass Switch
Option Lt 33 Counter 21 Trap 22 Trap 24 Counter Option Rt 14 Dart Pass Mesh
Reverse Lt Zone Lt 31 Trap Zone Rt Zone Rt Reverse Rt 34 Power Pass Mesh Backs
Zone Lt 13 Dart Zone Lt 14 Dart Zone Rt 43 Power Pass Cross
37 CSweep 43 Power 34 Power 28 CSweep
43 Counter 34 Counter 2nd & 10 to 14 2nd & 14+
33 Dive 33 Dive Play Signal Play Signal
Cross Verticals
Double T I Formation Wishbone Goalline Cross Backs Verticals Backs
Left Right Play Play Play Signal Switch Cross
23 Dive 34 Dive 21/22 Dive Option Rt/Lt QB Wedge 24 Power Pass Cross Backs
33 Lead 24 Lead 23/24 Dive 21/22 Gut Quick 33 Power Pass Bubble
37 Sweep 37 Sweep 31/32 Lead 21/22 Gut Pass 22 Gut Coming Out 2 Point Plays
Option Lt Option Rt 33/34 Lead 34/43 Power 21 Gut Play Signal Play Signal
37 Pitch 28 Pitch 35/36 Lead 34/43 Counter 24 Power Quick 22 Gut Pass
31 Trap 22 Trap 33/34 Counter 34/43 Power Pass 33 Power 22 Gut 21 Gut Pass
18 Bootleg 17 Bootleg 37/38 Pitch 38/47 Pitch 34 Power 21 Gut Quick
X Dump Y Dump 17/18 Bootleg 21/22 Trap 43 Power 34 Power 17 Waggle
Pass/Keep/Sneak Pass/Keep/Sneak 33/34 Lead Pass 17/18 Waggle Switch 43 Power 18 Waggle
Defensive Shades/ Techniques/ Gaps Signals
2nd Head Ear Neck Chest Belly Hip Thigh Knee
4 2 0 2 4 Head

5 4i 3 2i 1 1 2i 3 4i 5 Ear




Coverage Beaters Special Plays Hip

Man MOFO MOFC Play Signal Thigh

Crossing Fade Curl End Around Rt Knee
Play Action Deep Middle Flood End Around Rt
Mesh/Backs Mesh/Backs Vertical Hook & Ladder Rt
Cross/Backs Cross/Backs Verticals/Backs Hook & Ladder Lt
Switch Verticals/Backs Quick Receiver Flip
Power Pass (Option route) Bubble 28 Rocket Pass
Rocket Bootleg Bubble 37 Rocket Pass
Dart Pass Boise State

Crocus Plains Plainsmen vs. Neelin Spartans

Game Roster/
Date: 09/21/2007 Field: Dauphin
Principal: Barry Gooden Head Coach: Kevin Boyd & Jamie Freiheit
D.O.B. Scoring Summary - Home Team
# Player Name M/D/Y Age # Scoring P lay Quarter Time Points
2 04/17/1991 16
5 7/1/1991 16

Score Sheet
7 8/7/1992 15
10 6/6/1990 17
19 4/9/1991 16
20 07/24/1991 16
21 08/15/1992 15
22 07/18/1990 17
24 9/8/1991 16
•Used by the 25
16 Scoring Summary - Visiting Team
scorekeeper/timer 28
10/30/1992 14 # Scoring P lay Quarter Time Points


•Official form for the league 31

34 09/18/1992 14

•Can be faxed to the 35

37 12/2/1992 15
commissioner following the 40 8/8/1990 17
42 4/1/1991 16
game 45 09/29/1991 15 Disqualifications
47 01/15/1990 17 # Name Team Time
50 11/6/1992 15
54 05/14/1991 16
55 12/29/1992 14
56 10/22/1993 13
57 06/28/1989 18 Home Score:
63 Visitor's Score:
64 11/2/1992 15
66 09/13/1990 16 Referee's Comments:
77 09/19/1990 16
80 Referee's Signature:
81 01/29/1993 14
82 01/25/1993 14
84 Scorekeeper's Signature:
85 08/15/1991 16
88 10/4/1992 15
Date: Team: Opponent: Date: Team: Opponent:

Rushing: In each box enter rushing yards on play – circle all TD’s Key to plays: T – Tackles; A – Assisted tackles; S – Sack; s – Sack with help; I – Interception;
X – Extra (Knockdown, fumble recovery, blocked kick, etc.)
# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total
How to Record: In the column “Plays,” write down a letter for each defensive play.
After the game fill in the totals for each player and the team totals.

