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Promoter Training Part 1

Strategic Marketing How to win at the shop?

Jan. 2012

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 1

Human Resource Development Company

Self Introduction Osamu(Oscar) Seo


Joined Panasonic 1975 Assigned Oversees Trainee Venezuela 1977 MEI Audio div., Export 1988 USA PCEC Marketing: Audio manager ~ GM 1997 Puerto Rico, MEP & PSC President 2001 Brazil, Panabras, Vice President 2002 Panalat & Paveca, President 2004 COMNA, GM 2005 Marketing Management Development Training Center, Executive Marketing Producer for Marketing 2009.12 Oscar Planning Corp. President

To bigin with



What is the work of sales?!

For customers, how can you add the highly enriched value to win the competitors? ! Store Display

sales using display effectively

display grasping the customers mind for life

(needs & wants)

display appealing the attractive points of products

Sales Talk
sales fitting to each customer recommendation

of product fitting for each customer
products responding to customers needs & wants


Improvement of Customers Satisfaction, Oscar/HRDC Increase of LifeLong Customers

Seminar Program
Prologue Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5

What is the marketing?! Understand the customer Strategy Canvas How we should convey the Product Concept? Sales Talks Store Building Event Program 52 weeks Event
Layout, Exbition, POP, Presentation



Something wronggenerally speaking;

a Boiled F og
If you throw a f og into boiled hot water, a f og at surprise jumps out of the water But put a f og into water and gradually rise the temperature, a f og slowly goes dead in the boiled water at last People tend to get accustomed to the surroundings in case the status slowly & gradually changes even if it is abnormal. People gradually go losing their sensitivity & sensibility towards the circumstances in daily lives, which drives them to the tragedy in the end.

Theory of a Boiled f og =Terminology of Management 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 6 administration studies

What are requested you to ask yourselves are;

-Do you appropriately check out your manners in business by yourselves? -Do you appropriately check out the manners in business of your teams/your organizations by yourselves?

Check !?
On what kind of information!? -> What should/must be coped with? -> What are insufficient, unsatisfactory and the next? -> How we implement into specific & practical actions?
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 7

the importance lies in;

For yourselves and/or for the team you belong to -What do you see/understand? -What do you not see/understand? -What do you do OJT) in appropriate manners? -What do you not do (OJT) in appropriate manners?
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC


Individual worksheet
(1) What you think you have done/what you can do in appropriate manners.



-Please describe what you have thought and what you see/feel/what you are thinking upon the following 4 perspectives; (2) What you think you have not done/what you cannot do in appropriate manners.

(3) What you think you see/what you understand.

(4) What you think you do not see/what you do not understand.

-Please describe your :

you you can you do you



find out the reason if you are not doing in appropriate manners?

Individual worksheet


-Please describe what you have thought and what you see/feel/what you are thinking upon the following 4 perspectives; (2) What you think you have not done/what you cannot (1) What you think you have done/what you can do in do appropriate manners. in appropriate manners. a)Understanding the importance of STP analysis and and gap filling analysis in work assignment application b)Applying shop concept creation and new VA quality service in work discussion consensually c)Further understanding of Strategy Canvass & cross SWOT analysis (3) What you think you see/what you understand. a)Learning the importance of new shop concept management & quality value service to attract target customers at high traffic areas for Business System products b)Conduct Strategy Canvass and SWOT analysis for each SI partners , project partners and channel partners c)Make use INFLUENCERS effectively in achieving your target -Please describe your :
you you can you do you


To share the new skill acquired with Sales and Marketing staff

b)To explain clearly the rationale of each PDCA action taken and narrow the gap analysis to achieve desirable result c)To reinforce on the importance of human networking relationship at all levels for performance achievement (4) What you think you do not see/what you do not understand. a)The importance of successful managing the shop concept for result achievement 000000000000000000 utilizing cross SWOT analysis b)The importance of and gap analysis as strategy tool c)The importance of organizing information by Pentagon model in gathering important points & contents of action coping with customers




find out the reason if you are not doing in appropriate manners?

Individual worksheet
(1) What you think you have done/what you can do in appropriate manners.
a) Understanding the importance of PEST or circumstance analysis in forecasting possible market changes. b) Utilise Gap Filling Analysis to most effectively target those customers with the largest potential. c) Apply Strategy Canvas to determine specific channel strategies and target competitors in each channel & utilise cross SWOT analysis to identify strategies to emphasis strengths and minimise the effects of threats.


-Please describe what you have thought and what you see/feel/what you are thinking upon the following 4 perspectives; (2) What you think you have not done/what you cannot do in appropriate manners.
a) Accurately identify the key influencers in each channel partner and develop strategies that can allow beneficial access to these key personnel.

Sampl e


b) Set up and have sales executives understand and fully utilise a Strategic New Model Concept Sheet and also change their approach to PAU products from feature focused to a benefits focused approach and have our customers take the same approach. c) Manage the conflicting motivations that can affect the PDCA action to be performed and also clearly defining a successful result (short term gain vs. long term growth).

(3) What you think you see/what you understand.

a) Conduct Strategy canvas and GAP Analysis for key channel partners by region. b) The power of collaboration with key influencers e.g. Ken Duncan is LUMIX ambassador. c) Creating a value add proposition for LUMIX Tough DSC for both key channel partners and also end users.

(4) What you think you do not see/what you do not understand.
a) How to best manage 7 lines of communication within the pentagon model and remain efficient in the day to day requirements of the business. b) How to keep the status quo situation up to date and how regularly to perform cross swot & gap analysis. c) Justifying the ideal figure for PAU (a real world situation or based on mid term plan or business plan).

-Please describe your :

you you - Explore the relationships with each of the 7 lines of communication (their interdependencies & similarities in information needs. - Formalise timing for reviewing status Quo and key events/circumstances to cause a re-assess. - Work within the guidelines of senior management- availability of marketing funds, pricing and other financial factors can severely affect the launch, product lifecycle and advertising strategies of a product. can you do you - Formalise the analysis and review on a regular basis (PDCA) - Gap Filling Analysis work with channel partners for regular data that allows ongoing (or live) updates on the gap filling and also automatic identification ion of where gaps are present. find out the reason if you are not doing in appropriate manners? 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC - Understand & work with key channel partners to develop strategies that will allow access to key influencers - Work with senior sales management and staff to understand why current situation is the way it is. - Discuss with top management motivations in the short term and also key focuses in the long term.


Remarkable Features of this Seminar

Accumulation of Knowledge

Power to turn Knowledge to Practical Use

cf. School Education and Education for Member of Society (Business men/women)




Remarkable Features of this Seminar

Accumulation of Knowledge

Power to turn Knowledge to Practical Use

cf. School Education and Education for Member of Society (Business men/women)




Basic Standpoint of this workshop

Did you understand

make you understand

Can you do it
try and implement









Continuous movement/ operat Marketplace (noun) Do business Bring (customers) together(verb), (verb) Make customers(verb) Sell at marketplace (verb)

Marketing for Manufacturing company: To establish Customers reputation & trust in ourselves in manners of creating & providing Customers value in our products
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 16


= all that we the manufa cturing compa Management administration process ny to satisfy both of Customers & organizations does!

needs with creating & providing valuable products & services

= Survival battle to be chosen on behalf of customers satisfaction = establish the competitive superiority, and win the battle Products & Services MORE to be chosen & Supported by customers
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

Increase customers, increase and increase profits sales,


Power of Marketing
Power of Products
-Product development -Needs & wants -Technologies -Production -Creative & innovative -Mass pro. & -Price competitiveness Cost down -Information/ intelligence -Communication/ Presentation -Prods.info. -Benefit presentation -SP planning -Collaboration -integrity

Power of Marketing

Power of Promotion

Power of Sales practice


-Understandings -inner persuasiveness on Customer

-outer persuasiveness -understandings on Competitors & networking -Understandings Oscar/HRDC 18

on our SWOT

Introduction: Konosuke Matsushita's 30 Basic Principles for Business

1. Business provides a service to society and to people, and profit is natural compensation for this service. 6.Not compliments before selling but services after selling make loyalty in customers 7. Be willing to answer any customer complaint. Think of it as a "message from God." 10. Be aware that customers who buy 1 yen's worth of goods are more important to the fortune of a store than those who buy 100 yen's worth. 11. Do not sell by force and do not sell what customers prefer, but sell what would be of some help for customers. 15. It is good to sell good products. It is even better to sell a lot of good products by advertising them. 20. One way to attract customers is to keep your displays pristine at all times.

28. Make your store lively. Work with energy. A store full of life attracts customers. 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC


Concept of CS lies in Management Philosophy that the Founder launched in 1936

Founder said: Do not sell by force and do not sell what customers prefer, but sell what would be of some help for customers. Not compliments before selling but services after selling make loyalty in customers

-Underline the points of contacts with customers. -Prioritize true satisfactions of customers.
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 20

Value adds Value added






Ref. Understanding Value

For customers, value is expressed as comparison of benefits (utility) and cost

Value = Benefits Cost

Benefits Practical benefit Emotional benefit Cost Monetary cost Time cost Energy cost Mental Cost Cf. Mind change from 4P to 4C
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 22

Our Help (What to do) 4 Stages of Customers Value

Unexpected Value
Value Factors to raise the Feeling of Surprise Gratitude

Desirable Value
Not Expected but Highly Evaluated Factors if added to Products

Expectative Value
Due Value Factors for Purchase

Basic Value
Basic Essential Value Factors for Purchase
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

Satisfactory Level Due Level


Quoted from Carl

Consideration into actual consumption fields

What do consumers pay for?




What value do consumers pay for?

Survive in consumers selection

One budget
Choices are plural. Priority?
Evoked Set Competitive Set The One!

Options people have interests in

Options within a selection

Final options

Final decision




Plus; understanding upon consumers decision making Do you really clarify why Yes? and why No? in Qty & Quality?
Battles to sur vive in the Mind-set of consumer s Competitive Set Yes! No! No! The One!

Evoked Set Yes! No!

T Brands of candidates

Final Elimination


Then; Do you really clarify how do we survive to the end?

Evoked Set Yes! No! No!

Competitive Set Yes! The One!

Brands of candidates



T Decision

Final Elimination

What is to be confirmed is

Marketing =Practical studies

Hard to practice, despite we understand it very much!

=to be learned in the fact, the actual phenomena and the experiences




Our founder said:

Our product is like my daughter!




In order to win.

We have to strengthen your strength at the shop!


Area Product Competitor Target Customer Lider Input Data



Ideal Figure

Obtain target # 1 with in Photo share of 42 % Specialty DSL by March of Micro within 12 2011 . Months ( current share ( Currently 40 % is 23 %) want 75 % )

Area Product

Current Share is Attain # 1 share 30 % TV share of 20 % ( 42 %) profitably New College Grads Goal of 30 % in 3D with a in the U . S . by Q3 2010 share minimum target 2014 . of 6 models 2010 : 8 %, 2012 : 16 %, placed on the 2014 : 30 % floor by September 2010 College Grads from New York Photo Specialty Colorado Eastern Region Metro Channel in USA Key Account top 20 Campus Univ NPD reporting cities accounts DSC Long Zoom G Series DSL DMP - BD65 3D FHDTV X2 / D2 Series TV Micro ( Lumix ) with iPod / iPhone Connectivity Olympus 60 % share Photo Research Org . PRO NPD Accounts Anne Samsung current Samsung share 23 % ( Sony 25 %) Ultimate HH Gregg Vizio

D Sample

Competitor Canon Customer Leader

Regional Retail Fumihiro Usuki Major

Online retailers & Panasonic Direct ( online ) Brian H .

