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How to develop creative propositions?

Case study of wheel lemon fresh

The problem of our lives!

The creative brief! What our worthy friends have to say?

Does not say ONE THING!

What EXACTLY needs to be said?

Sparks off no creative ideas!

But we went through all the rigour!

The RIGOROUS brief development process!

Resounding Concept winner

Top 1% bar winner

Where lies the problem?

Survived many brief challenges!

Brilliant insight

The problem with most briefs!

The proposition uninspiring!


The solution...


Post-it proposition

What is pi

Sparks of atleast 3 creative ideas! Proposition in NOT more then 5 words! Good enough to be the BRAND TAGLINE!

But how does one get to this PIP

INTERVENTION in our current brief dev. process

Winning concept/ product




Creative brief

Adcepts for creative development

What are adcepts?

Adcepts are stimulus for research They are not concepts Nor are they ads But contain enough of an idea to stimulate consumers to help you identify the best expression for a creative brief or in other words the PIP They look a bit like the contents of a creatives bin/half formed...scribbles

For example proposition:

big nose
So big, you can smell your own ear

Big nose

So big, one sneeze destroys Seattle

So big, you can conduct music with it

So big, you can smell the coffee in Brazil all the way from U.S.

Who writes adcepts?

Ideally, the creative teamalong with the brand team of Agency and Client This works like a BIN for the entire team to arrive at the most compelling and creative expression of the proposition And go on to become the springboard from which the creative takes a leap

How do you create adcepts?

Start with the winning brand propositions Cut the proposition in as may different ways that you can think Convert the ones that seem the most stimulating into adcepts (Illustration + Tagline) While adcepts are not creative ideas, they must all be quasi-creative and should have freedom for creative development It is NORMAL to have adcepts that: - Overlap - Uncover whole new areas - Not fit at all - Not make sense to anyone

How do you use these adcepts in research?

Rememberthey are stimuli to stimulate the respondents to help you get to the best expression Use them like a deck of cardsgenerally put about 15-20 into the group introduce them as very -very rough ideas and get respondents to talk about what they mean to sort them/to map them/to reject irrelevant ones to talk about what fits with the brand as they see it to explain what it is about any particular one that gives it its meaning It is very unlikely that any one adcept will win You are not looking for a winneryou are looking to get an expression that could lead to the winner

Adcepts in action Green Wheel Case History

Green wheel history and background

Launched in 1988, Green Wheel was an immediate success and helped arrest the HLL decline of share to Nirma In 1990, Green Wheel tried to gain share from Nirma by capitalising on its High Soda content which resulted in the Safe on Hands proposition While this proposition was initially helpful in gaining share, in the long run it started hurting the brand as it was seen as a mild powder which could not clean effectively Many campaigns had been done to boost the cleaning credentials of the brand, but the mild perception did not change This was yet another attempt at the same!

The need of the hour was.

To express the brands cleaning ability in a way that it was: - Unique from competition and what we had been saying
- Relevant to the Nirma consumer - Credible coming from what was seen as a mild brand - Compelling enough to get the Nirma user to try Wheel

The approach: laddering the benefit


less effort


Starting point: Winning Proposition tough dirt removal with less scrubbing giving you extra energy

Key task to find an expression which captured the laddered proposition & was creatively inspiring

In came the intervention


proposition & Expressions tested

Antidote for back breaking dirt

Wheel squeezes the dirt out of clothes, not the energy out of you Wheel breaks the back of dirt, not your back With Wheel you dont need clothes to beat clothes (with a brush/bat) to get rid of dirt.
Clingy Dirt

Wheel pulls out the most clingy dirt With Wheel it is less of a hassle to remove clingy dirt

Routes & Expressions tested

Lite Wash

With Wheel you are fresh & cheerful even after washing clothes Washing a bedsheet feels like washing a handkerchief. No need for a brush, only one finger to clean collars
Power wash

Turns your bucket into a washing machine Twice the foam gives you twice the power

Winning Adcepts

Wheel Mail ko nichode, aap ko nahi.

The word nichode, specifically, was picked up by consumers. According to consumers it described the effort that laundry takes up, well. The visual of the woman squeezing the lime was interpreted as the woman being able to do the laundry easily without any tension/hassle. The woman looking relaxed and in control was especially liked by consumers. Clearly an aspired need. The less effort was expected to come from scrubbing less.

Winning Adcepts

Wheel Mail ki kamar tode, aap ki nahi..

Here too it was the expression kamar tode that got respondents involved in the adcept. It was a very relevant expression of the effort that they put into washing.
There was a strong connect with tough dirt with this adcept, possibly because of the cleaning action being shown using the Chakra. Again less scrubbing was the expected benefit which would result in making washing less back breaking.

And this lead to the development of our


The pi

Post-it proposition

Kamar todh

Mail ka ilaaj!

Solution to back-breaking dirt!

And this inspiring PIP lead to a great

creative idea!

Evolution of the creative idea Well begun was half-done!

Solution to back-breaking dirt

How do we depict back-breaking dirt in a way that it does not depict drudgery!

Yet conveys the difficulty/effort in washing

Is there an established representative of tough clean who we can ride on?

The creative idea

Dhobi ki dhulai!
With our TG, Dhobi is a character who connotes difficult wash as that is what they give to him And it also gives the reassurance of a certain benchmark in quality Thus, the expression allowed us to communicate the duality of Tough Dirt & Less Effort