Name # Plays T A S s I X Total

Receiving: In each box enter receiving yards on play – circle all TD’s

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total

Passing: In each box enter passing yards on play or an “X” for an incompletion and a T of an interception

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 A C Yd Int TD Total

Punts Kickoffs

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total # Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total

Punt Returns Kickoff Returns

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total # Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total

Team Totals for Game
Qtr # Name Description Points Score
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School

Address: 1930 1st Street

Brandon, MB R7A 6Y6

Phone Number: (204) 729-3900

Principal: Barry Gooden

Vice Principal: Ron Cruikshank

General I nfo: Approximately 1200

students enrolled in academic,
vocational and/or technical programs

Map of School Grounds & Football Field

1st Street
Maryland Avenue

Parking Lot

Football Shed

Baseball Diamond
Football Home Bench
Seating Field
Practice Field
Visitor Bench
About the Plainsmen
All-Time Plainsmen Team
Team Colours: Maroon & Gold During the 1997 Plainsmen Football Reunion, an all-star team was presented
Team Mascot: Angus the Bull consisting of what was said to be the All-Time Plainsmen Team. This honour was
Championship Years: 1983, 1987, 2002, and 2005 presented to the following players:
The Crocus Plain Plainsmen football team has been in existence since 1978 and
has been involved with the following leagues: Quarterback – Andrew Granger
• Southwestern Manitoba High School Football League – 1978 to 1983 Running Backs – Dave Bryant and J eff Martinook
• Manitoba Midget Football League – 1984, 1985 Tight End – Duane Baker
• Winnipeg High School Football League – 1986 to 2000 Slot Back – Al Baker
• Rural Manitoba Football League – 2001 to present Wide Receivers – Kelly Ward and Brett Naisby
Centre – Colin Hogue
Since joining the Rural Manitoba Football League in 2001, the Plainsmen have Guards – Kevin Boyd and Derek Sholdice
enjoyed a 72% win rate. This has been accentuated by the fact that the Tackles – Pat Pink and Rob Pink
Plainsmen have made it to the playoff in each of the seven years in the RMFL,
have been in three championship games and won two of them. Defense

Defensive Ends – Scott Schaeffer and Terry Wozney

2007 Squad Defensive Tackles – Geoff Van Mackleberg and Mike Collyer
Inside Linebackers – J eff Porter and Scott Moore
The 2007 Plainsmen Football Team sees a number of returners on defense, but Outside Linebackers – Pat Mosiuk and Rob Barker
Defensive Backs – Dwight Friesen, Kevin Grindey and Dave Shyiak
not as many on special teams and the offense. However, there are a number of
Safety – Danny Scott
experienced players ready to step into the starting positions left vacant by
graduating players and this should prove to be a solid squad.
Plainsmen Football Head Coaches
Recent Plainsmen Playing College Football Doug Steeves – 1978 to 1985; 1987 to 1989
Larry Hogue – 1986
Over the years there have been numerous players to move on to the college Bob Nevill – 1990 to 1996
level of football. These are the recent members to move on: Kevin Boyd – 1997; 2005 to present
J amie Freiheit – 1998 to present
Year Player Team Location
2007 Zach Smith Minot State University Minot, ND
2006 Kyle Williamson Mesabi Community College Virginia, MN
2006 Nick Sumner Mesabi Community College Virginia, MN
2005 Landon Rice University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB
2003 Craig J ago J amestown College J amestown, ND
2006 Plainsmen Football Review 2006 Plainsmen Statistics