Liza Patton

Kate B .

Input Data Mark

Presentatio n


Cheryl Herbert

Scott K .


Kirk / Dave


Vic Carlson

Kevin F ./ Kate B .

Jaime / Dan



What you have to do ....



Challenge to the top

Evidence of Customers Maximum Satisfaction Panasonics Mission to repay Favor

Repayment of Favor to Society Justice
You have to win sales battle . You have to achieve top share .) For this purpose you have to enhance economic value of product and value of product itself . It is not always that products with nice economic value sell well . Value of product itself must be added .

The most important factor of products value is good result that Panasonic has bestowed to society, impression to its result, concept (1953)



For your references: How to judge Shares

Coupemans measurement
Monopoly share Comparatively stable share Influential share Competing share Recognized share Living-bottom share Critical share shows monopoly position with absolute safe & superior condition.


41.7 26.1 19.3

grants stable position in case of more than 3 players.

shows the one is just a bit ahead, which influences upon the market.

often seen in the situation of competition among plural players. 26.1 could be the next target. allows being recognized ascompetitive by others.

10.9 6.9 2.8

allows being recognized at minimum level in the market.

implies turning point to be able to live or not.



. Understand the customer

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 35





Designing Product Lineups

Diffusion Rate
Strategic Lines Supplementary Lines

Followers Early Adopters Innovators

high Price

Main lines



PromotingVertical Raising-up
Followers Diffusion Rate
Strategic prods. Supplementary prods. Main prods.
03/09/12 38

Launch Strategic & Supplementary prods. simultaneously, to avoid price-decline.

Early Adopters Innovators
. Gain ROI in short term

high Price Low

Relationship with Customers? Speculations of Customers Development

General Customers General Customers who pay for our Value Presentation Cultivate Trial Users Trial Users Bring up
who designate ours among all

Loyal Users Loyal Users who continue designating ours among all Maintain Fans as Recommenders Fans as Recommenders
03/09/12 39

How do we promote Product Marketing ?

Sales group

that has direct access points upon the market

Breathing daily with the market

Evaluation upon the present Products performance

Interpretation of expectations and needs

Wholesal ers

Distribut ors/ Vendors


Consume rs




Two key points for selection : energy efficiency and cleaning functions .
A majority of respondents attach importance to air purification features .
Consumers show interest in air conditioning features other than cooling and heating , such as negative ions , dehumidification , and humidification , in addition to air purification Cleaning functions . 2 73 N = 310 MA Others 1 . 9 Energy efficiency . 8 84 80 70 Stainless material Ventilation functions. 4 28 60 2.3 50 40 Panel indications 53 . 2 Air purification functions 30 0.3 20 10 Heating capabilities. 6 12 Negative ions ( ion mist ) 28 . 1

Key Points of Product Selection for Next Purchases : Air Conditioners

Compressor size 12 . 9 Quiet operations 34 . 2 7.7 Remote control s ease of use

Design8 . 7

Humidification . 7 19 21 Dehumidification . 3


Oscar/HRDC Functions sensing people s presence 10 . 3

41 Rank order Other focuses

2. Overlook upon the market, and grasp the status of competition

Collection of fundamental data for Bench Marking

Status Quo of Competitors Products Qty of demands, Rate of diffusion, Rate of growth, Products feature, etc.

Status Quo of Competitors Performance Share, Product line-ups, Advertisement, POP, etc.


Examine the performance of Products & Services

Put necessary information Put necessary information on INAI Chart on INAI Chart Visualize actual battle fields
<Actual; ex-year> <Plan; this year>
Gross Our Demands share Gross Our Demands share

Elaborate into Share & positioning analysis to clarify Problems & Opportunities.
<Actual; this year>
Ours Competitor Competitor A B

(vertical axis)

Usages categories Customers groups

Price categories

Product categories

Industrial groups




DSC Sales record by price categories(June, 2002)

Share by price groups

DSC-F707 0.4% \108,409

EOS D60 0.2% \270,394 PS G2 0.5% \81,834 PS S30 2.4% \54,270

Fuji Film
FP S2 Pro 0.07%, \229,959 FP S602 0.4% \92,102 FP 601 2.5% \55,986


D100 0.7% \230,168 CP4500 0.11% \71,824


\ 100K+ \70~100K

DMC-LC5 0.04%, \80,821


DSC-S85 0.2% \73,372



DMC-LC40 0.05% \66,616

DSC-P9 3.5% \68,708 DSC-P5 3.3% \55,494

PS S40 2.2% \63,629 IXY300a 2.0% \50,672 FP 401 4.2% \46,230

720 UZ 3.2% \55,565 40 Z 1.2% \62,219 300 Z 2.8% \37,258 700 UZ 1.5% \45,481 CP2500 2.1% \35,527 CP775 1.3% \34,262 CP885 0.8% \48,925 2Z 3.8% \27,999 2 1.3% \19,497 44 CP2000 0.2% \27,789

DMC-F7 1.6% \41,615

DMC-LC20 0.8% \35,203

DSC-P2 6.4% \45,858 DSC-P71 2.1%, \44,344 DSC-P31 1.5%, \28,303

IXY 200a 4.0% \45,781 PS A40 2.9% \32,128 PS A100 0.8% \18,489

FP 2600Z 3.5% \31,502 FP 4500 1.1% \34,450 FP A201 2.4% \23,016 FP 30I 2.3% \28,089




Collecting~Using Information as the Basic

Know the Customer Know the Competitors Know Yourself

To win the battle of being selected by customers

What should be done Why , What & How

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 45


Training for engineers

Customized Spec

No . of Product Categor

Strategy Canvas

Our company

Technology service

Customer Needs

Instant Delivery Response speed Parts Inventory Quality Delivery

Customer Needs
5.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0



Brand Image Sales Person Price Advanced feature


Customers Needs
Close to the area and taking cares well Friendly attitude with customers

Exampl e

Easy to shop in with welcoming every customer Enjoyable & demo in display to appeal the products attractiveness Spaces for communication betwn customers & the shop Attitude & services that place a value upon every customer Proposals & advices that provides customers with ideas of life Having variety of events at regular basis Clean and well maintained in-store spaces
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 47

What is the customer needs for promoters?

Customer Needs
Good explanation about the product difference
Good explanation about the use of the product Good & easy understanding about the product instolation Explanation about the price difference Good and easy explanation and demonsnration about the principle product feature Good product benefits presentation Good listen attitude about customers problem & worrying points Good explanation about related product

mple Sa

Prioirty of Evaluation Evaluation the Panasonic Competitor Customer











Good explanation about garunty of the product


Group Discussion Skill

Output and Share of each members View and Opinion)

Finding discuss from multi-angle viewpoint Whats problem? Briefly and Massively All members should output equally See the total picture at the white board List up key words! . Do not sum up ! Write down concretely and specifically. Do not spoil the cards of Ugly chicken Do not delete! . All participants write down at first even duplicated, OK Then do not miss the key words, findings of all participants. Discuss deeply and ask Why so, why not? Anyway discuss and find out as much as possible within the limited time.
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 49

< >


Do not deny ! as much as possible Do not change into another words.

Group Work #




Group Work #1

Strategy Canvas
Customer Needs

aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff ggg hhh iii aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff ggg hhh iii aaa bbb ccc ddd eee

Our company strength Our company weakness Competitors strength Competitors weakness 03/09/12



La Curacao Needs 5
4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0

PCEC Sample Panasonic


Findings : -Our company Strength- high product Quality, and brand image, we support La Curacaos training, event and product needs, good MSRPs and Margins Our company Weakness-Providing product assets info in Spanish, we dont provide timely roadmap info, our product aesthetic need work Competitors Strength- great looking product, timely and complete roadmap, Samsung provides Spanish collateral and assets, very margin competitive Competitors Weakness- not a lot of in-store support, or back end funding, no specific Spanish training or event support, minimal catalog adv funding 52 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

Matters to be studied in Strategy Canvas

What should be removed in the factors provided / installed to product / service as common sense of industry?


What factor ( that has not been provided in our industry ) should be added in the future?


What factor should be drastically decreased drastically increased compared with standard of compared with standard of industry? industry

New Value Increase Curve What factor should be

(the Source Blue Ocean Strategy Random House . Kodansha ,

0 3 /0 9 /1 2 53

How can we convey the product Correctly ?




Basic speculations in marketing planning

1. What is the intention/aim of planning the products?
-maintain, bring-up and market making, the objectives(share), etc.

2. Who are the customers of the products?

-clarify the specific target users to achieve the objectives

3. Who are the competitors of the products?

-Verify the real competitors.

4. Do the products represent the social trend?

-Market, Status quo changes

5. What are the benefit of the products for customers?


-clarify the psychological & functional benefits for the customers



6. Are the products convincing enough as customers benefit?

-utilize the technological & marketing assets that Panasonic has

7. Is there a proof that the consumption of the products would not be a bad bargain?
-The things brought to the market by Panasonic? Branding!

8. What are the top sales points of the products?

-clarify the U.S.P. based upon Product cone theory

9. Where to sell, where to buy?

-Do customers really know where to buy the peripherals?

10. How do the Products gain awareness?

-Do we really reach the customers?
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 56

1. The intention of Products (Goal,

in what kinds of market do we want to obtain?

hat position

The weapons = the products we deal with

Diffusio Objectives n rate

The starting point of Product marketi

Maintain the market performance Demands of replacement Expand the market performance Demands of replacement & new introduction Cultivate the market demands Creating new market

e . g . in Japan
Flat display TV DSC

High Mid

Establish trust ( Brand ) Establish superiority ( Competitive advantages ) Establish uniqueness ( new fields )


Dual display




2. Who are the customers for the products?

Specify the target so that their specific images can be shared Clarify Representing profile ( personal image of the persons ) Daily lives , Consumption amount ( disposable income ), Household members ( ages )

Factors Geographic Population statistical

Specifications e . g . Regions , Climates , Culture, etc . Ages , Sexes , Income, etc . Urban , Rural , Remote places , etc . Aged , the rich , Business executives , etc . Out - door lovers , Innovative , etc .

Characteristi Lifestyles, cs etc .

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

STP: Manners of strategic marketing

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning should be defined prior to clarification of the value of products
Clarifying the value of products

Selection Segmentation Positioning & of customers concentration of theof the value market

entify the customers Define the appeal points / the points to be Target whom we want to sell
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC


- Segmentation
Geographical Segmentation e . g . North - eastern heavy - snowy area , + 300K population , etc . Demographical Segmentation e . g . age of 20 - 34 , having under school children , + \10M annual income , owning cars , etc . Psychological / Behavioral Segmentation e . g . conservative , service oriented , - Targeting daily use & heavy users high loyalty , on Select, & concentrate etc . one or a couple of market to be targeted in case management resources are restricted .

e . g . Design - oriented

Single functione d

Our Prod s.

