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Marketing in the Middle East

Stefanie Bayer Alfredo Daz Palancar Andreas Lempidakis Len Zenteno-Tovar

Human Resources Management 1

BOSSit = Back Office Support Services using Information Technology | Founded in 2001 in Amman, Jordan
By Maher Mouasher, Faris Nimry and a third passive investor

| Re-branded to

, which is Arabic for support

Human Resources Management 2

BOSSits Business | Customer service for companies to outsource this function to | Superior, high-quality customer support via information technology | New level of customer service | In English and Arabic | Initially: respond to customer phone and email inquiries | Later: detailed customer tracking and customer-tailored services | Idea:
Aquire knowledge about customers products and services Train Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) CSRs are clients off-site customer support department
Human Resources Management 3

Application to Jordan society | | | | Jordan has the desire to become an IT leader King Abdullah II supports technological development High level of education / university graduates Good relations with the US / many US subsidaries

BUT: | Customer support remained unfamiliar concept in Jordan | Outsourcing customer support totally new Help from John Whiting, retired American executive Hiring a new Marketing Director from the US, Ali Oveissi
Human Resources Management 4

Expectations on work environment

| Task for the Marketing Department | To develop a structured approach to acquiring new clients based on western strategies

| Expectations by implementing a western marketing strategy

| Employees balance their work requirements as needed | Employees show personal & religious orientation at work | Reliability of partners to lead to a successful business | Suppliers & Partners conduct business through unfulfilled formalities | Use of available technology to show delivery capabilities | Relationships & trust secure customers | Deliver on promised timeline as agreed on meetings | Delays and cancelations of deliveries w/o previous notice
Human Resources Management 5

Differences between USA & Jordan at work

USA 1 40-hour Workweek 2 Work effectiveness orientation 3 Regular attendance as self professional mgt. 4 Appointments are guides to action 5 Work is conducted through goals and plans 6 Meetings are a exchange information channel 7 8 9 Promises are fulfilled as a result of compromised progress

Jordan Flexible working hours Personal/Religious orientation Irregular attendance (strict control by the top mgt) Appointments are a respectful formality Work is conducted through personal contacts Meetings are used to establish trust Unfulfilled promises are normal and progress is not constant shown

Institutions deliver reliable and updated information

Official information from institutions are not reliable

Business approach are formal and informative Business approach with "meal & deal" regarless the relationship between parties

Human Resources Management

Accepted/No-Accepted US-American ways in Jordan

| | TV-Media Education

| Communication
| | | | | Sophisticated ways of conducting business Collective campaign for acquiring customers Rigid work hours Informative meeting Commitment to work activities

Human Resources Management

The Role of Wastah in the Arab World

Wastah what is it about?
Its not about the money Its not about power Its about TRUST Its about Friendship
The Arab World Everybody uses it

Everybody respects it
Not everybody agrees with it

If one uses it there will be a time that he will have to repay the favor From little things to BIG things
Human Resources Management 8

The Role of Wastah in the Arab World

Wastah Controversies
Competence has nothing to do with it Not everybody gets favored Its known that a society may show downfalls when vastly used The new generation of the Arab World has strong disagreements on its use Example: A university degree or even a PHD wont give you the right job, but you fathers connections might.
Human Resources Management 9

AMMAN A Wastah society

The Role of Wastah in the Arab World

Marketing in the Arab World
One does not Go Looking for clients Commercials are considered desperate measures Most western marketing tactics are considered a taboo One uses Wastah to approach potential clients A client will use the services of a company or a person only if he Checks out through Wastah When a representative of company meats a potential client, they dont talk about business right away Going straight to business is just impolite in order for a deal to close, regardless of the magnitude, several dinners will take place and at the end very seldom a contract will be signed Verbal contract is above any other form of contracts Human Resources Management 10

Traditional Marketing Approach Through the Stomach comes Wastah

Marketing in the Middle East and the western approach: Melting business cultures




The Jordan traditions are part of the society and business culture. In order enter the market adequately it is important to understand, adopt and somehow be able to adapt marketing activities to Jordan the Bizz Culture combination would be best!
Human Resources Management 11

Marketing in the Middle East and the western approach: Melting business cultures
Understanding the Jordanian ETIQUETTE: Hierarchy and rigid structures. Social relationship with your Jordanian counterparts. Respect and friendship In a business setting, Mutual benefit and trust One uses Wastah to approach potential clients Working out your CUSTOMERS: Approaching focus customers Developing a social relationship with your Jordanian counterparts Leisurely pace over tea and coffee Focus on cost savings and efficiency improvement Use actual customers reference list as pushpull effect DONT rush !! Understanding your TEAM: Deadlines and punctuality are not necessarily a priority-Appointments for times of day rather than precise hours. Properly train them, and provide on-time comprehensive support. Conflicts in the workplace are usually addressed privately Work meetings with clear Agenda and deliveries

Finding your partners:

Find competent local firms that are capable of organizing marketing campaigns Commit to local agents, properly train them, and provide on-time comprehensive support Marketing mix together with local partners

Human Resources Management


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