The 2006 Plainsmen Football team had a regular season record of 5-1 and made Scoring
it into back-to-back championship games before falling to the Southwest Sabres Name TD FG Single 2 Point Total
43-35 in a very exciting match. It was a successful year that went down to the Blair Dinsdale 14 0 0 0 84
last play of the championship game. The team played tough and left everything Cody Powell 8 0 0 1 50
on the field. Nick Kopeechuk 7 0 0 0 42
Rory Gowans 4 0 0 0 24
2006 Results Ben Randall 1 0 16 0 20
Ethan Russell-Yearwood 3 0 0 1 20
Date Opponent Score Win/ Loss Ben Van Walleghem 1 0 14 0 20
Sept. 9 Vincent Massey Vikings 46-1 W
J ordan Chubaty 1 0 0 0 6
Sept. 22 Dauphin Clippers 22-35 L
Tyson Dixon 1 0 0 0 6
Sept. 29 Neelin Spartans 23-14 W
Tyler Stanley 1 0 0 0 6
Oct. 6 Neepawa Tigers 29-0 W
Kyle Palmer 0 0 0 1 2
Oct. 13 Southwest Sabres 46-26 W
Oct. 20 Virden Golden Bears 42-0 W Total Points 282
Oct. 28 Virden Golden Bears (Semi-Finals) 40-21 W Average Points Per Game 35.25
Nov. 4 Southwest Sabres (Championships) 35-43 L

2006 Plainsmen Awards Passing

Name Att. Comp. Yards % Avg.
Award Recipient Ethan Russell-Yearwood 76 43 855 57 19.9
Doug Steeves Award (Team MVP) Blair Dinsdale Luke Russell-Yearwood 17 9 136 53 15.1
Plainsmen Award (Most versatile player) J eff Caswell Totals 93 52 991 56 19.1
Special Teams MVP Ben Van Walleghem Average Passing Yards Per Game 123.9
Larry Hogue Award (Defensive MVP) Tyler Stanley
Offensive MVP Nick Kopeechuk
Defensive Lineman MVP Vaughn Dagg Rushing
Offensive Lineman MVP Zach Smith Name Rushes Yards Average
Most Improved Player Ben Randall Blair Dinsdale 32 479 15.0
J ohn Flikweert Memorial Award J amie Nielson Nick Kopeechuk 72 474 6.6
(Player who overcomes adversity) Cody Powell 55 453 8.2
Rookie of the Year Shaun Dalke Rory Gowans 31 182 5.9
Coach of the Year Corey Dinsdale Ethan Russell-Yearwood 20 94 4.7
Tyson Dixon 14 78 5.6
2006 RMFL Awards
Luke Russell-Yearwood 11 40 3.6
J osh Mutchler 2 16 8.0
Award Nominee
Offensive MVP Nick Kopeechuk Tyler Stanley 5 15 3.0
Defensive MVP Blair Dinsdale Zach Smith 2 7 3.5
Offensive Lineman MVP Zach Smith J eff Caswell 3 5 1.7
Defensive Lineman MVP Vaughn Dagg Totals 247 1843 7.5
Norris Aitken Award (Well-rounded student athlete) Ethan Russell-Yearwood Average Rushing Yards Per Game 230.4
Coach of the Year Corey Dinsdale
RMFL All-Stars: Cody Potter, Cody Powell, Tyler Sangster, Tyler Stanley, Ben Van
Receiving Defensive Stats
Name Catches Yards Average Name Tackles Assists Sacks I NT
Blair Dinsdale 5 283 56.6 Blair Dinsdale 68 33 2 2
Ben Randall 9 188 20.9 Shaun Dalke 39 22 1 5
Rory Gowans 3 124 41.3 Dustin Puhach 14 11 1 0
Nick Kopeechuk 12 11 49.5 Tyler Stanley 30 27 5 3
Cody Powell 6 113 18.8 Grant Fetterly 4 7 2 1
J ordan Chubaty 9 108 12.0 Ben Van Walleghem 25 5 0 5
Cody Silvius 6 38 6.3 Braden Cross 2 9 0 1
J eff Caswell 1 25 25.0 Vaughn Dagg 9 19 2 0
Brendan Villafanna 1 -2 -2.0 Anthony McKinney 1 5 0 0
Taylor Phipps 2 1 0 0
Totals 52 991 19.1
Cody Powell 4 1 0 0
Average Receiving Yards Per Game 123.9
Cody Silvius 4 0 0 0
Drew Sangster 3 3 0 0
Matthew Hogg 1 0 0 0
Punt Returns
Steven Sharpe 2 0 0 0
Name Returns Yards Average
Zach Smith 1 1 0 0
Ben Van Walleghem 15 249 16.6 J amie Nielson 0 2 0 0
Blair Dinsdale 4 51 12.8 Eric Messing 6 12 1 0
Cody Powell 2 30 15.0 Mitch Lelond 2 1 0 0
Shaun Dalke 1 9 9.0 Rory Gowans 4 5 0 0
Totals 22 339 15.4 Tyler Sangster 4 5 0 0
Kyle Palmer 2 3 0 0
Gabe Smith 2 5 2 0
Kickoff Returns Peter Munro 0 1 0 0
Name Returns Yards Average Scott Horn-Pengelly 0 0 0 0
Blair Dinsdale 3 176 58.7 J ames Nepinak 2 1 0 0
Ben Van Walleghem 6 130 21.7 J ordan Chubaty 1 0 0 0
Cody Powell 3 55 18.3 Cody Potter 2 0 0 0
Rory Gowans 5 13 2.6 Cody Silvius 1 0 0 0
Nick Kopeechuk 4 8 2.0 Tory Allen 0 2 0 0
Shaun Dalke 1 5 5.0 Ben Randall 0 1 0 0
Tyler Stanley 2 3 1.5 Totals 235 182 16 17
Ryan Benedict 1 0 0.0
Totals 25 390 15.6