Multi functione d - Positioning

Function - oriented

Clarify the differences from the others . Clarify the positioning on the map of matrix diagram 60 Oscar/HRDC


Parameters of segmentation

Geographica l

Area e . g . Thailand , India City size e . g . + 300K Population density e . g . urban Climate e . g . snowy , rainy

Age e . g . 50 - 64 Sex male , female Household categories e . g . single , Demographic +4 Life stages : e . g . having under school al children Income levels : + \10M annual income Others : occupation , on of these explanatory factors ;educational e . g . living in background , religion , races , etc . Life styles : e . g . conservative , innovative Character : e . g . socializing , ambitious Usages : e . g . daily use or not Points of selection : e . g . quality , services Psychologic price , experiences : e . g . experienced or Usage al not , heavy or light / Usage frequency : e . g . light / middle / heavy behavioral Loyalty : high / mid / low / none Primary stages : e . g . being aware , having purchase intention Attitude : e . g . favorable , not
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

urban area , age of 20 - 3


Positioning products value

Clarify the differences from the others Clarify the positioning on the map of matrix diagram e.g. e.g. Specify what it should be compared Gross merchandized Fashion / design oriented with Depa
GMS rtme nt stor es

Less servic es

Disc ount stor es

High -end bout ique s

High servic es

Single function ed

Bs pro ds

As pro ds .

Multi function ed
Our pro ds .

Professional / limit ed merchandized

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

Less fashionable

3. Who are the competitors of the products?

E n e m ie s a re n o t o n ly in th e sa m e in d u stry b u t in o u r o w n p ro d u ct lin e s a n d th e o th e r in d u strie s . O u r o w n p ro d u cts Break - through ( Hit models at ( Specs , cost , etc .) p re se n t) T h e p ro d u cts o f th e co m p e tito rs Sharpening up in th e sa m e in d u stry the concept ( competitive m o d e ls ) The Diversification of p ro d u cts / se rv ice s Consumers o f th e o th e r options in d u strie s ( They have the only wallet !) ( Competitive values )



urally arrange the information to be no

3 la y e re d stru ctu re
Decisive words in business talks ( talk in a single word )


Benefits B


( How beneficial compared with our previous models and competitors products )


Benefits A


Method , Price , Shape

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC



To whom and what do you appeal?

Sales Company Dealer Dealer User

Key phrase

Key Phrase for having the product dealt Benefits for dealing Materials for benefits

Key Phrase for purchase


Benefits for use

Contents to back up benefits





5 . Benefits of the product for customers ?


by obtaining the products

- Benefits Contents of Satisfaction

Bene fits


Satisfied with function and capacity

Psychological Mentally satisfied



Extraction of psychological and functional benefits of target customers Oscar/HRDC


6 . What is the persuasive power to prove the benefits of the products? - Attributes Charact Clarification of er technology and details to prove benefits


e . g . Brand

e . g . Size , Price ....

Attribut es


Support for Benefit by practically using company s own technology and Oscar/HRDC

7. Is it taken for granted as a best buy?

Safety & credit reach the mind of customers at a first glance.

Copies ( words ) Form , materials ( design ) Corporate posture ( Brand )

Product Concept Design Concept Business Concept

Sales : people, and company are the main cast .

Presentation skills in consideration of
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC


8 . C la rify th e S a le s P o in ts o f th e p ro d u cts

Chara cter

- Character Product Features

in a single word .


Elements of the Product product cone ) Stare at your competitors from the viewpoints of 3 elements of product cone ! Oscar/HRDC

Attribu tes

Example of Group Work

PX Market

Model FX9

In a single phrase Good-bye, shaky photos! Just watch it, non-stop. Noise free listening with comfort fit Double your zoom The long distant shot is in your grasp. Its 30X Feel the simple and dynamic color
Unleash the Powers/Activate the Powers

LS930 HC300 LZ2 GS35

(Portable DVD)


TH-42PD50 HT930PX


9. Where can the products be bought?

The touching points betn the purchasers and the business(products):

Product values

Delivery (sold-out?) Presence (purchasers, users) (time, treatment)

Power to pull customers

Conveniences Access, locations

Place of Accessories,peripheral goods should be clarified as well.
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 71

10. How should the Ads of the products be? Communicate Values to the purchasers(& users)!

Make the products/ people talk to Make the display faces in the stores talk to Directly talk to

Interpret the concept in the pamphlets

Store staff training, Displays, POPs, prices

Internet, leaflet, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.

Good rumor stagnates, but bad rumor spreads Fast(especially over internet).
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 72

Aim of Development

-Age 1 . To achieved 10 % mkt share of DSC 20 - 35 years old -Male 70 % , Female 30 % Compact -B class above 2. -Outdoor and active sport user 3 . Target units is 60 , 500 units Customers Needs 4. 1 . Who need tough using or field work 5 . To achieved MM target 55 % units Who need high picture quality 2. base 3 . Travelers who prefer HD movie and wider shoot which is 33 , 275 units / 2 , 773 per mth

Target customer

Samp le

Product Concept
C Character

Model DMC - FT1 specifically!

Intelligent Tough hybrid camera


1.Varieties field work usage 2.Two in one camera (Movie & Still cam) with HD quality 3.Instead of you, Lumix can think 1.Water proof / Shock proof / Dust proof / Frost proof 2.AVCHD motion picture format 3.Intelligent auto mode (Shake, Motion, Face, Scenes, Light Detection and Face recognition and AF tracking)
Oscar/HRDC 73



Aim of Development

1.To achieved 10% mkt share of DSC Compact 2. 3.Target units is 60,500 units 4. 5.To achieved MM target 55% units base which is 33,275 units / 2,773 per mth

Target customer

Product Concept

Model DMC-FT1 specifically!

Intelligent Tough hybrid camera

-Age 20-35 years old -Male 70% , Female 30% -B class above -Outdoor and active sport user Customers Needs 1. Who need tough using or field work 2. Who need high picture quality 3. Travelers who prefer HD movie and wider shoot

Samp le




Write down Solution (easy 1.Varieties field work usage sentence to understand )

2.Two in one camera (Movie & Still cam) with HD quality 3.Instead of you, Lumix can think 1.Water proof / Shock proof / Dust proof / Frost proof 2.AVCHD motion picture format 3.Intelligent auto mode (Shake, Motion, Face, Scenes, Light Detection and Face recognition and AF tracking) Oscar/HRDC 74


To elaborate into the Products features:

=Product cone Character
in a phrase

Benefit Attributes

to prove the benefit


To elaborate into concept Oscar/HRDC


Speculations of the checks

the product the competitors and / or the previous one

In what way is Differentiating different from

Competitive Convincing Acceptable


In what way is the product superior to the competitors and / or the previous ones of ours?

Is the benefit / value of the product satisfactorily verified with objective and persuasive proof?

How many consumers of the target group will designate and support the product






Aim of Development

Target customer

Customers Problem

Product Concept






Oscar/HRDC 78





Typical customer questions for sales staff: customers want professional advice and
information. After comparing a few products, a customer will ask the salesperson what 1 exactly are the differences. Customers will especially want to know the differences from the best seller. Customers will ask about the differences between cheap and expensive What are the differences between that product and this one? products. Questions about product comparisons

Seo's advice

Customers looking for products whose energy consumption is inevitably larger, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, will seek detailed information about the main feature, asking, for example, "could you give me some more information about this product's energy saving performance?" Customers will ask how to check the main feature, asking, for example, "I want a Could you give me more information about this function? powerful vacuum-cleaner, but how can I check the dust collecting power?"

Questions about the main features

ooking for something for XXXX, and which product would you recommend?

Questions about usage and purpose of The customer will ask if a particular product can serve his needs. For example, use customers looking for a microwave oven will ask "I want to cook using a very hot oven. How powerful is this product?" "Can I use this vacuum-cleaner outdoors?"

The customer will explain about his living environment and ask how he should use a particular product or what are the criteria for product selection. "I have a 29-inch TV now, and if I buy a slim type, what would be the largest size that you recommend? room is about XXXX square meters. Which product would fits nicely into my room?"

Questions about installation

The customer will seek explanations of the functional differences which lead to the price differences, asking, for example, "this product and that one are different in price, so what are the differences in function?" The How much discount would you offer on this? customer will check if the price is reasonable, asking, for example, "is this a discount price?"

Question about the price



Source: Tsukasa Tokudaira, "Manual for manufacturers' sales staff".

Questions Frequently Asked by Customers (1)

Prepare answers to and POP materials that provide explanations to FAQs in advance.
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


Questions Difficult to Answer/Respond to

(1) (2) (3) 03/09/12




Questions Frequently Asked by Customers (1)

Sampl Prepare answers to and POP materials that provide explanations to FAQs in advance. e
FAQs Answers/Responses
Its new technology that can detect shaking, face, Blur, Lighting and Focus in the same time. Camera will select the most setting scenes for us by only one button operation The camera that include camcorder technology inside with Still camera. So it able to use both function in the same camera Lumix provide 2 years warrantee for all customers but others competitors Provide only 1 year Its High Definition movie format with 1980x1080 which suitable with HDTV And users will able with high quality picture in big screen Picture quality when shooting underwater and on ground is same since camera have underwater mode that adjust ISO and lighting more brighter for underwater

(1) What is Intelligent Auto Mode? (2) (3) (4) What is Hybrid Camera ? How many warranty years does Lumix serve ? What is AVCHD Format ?

How different of picture quality between normal (5) and underwater shooting ?

Questions Difficult to Answer/Respond to

(1) Are Motion picture quality same as camcorder?

Picture quality is same because its use same HD format as AVCHD with camcorder

Why Panasonic water proof only 3m but Olympus Even Olympus able to detect 10m, its only snorkeling dive same as 3m water proof. (2) Water proof 10m?
Because Lumix make lens diameter bigger than other in order (3) Why Lumix body is too thick compare with others?to make better quality than others and we have OIS inside 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 82 also

Strategy Canvas

FAQ & Answers Product Concept

tom us fit C ne Be

rs e



Customers Viewpoint


For your understandings;

-the products being developed with intentions What kinds of products are they? (How different from the existing ones, how superior, How are they convincing us?)
-From the market(Wholesales/retails, consumers, society)

=Product concept

the key information to be understood, to be sympathized with, to be supported, and to be chosen(to be purchased)

A group pf information of being communicated to be well chosen cf. Form/design & Catalogue & store front =Means as medias to convey prioritized information

They reveal as consequences of communication, how is the set of concept working at retails!?84 03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC

For your references; Product launching into competitive market

Share & confirm intention & concept of the product

Advertorials (Advertisement, publicities) <C>

Produc t
1. Objectives 2. Target customers 3. Benefit 4. Attribute 5. U.S.P.

Inner Promotion <A> (Sales)


Wholes Consu ale mers & <B> retails In-store promotion (Sales promotion Oscar/HRDC activities)


Group work Worksheet(2)

Key action planning Key action planning

Points of action

Contents of the key action

Bud get

(1)Trade promotion

Pana sonic

To strengthen the strength!? (1)

Sales Co.

Purchas ers Target users Benefici aries


Store Staff

To communicate Whole what we want to communicate sale retailswhom we want to communicate!? to

(3)Advertorial s

(2)In-store promotion

Chain H.Q.

Points of action




Group work Worksheet(2)

Key action planning Key action planning

Points of action

Contents of the key action

Bud get

(1)Trade promotion

Pana sonic

To strengthen the strength!? (1)

(2)In-store promotion


Purchas ers Target users Benefici aries

Sales Co.


Store Staff

To communicate what we want to communicate Whole sale to whom we want to communicate!?

retails (3)Advertorial s

Chain H.Q.

Points of action




Action Plan sheet


Annual Evet Program

Strategy Canvas




Session .