Name Punts Yards Average
Ben Van Walleghem 19 622 32.7
Ben Randall 15 391 26.1
Totals 34 1013 29.8
2007 Plainsmen Football Team 2007 Plainsmen Football Coaching Staff

Player Name Player Name Player Name

Kevin Boyd J amie Freiheit
Grade Grade Grade
Co-Head Coach, Co-Head Coach,
Player Height Player Height Player Height Offensive Defensive
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight Coordinator, Running Coordinator,
Position Position Position Backs Linebackers

15 years coaching 17 years coaching

Player Name Player Name Player Name Fully certified NCCP Fully certified NCCP
Grade Grade Grade Level 2 coach Level 2 coach
Player Height Player Height Player Height Corey Dinsdale Charles Hutton
Weight Weight Weight Special Teams Assistant Offensive
Photo Photo Photo Coordinator, Kicking Coordinator,
Position Position Position
Coach, Wide Quarterbacks
Player Name Player Name Player Name 9 years coaching
15 years coaching NCCP Level 1 coach
Grade Grade Grade Fully certified NCCP
Player Height Player Height Player Height Level 2 coach
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight
Position Position Position Wyatt Urbanski Ryan Kukurudz
Defensive Backs, J V Offensive Line, J V
Head Coach Offensive Coordinator
Player Name Player Name Player Name
Grade Grade Grade 3 years coaching 4 years coaching
NCCP Level 1 coach NCCP Level 1 coach
Player Height Player Height Player Height
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight
Position Position Position

Chris Ducharme
Player Name Player Name Player Name Defensive Line, J V
Grade Grade Grade Defensive Coordinator
Player Height Player Height Player Height
3 years coaching
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight
NCCP Level 1 coach
Position Position Position

Player Name Player Name Player Name

Grade Grade Grade
Player Height Player Height Player Height
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight
Position Position Position

Player Name Player Name Player Name

Grade Grade Grade
Player Height Player Height Player Height
Photo Weight Photo Weight Photo Weight
Position Position Position
Varsity Game Schedule
League I nformation

Rural Manitoba Football League (RMFL) Date Time Home Team Away Team Location

The RMFL dates back to 1958 and was originally called the Southwestern Aug. 31 4:30 Plainsmen Southwest Plainsmen Field
Manitoba High School Football League, with the Boissevain Rams being the (Fri) Sabres
inaugural champions. There have been a number of teams come and go Sept. 7 (Fri) 4:30 Neelin Spartans Plainsmen Neelin Field
throughout the many years of existence and has been down to three teams at Sept. 15 Bye Week
time. With the addition of two new teams the RMFL is at a solid nine teams for (Fri)
the 2007 campaign. The following teams will compete for the Doug Steeves Sept. 21 4:30 Dauphin Clippers Plainsmen Dauphin
Championships this season: (Fri)
• Crocus Plains Plainsmen Sept. 28 4:30 Plainsmen Neepawa Tigers Plainsmen Field
• Dauphin Clippers (Fri)
• Neelin Spartans Oct. 5 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Stonewall Rams Plainsmen Field
• Neepawa Tigers Oct. 12 (Fri) 4:30 Virden Golden Plainsmen Virden
• Parkwest Outlaws (new team from Birtle) Bears
• Southwest Sabres
Oct. 19 (Fri) 4:30 Plainsmen Parkwest Plainsmen Field
• Stonewall Rams (new team)
• Vincent Massey Vikings
Oct. 26 (Fri) 4:30 Vincent Massey Plainsmen Kinsmen Stadium
• Virden Golden Bears
RMFL Champions Since 2001 Nov. 3 (Sat) TBA RMFL Semi-Finals TBA
2006 Southwest Sabres Nov. 10 TBA 2007 RMFL Championships TBA
2005 Crocus Plains Plainsmen (Sat)
2004 Vincent Massey Vikings
2003 Neepawa Tigers J unior Varsity Game Schedule
2002 Crocus Plains Plainsmen
2001 Vincent Massey Vikings
Date Time Home Team Away Team Location