Sales Talks
To win your competitors, what is the sales talks with higher enriched value for the customers
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 89

Desirable sales activities at shops

Proposing Users benefits that fit Customers own styles!
Sales of by this time & from now on

Sales by this time

Propose to fit Customers budget

Sales from now on

Propose to fit Customers manners & styles of use in living

Functions, features


Function, features that fit manners & styles of usages

Satisfactions Users benefit

Do you really provide services that clarify benefits of the products and satisfy customers ?
Cf. Budget & actual purchase amount

Satisfied Budget & actual purchase amount

Presumably 40% of customers chose & bought the products that excess the budget they initially considered. (Panasonic surveyed) 03/09/12

with the features & variety of functions rather than the prices

Quality of products & Reasons why to excess quality budget of contacts are the #1 Higher-functioned models appealed more. decisive points! #2 Salesperson recommended #3 Decided by touching & trying at shops #4 Larger models appealed more. #5 Oscar/HRDC No lower-priced models than the budget are available. 90

Types of customers & Sales styles (1)

Judge Customers types in visiting and approach effectively!
e.g. Types of customers

Less concerns & less Demanding, Just looking visitors

Decide upon advices by shop staff rather than self consideration towards product

Make much of criticisms, Popularity & objective Information/data

Own ones opinion of Yes/No which would not be moved by words of shop staff

Solution seekers
Research by one selves Confirm at shops and decide

Male visitors alone

Aged couples Aged males The rich

Family Young couples Young females

Young males

AV/movie Freaks Family who wants replacement

Which types of customers do you often see at your shops?



91 Fill out the %.

Types of customers & Sales styles (2)

Is your style Customer-oriented or Sales-oriented?
e.g. Styles of sales High

Which is your style?

Concerns in Customers

Hi-touch & communication-oriented

Put importance upon Communication with customers, as a result, sell well.

Solution provider

Consider much from customers viewpoints to reach best available achievements

Steadily balanced
Confident in ones skills Compromise in cases Have time to proceed sales

Recommend & sell products with full of information knowledge which one is confident in High



Concerns in sales activities

Oscar/HRDC Which is your type?



Types of customers & Sales styles (3)

Consider effective approaches customer by customer!
Effective Types of customers & Sales styles Fair Ineffective

Types of Customers






Your types of Sales styles
Hi-touch & Communication -oriented

Less response Difficult to reach closing Neat product guidance may Bring chances to sell Aggressive guidance may Bring chances to sell

Building trust be The key to selling Probable to be loyal Pull out positive responses & reach selling

Friendly but less product explanation would not reach selling

Less explanatory Give up for negative approaches be response ineffective Need active approaches Need preparations to rebuttals from customers Tend to repel, but probable to understand with each other, which reaches selling Stimulate customers concerns & promote them to reach appropriate decisions

Steadily balanced
Steady by less active

2 3

Best matching! Lots of chances of selling

Would respond to accurate Product information Would respond to accurate Product information Sympathized with each other in the process of 93 solution building

Active but excessive pushing

Underline product features makes customers reach decisions

Provide hints for Customers to reach decisions

Appropriate 03/09/12 advices to meet customers needs

Solution provider

Raise up concerns & make touch-points with customers

Provision of Product Provision of Product information helps information satisfies Customers clarify customers more Oscar/HRDC their own needs

03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC 94

Sales talks to reach decisions of customers

Understanding how to effectively cultivate customers mind that would increase purchase rate
se.g. Sales talks to raise purchase rate Flow of Sales talks
Approach Observation Observation s s Survey Finding Finding Needs Needs Sympathize d Recommendat Recommendat ion ion Persuade Product Product Explanation Explanation & trials & trials

Purc hase
Decision to purchase
Appeal Appeal Merits Merits & benefits & benefits

Credibility increases
Push Productsby proposals Products Informa Informa & & tion tion Peripher Peripher To To al al raise raise informat informat demands demands ion ion credibility after purchase

Approach Approach ing ing

Let customers closely Examine the products

Question Question ing ing

Ask needs & how & why the expectations considering sexes, products meet ages of customers the customers Find chance to demands/needs Speak to

Solve Solve the the Closing Closing Increasi Increasi dissatis dissatis with with ng ng fied another fied purchase another credibil purchase credibil pushing points pushing points ity the Bring further Specific explanation Prove ity why

Information on product be product benefits, recommended with showing real related information, price merit to drive models customers reach final decisions

Further information Related informatio of usages in details of peripherals & would increase advices would Credibility & trust increase Cultivate next credibility & trust chances/needs to visit

Topics e.g.

models they models they want want Newly Newly purchase/ purchase/ replacement replacement Models they Models they use use & the feature & the feature Usages Usages

Comparison Comparison betwn betwn Models they Models they use & use & brand new brand new models Customers models Customers needs needs (points theyre (points theyre not not Satisfied with) Satisfied with)

Comparison Comparison with with Competitors Competitors Demonstration Demonstration & & trials trials

Why Why recommend? recommend? Introduction of Introduction of Options & Options & peripherals peripherals Panasonics Panasonics grant grant & after-services & after-services

Background of Background of Product Product development development Technological Technological comparison comparison Good manners Good manners of usages of usages maintenances maintenances Related Related information information

Usability Usability information information Software Software information information Interior Interior information information




Approaches by Customer Type

Recommending the most suitable products After-sales service Information on effective use of products, etc.

Five customer types

1. Customers targeting Panasonic products 2. Customers targeting specific products 3. Customers targeting other companies' products 4. Customers just taking a look at products 5. Customers targeting other products POINT 1

Purchase rate increase Product display Information

Average customer spending increase

Customer service

Closing talk

Encourage customers to drop by the Panasonic section

Encourage customers to spend more time at the Panasonic section

Emphasize advantages of Panasonic products

Explain more detailed features of Panasonic products (comparison with other companies' products, experience)

Create demand

Information on product advantages from a customer perspective Three key product features Useful information on displayed models

Hands-on experience Comparison with other companies' models Detailed data, etc.


Noticeable brand indication Layout in a prime location Effective eye-catching effects Demonstrations attracting customer interest Noticeable displays of hot products



Key Points of Customer Service to Improve Sales Effectiveness

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Customers come to a shop to buy pleasure to be delivered by products. It is important to sympathize with their ways of thinking. Personal preferences and taste are major criteria for selecting video products. You can make customer service easier by as far as asking what pictures customers want to watch. Clarify customers' vague requests by offering specific experiences and providing information. Make sure to give product explanations first by focusing on selected models (three preferable). Explanations on a larger number of models may confuse customers and discourage them from purchasing the product. Customers often get reassured with popular, hot-selling products even if they are at a loss with respect to which one to choose. It is important to relieve customers of their anxiety about products if it is their first purchase. The purchase rate will increase if they try out products and gain hands-on experience of their advantages. From a customer psychology point of view, customers gain a more positive opinion of products if they come into contact with them a greater number of times. Encourage customers to gain hands-on experience by using a remote control, etc. Recommend highly value-added products by digging up cases of customer dissatisfaction and providing detailed information and advice from a customer perspective. Acquire counseling skills to resolve customer dissatisfaction and problems. When customers show their interest in products, they come to a shop to confirm their advantages. If this is the case, talk about the many advantages without touching on disadvantages.
Oscar/HRDC 97


Timely approaches

Good atmosphere & timely approaches

Step 1 Just Greeting at the beginning and keep appropriate distance from customers

Step 2 Observe customers naturally

1. Keep appropriate distance that would not give pressures 2. Find timing of speaking to. The timing is all different among customers types like ages, sexes. 3. Watch customers behavior carefully

Step 3 Find comfortable timing for customers to speak to

1. For the customers looking at same modelsThis is the most hit model here. .appeals very much 2. For the customers consideringMay I help you? Caution Do not speak to from the back. Good to speak to from the right side of the customers.

Step 4 Ask naturally what customers want, what model they are using and the needs for the visit this time
03/09/12 Oscar/HRDC


Considering Customers needs & wants

VIERA Sales Talks

1) Inexpensive & large-displayed TVs shoppers 2) Technology conscious 3) Design and life style TV shoppers 4) Simple operation TV shoppers 5) Energy conscious ) Large Family purchaser ) Camera purchaser ) Sports and Movieholic purchaser ) TVs comparison purchaser ) Research based purchaser




VIErA Sales talks

Needs Basic talks

1) Price Conscious TV Shoppers

Appeal merits of total value for ling time use

One push Compare Picture Performance Competitors
Every VIErA feature mentioned in our leaflet is based on actual measurement in final stage so consumer can feel the quality. Please compare with others who mentioned same feature Surely VIErA is the Best Choice!

Closing Appeal VIErA total value

VIErA panel can be used up to 100.000 hours so total value for consumer higher than competitor

Explain Panasonic HighQuality Product

Price Conscious

Yes VIErA is a bit higher price compare to other brands because VIErA quality much better than competitors. To assure VIErA quality, all VIErA panel made in Japan under very strict quality standard

One point

One point

One point

One point

Customer require high quality product with affordable price and durable

Panel is the most important part in TVs and only Panasonic who produce the panel in same factory and assure same quality all over the world

Other brands usually put the number based on processing stage so those figure is no meaning for consumers point of view

Touch upon the running cost merit for cost-conscious Shoppers.


Advice Consumer can get higher total-value from VIErA for long-term basis. So, price a bit higher at purchase time


Considering Customers needs & wants

Washer Sales Talks

1) First time shoppers 2) 2nd (or more) times shopper (considering F/A) 3) Big family shoppers 4) Price Conscious shoppers 5) Energy Saving Conscious shopper




Considering Customers needs & wants

Fridge Sales Talks

1) First time shoppers 2) Upgrade considering shoppers(1D to 2D) 3) Big family shoppers 4) Price Conscious shoppers 5) Energy Saving Conscious shoppers 6) Super high-end shoppers




Considering Customers needs & wants

Microwave Oven Sales Talks

1) First time use microwave 2) 2nd times & advanced user 3) Concern to Healthy Food 4) Concern to Energy Saving

COMBINATION COOKING Micro Micro wave wave


Conve Conve ction ction

Steam Steam
Oscar/HRDC 103

Considering Customers needs & wants

AC ENVIO Sales Talks

1) For Save Electricity 2) For Health Conscious 3) For Family Type AC Shoppers 4) For Baby Concern 5) For Interior Design Match




Session -1.

Building Layout



Zoning lay-out

Consider lay-out not for the shops reasons but for customers stances
The 1st step to make customers in the area loyal is the shop building to implement easy to come in, easy to move around and easy to move out. 3 principles of lay-out Shop

Customers feel

easy to come in

easy to move around

Understandable movable

easy to move out

can see all products getting along with in-store traffic lines. set traffic & circulation lines to lead to the prioritized products. set openness in displays from entrance to the deeper area of the shop.



Zoning lay-out
Contrive ways to implement easy to come in and easy to move out lay-out at entrance/way-out
Lay-out of easy to come in and easy to move out Form moreeasy to come in atmosphere not only with facilities & displays but with physical/psychological effects and information provision.

Wide entrance/way-out No items(displays/panels) giving unnecessary pressure near entrance/way-out Wide aisle from entrance/way-out No reception(desk/counter) that gives unnecessary pressure near entrance/way-out Open from outside into the shop depth, can see enjoyable displays Welcoming atmosphere and staging near entrance/way-out
the other points Artifice of doors Artifice entrance stairs Artifice of display & staging
bright at entrance(lighting) infotainment provision at entrance (use films & sound to the fullest) keep TV switched on

no doors no stairs automatic doors wide steps of stairs door kept open easy to step up in business hours

Cleaning up, etc.

keep off around entrance (e.g. remove empty boxes) keep clean around entrance


Zoning lay-out
Contrive ways to implement easy to move around
practicing ingenuity in product display, wide aisle, etc. Lay-out of easy to move around in the shop

Understandable & clarified zoning

In-store guide/map what & where to sell Corner signs that can easily be seen No high display in the center, and can see around the shop

magnet positions e.g.

attractive displays at these positions in larger scaled shops shall increase customers mobility in the shops.

Place attractive display, magnets at key positions of the shop

Place prioritized products displays at the magnet positions (see the right picture) of the shop and enrich the staging.

Easy to move aisles to link around the shop

Wide aisles and no obstacles of displays displays and aisles are clarified. (sub-aisles should be 1.5m+ width)

the other points

Number of floors
single floor is the best. brighten the stair spaces in case the shop has 2+ place artifice at stair floors, strengthen the spaces to link upper and in-store guides to drive customers to upper floors. lower floors

Artifice of in-store stairs

Cleaning up, etc.

keep off the aisles

cf. forming Grub street stop and see! purposely form Grub street (=Stops, spots) where prioritized displays, campaigns are placed so that customers stop & see them.



Zoning lay-out

Points of lay-out and the case(2) Form relevant atmosphere in which customers thoroughly try the produ
Forming atmosphere at front half of the shop where customers feel easy to try products
no pressure to customers, place counter in the centereasy to talk area displays inside of show window towards outside touch & try corner of e-cam at entrance produces energetic & easy to come in atmosphere. place spaces for slow shoppers of home theater, etc. in the deep area of the shop

Problem lies in the position of counter

Placing counter at entrance side that gives pressure towards customers Counter at just back side of VIERA corner disturbs customers to try at ease

diagonal display lay-out covers the handicaps of narrowness.



easy to come in, easy to watch products

move counter not to give pressure appeal attractive products at the shop front relaxed & comfortable corners for trial and consultation




Check list of Zoning lay-out

Does the shop implement effective zoning & lay-out for easy to come in and comfortable to shop with consideration of products feature?
Does the shop specify relevant zoning to consider the product feature( products that need consultations, Products that can be selected by oneself, etc.)? Does the shop realize the lay-outs, easy to come in, easy to move around and easy to go out? Does the shop realize the lay-outs in which customers can see around the shop from the entrance? Does the shop have counter or any display at entrance that gives pressure? Does the shop have clear-cut floor demarcation by products categories/groups? (for the shops with 2+ floors) Does the shop clearly group the products in displays for each category of products? Does the shop clarify the boarders betwn displays and aisles so that customers feel easy to watch the products? Does the shop clearly divide display spaces with consultation spaces so that customers feel easy to shop? Does the shop have 150+cm aisles (2+ m for the spaces of VIERA display)? Does the shop realize the lay-out and corner signs so that customers feel easy to find what they look for? Does the shop realize variable/flexible lay-out to easily cope with events and makeovers? Does the shop use magnet displays at the fullest to attract customers at key positions in the shop?



Issues & How to cope with




Session -2.

Store Building Display




Displays & presentations

Displays & presentations for customers to enjoy easy to watch , easy to touch and easy to compare.
Displays & presentations to thoroughly show up each model of the products

Points of displays & presentations

Clear up the eyesight in the shop, and guide what and where to buy.
no tall displays to disturb eyesight in the center of the shop. place corner signs of products groups in prominent positions.

Display topical & prioritized products at prominent positions in prominent manners.

appeal prioritized products and good selling products at the shop front.

Highly compartmentalize displays by product categories.

zone displays by aisles, partitions,fixtures, etc. so that customers can reach easily and understandably.

Set appropriate fixtures to fit products and for customers to easily watch and to easily touch.
fixtures design to fit products, height of displays(products in showcases are not visible nor touchable.)

Put appropriate POPs for customers to understand products feature and to easily compare.
POPs to guide 3 points of benefit for customers appropriate sizes of POPs to fit the products. Do not hide the products with POPs.

Demonstrate main products so that customers can try.

guide points in trials POPs to appeal, Lets try!

Show up the products themselves in prioritized products presentations.

add one point caption to remind customers of ones memories and scenes they use avoid overmuch




Displays & presentations

Customers can shop in at ease and watch closely around in the shop.
Point of displays not to bother eyesight in the shop

plan display in mortar shapes dependent upon the shops status. (some exceptions exist.) central fixtures(island) should be under 150 cm height. display at walls should also be under 200 cm height in principle. corner signs at 250-300 cm height are easy to pull attention (from 5m distant). obvious merits for the shops: can watch shoppers well, antitheft effects, etc. Side view of display in mortar shapes
Avoid tall displays in the center of the shop.
under 135-150cm

Heig ht

front view of display in mortar shapes

Visible corner signs are at 250-300cm height.

eye line

Under 2m





Displays & presentations

Place topical & prioritized products at prominent & good selling positions.
place the products customers want to watch the most and the products the shop wants to sell the most at the most prominent positions.

Superior positions In shop lay-out knowing good selling positions in

lay - out

superior positions in lay-out e.g.

figures indicate priority.

superior positions in general of Brand Shop


6 3

A at around entrance
main stage VP zone

B gondola ends C casher front D main aisle(end of the main aisle)

6 6 5

superior positions in lay-out: prominent places and easy to stop over for customers and positions with higher sales efficiency for the shop Products sales shall be dependent upon the

1 2

display positions and changeable subject to what products are displayed at superior positions.



note the upper floors have disadvantages rather than the lower floors in case of 2+ floors buildings. Priority at upper floors is also pursuant to the above.


Displays & presentations

Prioritized products shelf should be prominent, reachable for customers

Place the products the shop wants to sell in the superior positions = prime zones at shelves.

Superior positions In display shelve

knowing good selling positions in shelves

superior positions = prime zones

at shelves e.g.

female140cm male150cm

Height of eyes

prime zones in the height of display shelves

Prominent and reachable positions

Hard to reach

eye line: 150cm 20

80-110cm height in the shelves

secondary good selling position

110-140cm height



Height of customers eyes and ranges of customers reaches(changeable by customers heights) Horizontally extended spaces (prime lines) the narrower aisles are, the narrower eyesight is. (Prime zone shall be smaller.)

Ranges of Prime positions

Easy to reach

Reachable Hard to reach

% %

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 cm

Should pay attention to especially higher position at shelves for Brand Shop!

%: the approximate of sales composition ratio

differs by width of aisles and shapes of fixtures



Display and presentations

Desirable positions

Obvious differences in positions, therefore Get prime positions!

Cf. Comparison of efficiency 130 120 100 center

3 key points

Figures: Priority


1 2 3 4


Center Right
Electrical manufacturers survey


Under 150cm height of fixtures;

The most upper spaces are the best!

2 5



3 6

1 4

The center spaces are the best!



Right side in the middle

4 8

2 6

1 5

3 7

Compare betwn left & right

The right spaces in the middle are the best rather than the left!



Displays & presentations

Spaces at the ends attract attentions and sell well. Arouse demands around corners as well.

Increase demands around the corners with artifice into displays at the ends

ends utilization
superior positions at corners and manners of ends utilization

The approximate of superior positions at corners and sales efficiency

Applications of ends utilization to attract customers e.g.

5 times ( approximate ) sales efficiency Suggesting display at edge-ends of fixtures of ordinary shelves raises demands of customers
Eye catches Suggestions (recommendations) POP 3 times 5 times
POP artifice

Displayed products at the ends

prioritized products new/topical products products of CF telecasted seasonally recommended products promotional products


Glance naturally

Main aisle
ti m es 09/03/2012

sales efficiency ratio compared with the ratio(=1) of the midst of shelves Oscar/HRDC


Displays & presentations VMD

Increase sales effectiveness with visually evocative displays to appeal product policies of the shop

manners of visual presentations

Visual presentation generically mean VP, PP and IP, and equivalent to VMD(visual merchandizing)

in-store lay-out and manners of displays e.g.

IP casher PP IP PP IP VP

Visual Presentations

products launched at
Main products of the shop (the most prioritized products) The most superior (prominent) positions of the shop

Manners of displays
Assort the products in which customers have great concerns with the related products, and show them up with suggestive POPs


demands arousing


Main products -show windows -stages for the -ends competition Main products Corner ends at corners Magnet -new models positions -topical models -prioritized models


Point Presentations

Show up the displays with POPs that well appeal products feature Displays with demos & trials




Provide customers with useful information for products selection Displays with consideration of Easy to watch, easy to touch & easy to select
show window(s)


Item Presentations



Products groups at corners

Each corner of products groups

Spaces for VP are sometimes used for the spaces for PP.




How to make VMD

Sell the products which we want to sell by proposal sales!

VMD operation and procedure

Develop the 52 weeks/year plan 3 months before: Decide the original plan in the promotion planning meeting. 2 months before: Start preparation in each division. 1 month before: Explain to the all stores in store management meeting. Set up the modeling floor in the sample store. Send the information to each store about modeling floor case. Implement it all together in VMD activity day at the same time.

oscar planning


Check list of Displays & presentations Display prioritized products in prominent positions in manners of easy to watch, easy to touch and easy to compare.
are the products customers want to watch the most and the products the shop wants to sell the most displayed at the most prominent positions? are the prioritized products of each corner displayed at the most prominent positions of each corner? are the products displayed at appropriate shelves from the ideas of good selling products and well selling positions? are the prioritized products displayed with any artifice to show up by POPs and the others? are all the products displayed for customers to easily touch? are the main products turned on electricity for customers trials? are the fixtures designed to fit the products? are the displays at island areas under 135cm high? is the in-store bright enough? does the brightness fit PDP presentations? are the products displayed for customers to easily compare? and is the related information provided satisfactorily for customers to compare? are POPs/stuff in display hiding the products? are there any shortage/lacks in SKUs?



Issues & How to cope with




Case study 1 display




The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Appeal attractiveness of VIERA, promote appropriate displays for customers to easily select.
Based upon basic rules in displays, put them into practical use considering conditions of each shop Corners classifications 1

Set separated corners for LCDs and PDPs

Mixed displays of LCDs & PDPs confuse customers avoid LCDs & PDPs entering at a same glance of customers (bothering with each other).

Triangle display 2

In case of displays with small number of models, triangle display is effective for easy to watch and easy to compare.
customers stop and see the display area in full view at a position. prioritized models can be appealed in center of the displays (gather customers attention).

shape displays

shape displays

In case of displays with large number of models

Appealing power of sales prioritized models might be weakened. Imbalances in displays

In case of displays with large number of models

Can watch in full view



Customers eyes hardly reach each of models objective models,

sales prioritized models 09/03/2012


appeal objective models/Sales prioritized models in center of the displays


The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Display with appropriate viewing distance and appropriate heights


so that customers can confirm brilliance of products in appropriate environment of presentations

Appropriate distance from the product is approximately 3 times of the height of display.
155.4cm for 42V model and187cm for 50V model for example are the appropriate distance for viewing 29 inches model for 4:3 CRT TV requires approximately 2m distance for viewing

Display on the wall should be within 100-200cm range and home theater within 50-160cm range for viewing in a sitting VIERA position.
easiness to concentrate on a single point and view angle(up/down) of approximately 30 , which should be key conditions in displaying TV sets.

Appropriate viewing distance and height

230cm 200cm
V model

Displays on the wall

VIERA50V model e.g.

Theater type display



(Max. 230cm)



V model

conspicuous eyesight angle




approx. 2m(187cm) approx.3m


Approx. 100cm



. The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Display to make customers comparison in sizes easy

PDPs (50V model, etc.) should principally be displayed in one stage row. Smaller sized ones can be in 2 stage rows. Size comparison 5

Place larger sized models in lower row and smaller ones in upper row in principle in case of 2 stage rows displays. Upper display should be under 2m high.
in case of front out displays, smaller models may be placed at the front. LCDs and PDPs should separately be displayed comprehensively.

Neatly line up the models in displaying variety of different sized ones. the displays look finely, which provides easiness of comparison in sizes
Displays with horizontally lining up
artifice of height of display rack, its anteroposterior positions for easy to watch cf. displays at convention/exhibition with horizontally lining up all models of VIERA

Principles in case of 2 stage rows displays


LCD20V model, etc.


LCD32V model

Display rack 09/03/2012

50 60 Oscar/HRDC


. The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Appropriate brightness over displays where VIERA can brilliantly be viewed

Illuminance levels 7

Lighting for VIERA corners should be under 500LX which vibrantly shows up PDPs.

Specify environment in the shop with similar usage conditions customers usually live in so that customers can realize high image quality of VIERA.
show up VIERAs images brilliantly and sharply and form relaxed atmosphere in the shop. appeal that ordinary living rooms are the best places for enjoying VIERAs brilliant images (illuminance level in ordinary living rooms is approximately 75-150LX.)

3000LX 2000LX 1500LX 1000LX 750LX 500LX 300LX 200LX 150LX 100LX 50LX

Entrance should be light-filled.

Easy to shop in, easy to be watched

illuminance level in-store environment in general

prioritized products at show windows shop entrance(front displays) prioritized products at stages in-store displays show windows around in-store spaces high valued displays Level down illuminance to some extent in deeper area of the shop
makes relaxed and valued atmosphere

No cautions in particular

The other Products corners (lightings)

illuminance under 500LX highlights qualified images of PDPs VIERA corners (lighting)
PDP images might be fogged whitely in lightings of higher illuminance levels.

10 times difference

in-store spaces of high valued pro shop consulting spaces at high valued pro shop

Illuminance level at ordinary living rooms


Black images sharply and brilliantly in the lightings of living rooms




. The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Lighting must be considered about anti-illuminance gaining and showing up.

anti-illuminance gaining treatment 8

Avoid illuminants directly shedding on the surface panels of VIERA.

adopt anti-illuminance gaining treatment in proportion to total lighting plan of the shop. plan comprehensively about lighting facilities, manners of lighting, displays positions, displays contents around VIERA, showing up quality images
Lighting covers e.g.

built-in typed

indirect lighting
(covers, shades)


NG Good

Surface gains sights of ceiling lights if it is placed at higher position than eye lines.


illuminance level


Surface gains less sights of ceiling lights if it is placed at lower position than eye lines.

Remove something bright at the opposite side

avoid direct shedding from illuminant as much as possible. control illuminance levels by lighting facilities with illuminance adjuster light down the opposite side of VIERA displays (avoid placing something bright)

Light up walls with horizon lights

in-store shall be with brighter images. showing up effects upon the products lessen eye fatigue in viewing



. The rules in Displays & presentations of VIERA

Home theater displays require 12 + spaces, 20 + if possible.

Spaces for home theater displays 9

50V models require approximately 12 spaces for displays from the viewpoints of appropriate viewing distance and positions of surround speakers.
consider cable setting of speakers, anti-noise treatment for neighbors, soundproof settings of theaters, resonance-escape treatment, etc.
approx. 4m center front(L)

The approximate of home theater spaces 5+



approx. 2m active sub woofer

4 3 4+ indispensable minimum space 12


approx. 3m

approx. 2m

approx. 2m

space as comfortable environment 20 +

approx. 1m


surround speaker(L)
in case of setting up surround back speaker Oscar/HRDC

60 90

surround speaker(R)



Case Study 2
Lumix Display




. The rules in Displays & presentations of LUMIX

Promote appropriate displays for customers to easily select and easily try considering purchase process of customers.
Point of displays for LUMIX
purchase process model of customers how shops cope with at the shop
(displays & consultations)

select by number of picture cell select by price

display sections by types

displays by classifications of number of picture cell displays by price classifications

entry models diffusion models high-end models displays by brand displays by functions

consultations, product guidance, recommendations

select by brand(maker) select by functions

POPs to guide product POPs Information feature function comparison brand provision functions guides suggestions
exhibiting manners to replace trials & demonstrations

select by operationability Select by design

DVD photo samples, etc.

displays of working models confirming displays of models easy to touch displays of easy to touch & try touch & try
antitheft artifices

purchase decide model




. The rules in Displays & presentations of LUMIX

Displays for trials of photo taking and functions and Information & POPs to appeal products benefits
Displays and information provision to move customers to try Information provision
eye-catches by brand appeal e.g. displays at home electric appliances large-scaled retailer in Japan appeal topical models with showing TV-CF

POP to appeal merits of product feature (wide-angle 28mm)

POP to appeal functions of product feature anti-camera shaking)

displays of model line-ups(series) by types with colors

monitor in which customers realize camera-shaking POP to call for trials

displays for customers to try and confirm quality images

turning on electricity, antitheft treatment



POPs of spec comparisons


Checking how many times a customer touches the product on the sales floor.
Model A B C D E F G

Number of times a product is touched 8 5 15 20 16 13 4

Number of units Ranking in sales sold 2 0 3 5 3 3 0


No. 5

No. 2 No. 1 No. 2 No. 2

To be a winner , your /HRDC display must be more Oscar appealing than competitors' .

Comparison of store and Internet sales as seen by the customer

Store sales

Internet sales

Can physically experience the The price is lower than at the store. Can order from home. product. Can touch the product. A wide range of product evaluations are Can take back the product. available on the Internet. Can seek advice from the salesperson. Can go to the store immediately if the product is defective.

Disadvantage The price may be higher than Cannot experience the product. It takes time to return or replace the product. through the Internet. It may be troublesome to No assurance about after-sales service. physically visit the store.

advice : How about combining the advantages of the two?

09/03/2012 Oscar/HRDCSource: Tsukasa Tokudaira, "Manual for manufacturers' sales 133


Shop Building Point of POP


POPs & information provision through providing useful information in Grasp demands
proportion to customers purchase process.
Objective provision of information from visit to purchase shall improve sales efficiency. Consumption process and POPs
Customers consumption process Objectives of POPs in accordance with purchase process customers customers I have wanted the product like this Which type does fit me? Where is the product displayed? POPs POPs POPs for POPs for demand demand arousing arousing POPs for POPs for the reasons the reasons why it is why it is recommendabl recommendabl e e POPs to POPs to classify classify models by models by types types POPs for POPs for product product feature feature objectives of POPs objectives of POPs information contents information contents
Appeal product merits all in the corner and arouse potential demands Accelerate replacement suggestions, campaigns of seasonal events, information of DS(dissatisfaction) busters, etc. Information for customers to appeal recommendation at a glance to fit each of customers and their needs




Classification signs by types of products


Which is the one?

recommendation recommendation s s

(POP for each (POP for each POPs of model) POPs of model)

Products comparison information for customers in selection of models 3 points of feature Customers benefits

rule: consumption behavioral model based upon psychological process of consumers, and A, I, D, M and A are abbreviations for



POPs & information provision

Product POPs should be provided from customers viewpoints understandably.

effective in presenting not from shops viewpoints but with words & phrases to show customers merits Points of information provision

POPs explain what customers want to know and what the shop wants to inform instead of staff. -> helps saving time for consultations.
Answering towards variety of questions customers cast on a daily basis primarily on POPs VOCs are reflected in making POPs.

important to gain customers attention in a short period

colors, illustrations, font size, etc. artifices in making eye catches the sentences should be shorter & simpler.

information should not be too much and not to be too less, which causes no impoliteness. Products are the main, avoid POPs standing out too much.
appropriate sizes of POPs considering the sizes of products do not hide the products with POPs.

prioritize what customers want to know first and what the shop wants to inform first.

Points of POP information contents

can learn users merits of the products. can learn which product(s) does fit oneself. can learn differences among the models of products displayed can learn the product feature (less than 3 points).



POPs & information provision

Product POPs work better than discounting for sales increase.
Put appropriate POPs based on the understandings about roles and effects of POPs. Effects of POPs
Merits in sales with POPs

Attenti on!

can recommend the products that well fit the customers. increase the trust towards the shop and products. can get rid of price competition with competitors.
Value added products can sell well.

The approximate of sales effects

The approximate based on cases in other industries

no POPs, no discounting no POPs, 20% discounting with POPs, no discounting

100 150 150

have effect to newly arouse demands.

only lower priced products sell and profit declines. customers would not be loyal.
loyal not to the shop but to the price

Demerits of discounting

with POPs, 10% discounting 250




POPs & information provision

Try, original product POP making with focuses on customers merits.
Points of POP making -1
POPs on product feature e.g.


makes fun of sport watching Why?


Make catch phrases to appeal the products with focuses on customers merits.
specific users merits, solution to dissatisfaction, ways to enjoy, etc. readable font size from 5m distant artifices with photos/illustrations for customers to easy to understand

1 2 3

PDPs strong in catching fast moves!! Wide angle that everybody can enjoy!! No fatigue in long time viewing!!

Note product feature in 3 points to clarify customers merits.

put down to one point subject to the size of POPs. readable font size from 2m distant


Thats why they best fit movie watching!!

Photo, data, charts, usages, and the related information to understandably explain the products feature and the merits
Pamphlets/leaflets may be utilized.




Structurally arrange the information to be notified

3 layered structure Product Cone)

Decisive words in business talks (talk in a single word)

Essence of B

(How beneficial compared with our previous models and competitors products)

Contents of B

Method, Price, Shape

Evidence of B



Group Work Think about it looking through the catalogue!

Aim of Development
To increase 10% market share in the Plasma flat display panel category. To increase total quantity to 1000 pcs per month.

Target customer
Mid to high income earners aged between 30 to 55 years old. Movie and satellite tv program lovers. For narrow and dark lighted living room.

Product Concept

Model TH-42PV70H
Think BIG, think plasma, think VIERA
Clearer, sharper and natural pictures Save space slim and stylish design Convenient and user friendly for networking
10,000 : 1 Contrast Ratio V-real technology panel, driver, processor VIERA link technology







POP #4

Illustration & Specification



POPs & information provision

Important for POPs to primarily attract customers attention and make them understand attractiveness of the products with understandable contents.
Points of POP making -2 the font size in POPs must be larger and the phrases/sentences shorter. need artifices to entertain customers with illustrations/photos and coloring in reading. do not use technical terms which customers feel hard to understand. make rules of size of POPs and produce integrated images of atmosphere in the shop. make the original POPs of the shop. use readable writing by PCs as well as hand writing manners. do not directly put POPs on the products. indications of POPs, price cards and the products must meet with each other. do not hide products with POPs. enrich POPs to appeal product value(product feature) rather than POPs of price appeals.




POPs & information provision

Provide information/guidance for customers to shop in at ease.
Appeal towards first comers to know well about the shop, easy to shop and trustworthy. Shop guidance information

shop guidance welcoming customers and driving them smoothly move into
welcoming messages to customers clear and understandable directory with map of the shop visible corner signs from long distance guiding signs for customers to easily reach where they want to

shop profiles notifying customers the shop well to make them have familiarity and trust towards the shop
selection and depth of the merchandize working hours and days-off services and policies (owners messages) events guides FSP(frequent shoppers programs) guides



Check list of POPs & information provision

Making POPs to well notify the product feature compared with competitors and specific users benefits .
are corner signs / POPs sufficient enough to clarify the models at displays? are POPs made not from makers viewpoints but with focuses upon users merits? are POPs ready for answering towards questions customers frequently cast? are POPs suggesting suitable recommendations for types of customers , and of helps for customers to select models? are POPs suggesting the prioritized products from shop manager? are POPs made with 3 key points of the products? are POPs originally made by the shop? are POPs / pieces of displays hiding the products? are POPs suited for the product images in design? are POPs made in consideration of customers groups? are there welcoming messages exposed at entrance? are there shop information to clearly show business hours , merchandize , services , etc . ?



Issues & How to cope with


Session - .

Shop Building Presentation

09/03/2012 Oscar/HRDC

Practice the presentations to show up attractiveness of products with understandings towards what customers want
Need not only just decorations but artifices to catch the customers feels and to show up the products Points of presentations

grasp what customers want show up the product(s)

artifices that fit the product(s) high valued and sophisticated

for customers types, scenes of living and using the products

attract customers attentions entertaining

prominent appealing towards five-senses with motion, lights and sound

products are the main, avoid excess showing up may disturb attractiveness of the products. harmonize images with interior and fixtures prioritize the product(s) and show up
concentrate on 1 model for each category

renovate regularly (changing images)




Make simply one point artifice with daily commodities
staging scenes of living room (home theaters) sofa/couch, tables, accessories, carpets, stand-lights, picture, etc. staging scenes of library/reading rooms desks, desk-lights, flower, books/magazines, hobby goods, etc.

Ideas of presentations e.g.


staging to collaborate with sport events photos of competitions, sporting goods, competitions calendars,etc. staging to collaborate with movies directors chair, studio lights, clapper boards, posters, DVD packages, etc. staging with panoramic scenery films photo books of the world heritages photo print-out samples photos of regional landscapes that shop staff took are received well. school entrance ceremony, wedding ceremony/party, regional festivals, etc. amusing objects of shooting prepare flower, dolls, miniature models, etc. which are colorful. electric cooking machines seasonal food samples and photos, photos of dishes, pet bottles in fridges kitchen goods, table cloths, tableware, flower, etc. gifts wrapping goods (wrapping paper, ribbons, message cards), etc.






Experiencing step Step 1

The attractive features of the product that the customer experiences at hand-on displays

Size Design Noise level

Digital camera
Size Design Weight Good touch

Size Design Experience by touching Feel of material

a sample.

Step 2
Experience an activated product.

Good picture quality Good sound quality Ease of use of the remote control Good connection

Long-lasting quality of vegetables kept in the vegetable compartment Ease of putting in things Strong cool air

Speed in zooming out Wide-range view Viewability of LCD Scene-specific photography

Good sound quality when combined with a homeExperience in everyday theater system Good connection with life. peripheral devices Matching with the room design

Step 3

Ease of use provided by the double doors Space saving in the kitchen Energy saving



Source: Tsukasa Tokudaira, "Manual for manufacturers' sales staff".

Ease of use provided by a digital camera which is resistant to water and sand Compactness and portability Suggestion to buy together with related products which are useful for travelers 149

Check list of Presentations

Are the displays working to more show up the products and to clarify the images of usages?
are there any artifices to show up the products as well as products themselves and POPs? are the products with which especially wants to be concerned by customers shown up with priority? is there well considered staging about what customers desire in their life scenes? do the displays well explain the product usages with showing options and systems? is there any displays well providing usage images of the product(s) with staging living scenes are the related products and information provided in displays? are the staging considered and designed upon customers concerns, female and the youth? does the shop front well keep seasonal and fresh images with appropriate renovations in staging? is the shop practicing topical staging as regional events, seasonal foods, etc.? is the staging producing festivity and entertaining effects in the shop front? are there any lighting effects to fit the product corner(s)? are the spaces for consultations forming relaxed atmosphere?



Issues & How to cope with




Area: Area: Store Name: Store Name:

Name Name



Problem Problem

Result Result

Session .

Promotion of Events to Attract Visitors From Big Events to 52-Week Events



Required Events
Panasonic need to hold well-timed events and thereby create sales opportunities linked with annual sales plans and selling space creation Sales opportunity creation Big events

52-week events
Annual sales plans (Sales promotion and measures to Link attract customers) Selling space creation
(Showcasing plan)

Customer management

(Nurturing Panasonic fans)

Why Are 52-week Event Plans Required?

Planning 52-week events is a method designed to bring about substantial results by selling seasonable products at high seasons in an efficient way
<52-week event planning steps> 1. Identify the key selling season based on annual demand changes
Identify: Key selling season of the year Key selling products Selling reasons

(Key selling seasons)

Big events


Identify sales opportunities other than the key selling season

Identify: Second-best selling season Selling products Selling reasons

(Selling seasons)

Medium-sized events


(1) Identify: Selling products of the week Selling reasons (2) Identify: Selling weeks of each product Selling reasons

Identify weekly sales opportunities

Small events
(Weekly, daily)


Formulate annual showroom event plans tailored to the identified sales opportunities
09/03/2012 Oscar/HRDC

52-week event planning for the year 154

Advantages of Holding 52-Week Events

52-week events encourage customers to become Panasonic fans and visit stores repeatedly, thereby allowing efficient sales promotion activities
<Advantages of 52-week events>

mand that was previously invisible mand that was previously invisible

storefront showcasing all through the year storefront showcasing all through the year ng space operations linked to annual sales plans ing space operations linked to annual sales plans les staff to become aware of what products they need to recommend to customers ales staff to become aware of what products they need to recommend to customers lling seasons for a wide range of products lling seasons for a wide range of products

h-value-added trading h-value-added trading

e creation of a store image that is enjoyable all through the year e creation of a store image that is enjoyable all through the year asteful sales promotion or storefront presentations and thereby enable low-cost selling spa wasteful sales promotion or storefront presentations and thereby enable low-cost selling spac ble responses to market moves ible responses to market moves e repetitive customer visits to stores e repetitive customer visits to stores aining a wide-range of Panasonic fans aining a wide-range of Panasonic fans

he sale of products in their high seasons without cutting prices the sale of products in their high seasons without cutting prices




Past Events and 52-week Events

Hold events targeting customers' concerns in their lives and "seeds" of demand.
<Features of 52-week events>

Past events
Subjects Timing and periods Frequency Products Event focus Measures to attract customers Management

Future events

Mainly sales campaigns

Customers' concerns in their lives All through the year (weekly, daily) Selling seasons Many times All products Give sales opportunities to all products

Simultaneous with other stores Short periods

A few times Limited number of key products Price-oriented Mostly unrelated to products

Lifestyle proposals Product value-oriented

Strongly linked with products Customer concerns

Sales targets were not well-grounded Linked with annual sales plans Forecasts were not accurate Forecasts are accurate Know-how has not been accumulated Know-how will be accumulated for future events




Key Points of Holding Events (1)

Have customers experience product benefits in small events and achieve large sales in big events
<Advantages of holding regular events>


The following is a sample sales-change graph

Big Event (Sale) Big Event (Sale)

Big events
(Key selling seasons)

Medium-sized events
(Selling seasons)

Small events

Mini Event

Mini Event

Mini Event

Mini Event

09/03/2012 January

First week


52nd week 157 December

Key Points of Holding Events (2)

Examine effective procedures tailored to event types
<Promotion guidelines by event type>
Aims Frequency Scale Several times/year Largest Products Key products Content
Holding events at separate venues Attract visitors from a wide area Large-scale attractions High-profile showcasing Store-wide promotion

Big events Mediumsized events Small events

Cash in on the largest demand of the year

Cash in on demand Monthly (not Medium to Key products fixed) by holding events large Event themetimed with the selling related products season of key products Communications Weekly, Small Event-theme (repetitive store visits) twice a month products

Pre-high season sales or monthly (not promotion fixed) Proposal-based product sales

Small and for-gift products

Showcasing at relevant zones of Store-wide the store presentations Prizes for store visitors Advance notice at the storefront Attractions for drawing visitors Prizes for store visitors Showcasing at relevant zones of Measures to draw visitors such the store Promotion using POP advertising as sending invitation letters and presentations Daily events low costs and efforts At

Generate product awareness




Overview of Event Planning

Plan individual events based on the annual plan

<Event planning>
1. Preliminary planning
Step 1: Annual planning
Annual sales trend analyses
Prepare the demand matrix table
1) Weekly, monthly 2) For each key product

2. Concrete event implementation plan (by theme)

Step 3: Preparation of event planning specifications
(1) Details of the event (showcasing, attractions) (2) Venues, layouts, showcasing (3) POP advertising, presentations

Annual event plan

Prepare the annual event plan

1) Annual event themes 2) Key products 3) Event scales

Step 2 Preliminary planning of individual events

(1) Event themes and timing

(4) Furniture and other necessary tools (5) Sales promotion and methods to attract customers, advertising methods, invitation letters (6) Prizes for store visitors (as necessary) (7) Programs to be promoted (8) Responsibility sharing and persons responsible

(2) Key and related products (3) Market background (reasons why the product is in demand or why the event is held) (4) Sales plan (targeted sales, number of visitors, last year's results, etc.)




Annual Sales Trend Analyses (1)

Prepare the annual demand matrix table and identify the selling weeks and products to be sold
<Annual demand matrix> 1. Preparation procedures
Month Week
1 2

Decide event themes based on last year's results, etc.

Feb Mar
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

g! in nd Fi
18 19 20 21 22

Record the total and each product's weekly sales by indexing the annual average sales as 100. *Conduct monthly analyses if weekly figures are not available Jan
3 4 5 6

16 17


Identify selling weeks (months) (1)(2) Identify products to be sold each week (month) (3)

Identify selling weeks (months) for each product (4)

Products with high ratios to total sales

Plan events based on numerical evidence (examples)

(1) Weeks (months) in which the demand indicator against the total annual average is 200 or more Big events (2) Weeks (months) in which the demand indicator against the total annual average is 150 or more Mid-size events (3) Products in which the demand indicator for the week (month) is ranked high Small events (4) Weeks 09/03/2012 (months) in which the demand indicator of each product is 200 or more against the total Oscar/HRDC annual average Small events


Annual Sales Trend Analyses (2)

g! Identify the reasons why the product is in high demand in a certain period based on the annual sales trend analysis in d <Identify event themes> in 2. Analysis of reasons F
Identify factors based on the conditions in each area Temperature changes, rainy season, bonus payments National foundation day and other memorial days, vacations Olympics, world cups, national competitions, other popular sporting events, sports tournaments opening seasons, final games of tournaments New Year and regional festivals Seasonal foodstuff and dishes School events (entrance and graduation ceremonies, sports festivals, school presentations, etc.) New product releases, store's opening day, commemoration of refurbishment, wedding season, birthday gifts, popular films and TV programs


(1) Seasonal changes and social customs (2) National memorial days and events (3) Sporting and other events (4) Festivals (5) Foodstuff, dishes, etc. (6) Regional events (7) Others

(2) Analyze reasons for the rising demand and select themes. (2) Analyze reasons for the rising demand and select themes.
* Themes: Reflect the selected themes in catchphrases, products to be promoted, showcasing and presentations, event content




Group Work #4 Annual Sales Trend Analyses

Examine the store's " seeds of demand " in reference to the demand matrix
Record main events and seasonal changes in life Indicate the beginning and the end of the event by using

(1) Seasonal changes and social customs
Temperature changes, rainy season, bonus payments













(2) National and local memorial days and events

National foundation day and other memorial days

(3) Sporting and other events

Olympics, world cups, national competitions, other popular sporting (4) Festivals events, sports tournaments opening New Year and regional festivals seasons, final games of tournaments

(5) Foodstuff, dishes, etc.

Seasonal foodstuff and dishes

(6) Regional events

School events (entrance and graduation ceremonies, sports festivals, school presentations, etc.)

(7) Others
New product releases, store's opening day, commemoration of refurbishment, wedding season, birthday gifts, popular films and TV programs



Group Work #4 : Annual Event Plan

Draft the annual event plan of the store
Draft the store's annual event plan in reference to annual sales trend analyses, events and seasonal changes in life

Event types Annual demand changes

Graph sales changes and identify demand peaks

Jan Feb Mar










Big events
Key product examples

Mediumsized events
Key product examples

Small events
Key product examples 2010.02


Group Annual Sales Trend Analyses

Examine the store's " seeds of demand " in reference to the demand matrix
Record main events and seasonal changes in life Indicate the beginning and the end of the event by using

Oct Nov
Rainy season Bonus Moslem

(1) Seasonal changes and social customs
Temperature changes, rainy season, bonus payments










Bonus Christian

Rainy season

Dry season

(2) National and local memorial days and events

National foundation day and other memorial days

1/4 : Go Green Camp 21/4 : Kartini Day 21/5 : Euro Cham Final

(3) Sporting and other events

Olympics, world cups, national competitions, other popular sporting (4) Festivals events, sports tournaments opening New Year and regional festivals seasons, final games of tournaments

17/8 : Independent Day 1-2/10 : Id Al Fitri 25/12 : Christmas 2-30/9 : Fasting 8-24/8 : Beijing Olympic 22/12 : Mothers

7-29/6 : Euro Cup 08

14:2 : Valentine 1/1 : New year 27/1 : Chinese NY

(5) Foodstuff, dishes, etc.

Seasonal foodstuff and dishes

31/5 : Surabaya Anniversary

5 10/7 Food Fest

(6) Regional events

School events (entrance and graduation ceremonies, sports festivals, school presentations, etc.)

(7) Others
New product releases, store's opening day, commemoration of refurbishment, wedding season, birthday gifts, popular films and TV programs

25/5 5/6 School entrance

19/1 : Shop Anniversary

22/4 : Earth day 19/6 : Gerah Campaign 19/5 : Harpitnas Day 7 14/3 : Serangan Fajar Fair


vThe promotion date & duration is very specific vSize of event is spread out evenly throughout the year vThere is a focus product catergory for each nature of the event conducted vMonthly demand size is shown so as to assess the conductivity of event . vSpecific models to promote to consumer against nature of event ( eg Olympic Game Focus on vThe Camerashortfall is that they never specify the forcast of participating dealer concern & only event ) 2008 the quantity target 2009 to achieve is not specified v v Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Event types

Group Work : Annual Event Plan

Sam ple




Annual demand changes



Graph sales changes and identify demand peaks 0

Big events
Key product examples
Chinese New year Promo 15 Jan ~ 6 Feb

1 ~ 30 May
TH-42PV8 / SC HT895 Lumix Launching BALI In store Fair 3 Apr ~ 5 Apr 5 Apr ~ 30 May PDP/LCD Launching 5 June

Mov e ahea d


1 ~ 30 Aug Lumix and e cam

Ram adha n Fair

5 ~ 25 Sept
NA-F70FB3 / NR-N25BF Magic Top launchhing. In store fair 5 ~ 25 Sept

Year End Sale s

1~ 23 Dec
Auvi and HA

Mediumsized events
Key product examples

Trade in Program PDP 1 ~ 24 July

Lumix Launching 11 Aug

Lumix and e cam Christmas fair 5 Nov ~ 23 Dec

Lumix and e.cam

My beaty lover beauty demo My beauty lover beauty demo

Lumix POP placement Lumix Photo competitionproduct demo

PDP/LCD POP placement

VIERA Link Demo 1 ~ 28 July

FS -Series NRB-242 Lumix POP place ment

Cooking demo 5 17
Magic top in strore promo Cooking Demo PanasonicPortable DVD your companion for mudik Prepare washing machine before your maid mudik

NRB-242 / NA-F90
My Miss Lumix and Ms e Cam VIERA Link Demo 5-17 TH-42PV80 / SC HT895 / DMR-EH67

Small events
Key product examples 2010.02

Lumix workshop 3 Jan16 Jan

Cooking demo 5 - 20 Feb

Lumix workshop 12 26 March FX Series EH67/57/HS9/42 PV800

Lumix workshop 7 ~ 21 May FS Series

Cooking demo 10 - 20 Jun MX- J10GW SR-TEG / NN-S215 TH-42PV80 / SC HT895 / DMR-EH67

Cooking demo 5 17

Lumix workshop NR-B242 / SR-TEG / NN-S235

MX- J210GN Kuru2 EH8469 SR-TEG / NN-S235


NR-B242 / SR-TEG / NN-S235



Group Work # 3
Mini Event



Group Work # -3 Event Scheduling Chart

Event scheduling chart preparation
Plan events that can be organized by anyone without a significant investment in time and money <Sample event scheduling chart>
Store this chart after recording achievements and problems and use it as a reference for next year's event.
(1) Event (selling season) title (4) Event content (Showcasing image)
* Initial rough image sketch

(2) Period (3) Key products (5)

Tools and sales promotion methods

XXth week, MMDD to MMDD

(6) Target customers

(7) Market background Point Presentation:

* Attach actual event photos in a separate sheet

(8) Product list Key, relevant and primary products

Product Model No. Price Qnty Amount Others

(9) Sales targets/results

Key product sales targets $ Key product sales results $ (Target achievement rate units

(10) Issues to be resolved

units %)

Total sales targets over the event $ Total sales results over the event $ (Target achievement rate %)



Group Work #4-3 Event Scheduling Chart

Event scheduling chart preparation
Plan events that can be organized by anyone without a significant investment in time and money <Sample event scheduling chart>
(1) Event (selling season) title

Sampl e

Store this chart after recording achievements and problems and use it as a reference for next year's event.

Digital Switch Over Weekend

Panasonic Store - Manchester

(2) Period (3) Key products (5)

October 17-18 2009

Viera TV, BD Recorder, Diga & Viera Link Products

(4) Event content (Showcasing image)

* Initial rough image sketch 1.In-store presentation over a weekend one month before digital switchover in the Manchester area 2.Experts from Panasonic HQ, Freesat and Freeview in-store to answer customers questions about switchover. Seminars and Q&A by experts. 3.Freesat Satellite Lexus 4x4 parked outside the store. 4.Demonstration area to show: 1.Freesat and Freesat HD vs Analogue channel choice, picture quality, GUI, red button. 2.BD Recording, twin tuner, HD recording, Viera Link 3.Series link, pause live-TV 5.Halloween theme decorations, balloons (family feel), apple bobbing

Tools and sales promotion methodsto targeted 1.Mail and email shot customer database (RFM & Data Mining) 2.Limited offer of 0% finance 3.Package promotion 4.Local advertising press / radio / in-store 5.Refreshments, decorations 6.Giant Viera Link remote 7.POP and banners for inside and outside.

(6) Target customers

ABC1 Adults, middle to high income Viewer of movies, sports and games Digital switchover customers

(7) Market background

1.Northwest area of UK will switch off analogue signal on November 3rd 2.26% UK will not be able to receive digital TV via aerial, Freesat 98% 3.Late adopters of HDTV and middle income families 4.Very high local interest in sport

(8) Product list Key, relevant and primary products

Product Model No. TX-42G10 TX-50G10 TX-32G10 DMR-BS850 DMR-XS350 DMR-EX769 Price 899 1099 699 999 549 299 449 Qnty Amount 17,980 10,990 10,485 9,990 8,235 1,595 2,245 Others

(9) Sales targets/results

Key product sales targets 80 units 61,520 Key product sales results 88 units 68,208 (Target achievement rate 110%) Total sales targets over the event 75,000 Total sales results over the event 78,439 (Target achievement rate 115%)

(10) Issues to be resolved

Mail shot worked well 40% of sales from customers contacted Effective demonstrations contributed to high conversion rate of customers Better coordination with Freesat (poor seminar) Could have sold more add-on items e.g. cables, but inventory too low

20 10
15 10 15 5 5





As a summary



4Ps as the marketing tools of sellers are corresponding to 4Cs of customers

Sellers 4Ps Products Price Places Promotion

4Ps & 4Cs

Customers 4Cs Customers Solution Customers Cost Convenience


Check of Promoters' Routine Work

Periodically check the actual conditions and activities of the Check shop in your responsibility and make improvements
Product management 1. New products are displayed at an early stage. 2. Old products are disposed of at an early stage. 3. The stock availability of Panasonic products is always confirmed. 4. SKU items are displayed. 5. Related items are displayed. Display management 1. Product functions are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner. 2. Key Panasonic products are displayed at prime locations. 3. Price tags are properly attached. 4. POP advertising matches product features. 5. Sales floors are kept in order. 6. Necessary catalogs are available. 7. Displayed products are kept clean. 8. Creativity is devised to make a Panasonic product display section stand out more than other companies' products. 1 Sales promotion . Prices of products on sale are appropriately changed. 2. Necessary POP advertising and promotion items are provided. 3. Attractive hand-made POP advertising is provided. 4. Function comparison charts (POP advertising) that are easy to understand by customers are available. 5. Campaigns are actively promoted to attract customers. Product knowledge 1. I actively participate in product seminars (training). 2. I try to obtain information on new products at an early stage.

Daftar Periksa Kerja Rutin SPG / M di Toko

Periksa Secara Berkala Kondisi Dan Segala Kegiatan di TOko Check Serta Lakukan Perbaikan Jika Diperlukan
Manajemen Produk 1. Produk baru didisplay segera setelah diluncurkan. 2. Produk lama digantikan dengan yang baru segera setelah produk baru diluncurkan. 3. Keberadaan stock produck Panasonic selalu tersedia. 4. Produk yang continue dan terdaftar selalu terdisplay dan memiliki stok. 5. Produk yang terkait terdisplay Manajemen Display 1. Fungsi produk terdisplay dengan benar dan mudah dimengerti. 2. Produk utama Panasonic terdisplay di tempat utama 3. Price tags terpasang dengan benar dan jelas 4. POP material terpasang dengan benar dan sesuai dengan produknya 5. Display produk rapih dan teratur 6. Kataloque tersedia 7. Produk display dalam keadaan bersih selalu. 8. Kreatifitas adalah alat untuk menjadikan produk Panasonic terdisplay lebih baik dari kompetitor 1 Sales promotion . Harga atas produk yang sedang di discount dirubah dengan benar 2. POP dan barang barang promosi yang tersedia 3. POP buatan yang bagus dan menarik tersedia 4. POP yang menunjukkan perbandingan product tersedia. 5. Sales campaign dipromosikan untuk menarik perhatian customer Product knowledge 1. Saya terlibat secara aktif dalam seminar tentang produk 2. Saya mencoba untuk memahami informasi produk baru segera setelah diluncurkan

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