Manitoba Developmental Football League (MDFL) Sept. 4 (Tues) 5:00 Plainsmen Neelin Neelin
Sept. 11 (Tues) 5:00 Vincent Massey Plainsmen Vincent Massey
The MDFL is beginning its existence with the 2007 season and was developed to Sept. 15 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Crocus Plains
provide a competitive league for junior varsity or developmental football Sept. 25 (Tues) 5:00 Grant Park Pirates Plainsmen Winnipeg
programs. The league is comprised of three teams from Brandon and two teams Sept. 29 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Virden
from Winnipeg. The teams are as follows: Oct. 2 (Tues) 4:00 Plainsmen Churchill Bulldogs Crocus Plains
• Churchill Bulldogs Oct. 9 (Tues) 4:30 MDFL Quarter-Finals TBA
• Crocus Plains Plainsmen Oct. 13 (Sat) TBA J unior J amboree Dauphin
• Grant Park Pirates Oct. 16 (Tues) 4:30 MDFL Semi-Finals TBA
• Neelin Spartans Oct. 27 or 28 TBA 2007 MDFL Championships Canad Inns
• Vincent Massey Vikings Stadium

The teams of the MDFL will be playing for a championship, with that game being
played at the Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg.
Teams in the Rural Manitoba Football League

Crocus Plains Plainsmen Southwest Sabres

Head Coach: Kevin Boyd & J amie Freiheit Head Coach: Brian Elder
E-Mail: jordana@westman.wave.ca E-Mail: brianelder@fc.shsd.mb.ca
fryguy57@hotmail.com School Phone:
Phone: (school); (KB-W); (KB-H); Home Phone:
(J F-H)

Dauphin Clippers Stonewall Rams

Head Coach: Nathan Thacker Head Coach: Mitch Obach

E-Mail: nthacker@mvsd.ca E-Mail: mitchobach@hotmail.com
School Phone: School Phone:
Home Phone: Home Phone:

Neelin Spartans Vincent Massey Vikings

Head Coach: Robert Cullen Head Coach: Kevin Grindey

E-Mail: cullenr@yahoo.com E-Mail: grindey.kevin@brandonsd.mb.ca
School Phone: School Phone:
Home Phone: Home Phone:

Neepawa Tigers Virden Golden Bears

Head Coach: Pat Nicholson Head Coach: Doug Roach

E-Mail: pat@springhillfarms.ca E-Mail: droach@mts.net
School Phone: School Phone:
Home Phone: Home Phone:

Parkwest Outlaws
League Commissioner: Lorne Lagimodiere lornelag@hotmail.com
Head Coach: Bruce Waddell
E-Mail: Referee-I n-Chief: Darren Hardy hardy.darren@brandonsd.mb.ca
School Phone:
Home Phone:
Teams in the Manitoba Developmental Football League (J V)

Churchill Bulldogs

Head Coach: Kelsey McKay

E-Mail: bulldogs@mts.net
School Phone:
Home Phone:

Crocus Plains Plainsmen

Head Coach: Wyatt Urbanski

E-Mail: banski101@hotmail.com
School Phone:
Home Phone:

Grant Park Pirates

Head Coach: Mike Kennedy

E-Mail: lilmikey12@shaw.ca
School Phone:
Home Phone:

Neelin Spartans

Head Coach: Robert Cullen

E-Mail: cullenr@yahoo.com
School Phone:
Home Phone:

Vincent Massey Vikings

Head Coach: Kevin Grindey

E-Mail: grindey.kevin@brandonsd.mb.ca
School Phone:
Home Phone:
2007 Rural Manitoba Football League Schedule

Date Teams Teams Teams Teams Bye

Neelin @ Yorkton
Thurs Aug 23
Southwest @ Crocus Grant Park & Churchill @ Dauphin @ Birtle Neepawa @ Stonewall
Fri Aug 31
Neelin & Massey
Crocus @ Neelin Massey @ Dauphin Virden @ Stonewall Southwest @ Birtle Neepawa
Fri Sep 7
Dauphin @ Neelin Virden @ Southwest Stonewall @ Massey Birtle @ Neepawa Crocus
Fri Sep 14
J unior J amboree @Crocus
Sat Sep 15
Crocus @ Dauphin Southwest @ Stonewall Birtle @ Neelin Neepawa @ Virden Massey
Fri Sep 21
Massey @ Virden
Tues Sep 25
Neepawa @ Crocus Birtle @ Massey Neelin @ Southwest Stonewall @ Dauphin Virden
Fri Sep 28
J unior J amboree @ Virden
Sat Sept 29
Stonewall @ Crocus Virden @ Birtle Neepawa @ Southwest Neelin @ Massey Dauphin
Fri Oct 5
Crocus @ Virden Massey@ Neepawa Southwest @ Dauphin Neelin @ Stonewall Birtle
Fri Oct 12
J unior J amboree @ Dauphin
Sat Oct 13
Birtle @ Crocus Dauphin @ Neepawa Massey @ Southwest Virden @ Neelin Stonewall
Fri Oct 19
Crocus @ Massey Dauphin @ Virden Neelin @ Neepawa Southwest
Fri Oct 26 TBA
Stonewall @ Birtle (WPG)
Sat Oct 27
4@1 3@2 7@6 8@5 Semi Finals
Sat Nov 3
Sat Nov 10 RMFL Championships
2007 Manitoba Developmental Football League Schedule

Date Teams Teams Bye

Tuesday, Sept. 4 Grant Park @ Churchill Neelin @ Crocus Vincent Massey

Tuesday, Sept. 11 Neelin @ Churchill Crocus @ Massey Grant Park
Tuesday, Sept. 18 Churchill @ Massey Grant Park @ Neelin Crocus Plains
Tuesday, Sept. 25 Crocus Plains @ Grant Park Massey @ Neelin Churchill
Tuesday, Oct. 2 Churchill @ Crocus Plains Massey @ Grant Park Neelin
Tuesday, Oct. 9 MDFL Quarter Finals #3 Brandon @ # 2 Brandon Churchill, Grant Park
Tuesday, Oct. 9 Winner of Brandon Quarter #2 Winnipeg @ MDFL Semi Finals
Final @ #1 Brandon #1 Winnipeg
Oct 27 or 28 MDFL Championships at Canad I nns Stadium
Post Season

•Season Awards
•Team Photo
•Take in equipment
•Get film ready for
•Set schedule for off-
season training
Equipment Plainsmen Football Helmet I nventory

Inventory Size
Total Helmet Numbers

Sheets Medium




Plainsmen Football Shoulder Pad I nventory
•Shoulder Pads
•Clothing Size Total Shoulder Pad Numbers
•All other equipment Medium




Plainsmen Football Equipment I nventory Plainsmen Football Clothing I nventory

Varsity Game J erseys

Total J erseys J ersey Numbers
Pad Type Hip Pads Tail Pads Thigh Pads Knee Pads

J unior Varsity Game J erseys

Total J erseys J ersey Numbers

Total Pads Varsity Game Pants (Gold)

Size Pant Numbers

Girdles Small Medium Large Extra Large Medium

Total Girdles
Hard Soft XX-Large
Equipment Ankle Chin Chin Knee Belts Mouth
Braces Straps Straps Braces Guards Total Game Belts

J unior Varsity Game Pants (Black)

Size Pant Numbers
R Small
L Medium

Equipment Wrist Rib J ackets Neck Rolls Spiders Cowboy
Coaches Collars


Total Practice J erseys

Gold Maroon Black Other
Equipment Kicking Kicking Ball Pinner Footballs Repair Kit Medical
Tees Blocks Kit

Practice Pants
Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Contact Info:

Kevin Boyd

Download presentation at: