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What is a Barrier?
That what stop you from doing needed by you is a Barrier in all sense.

Such stoppage in Communication is a Barrier & such Barrier is called Communication Gap

Physical Barriers

Faulty Transmission & Poor Retention

Language Barrier &By Passed Instruction

Psychological Barriers & Cross Cultural Barrier

Improper use age of Written Text , Wrong Medium & Socio-Psychological Barriers

Status Barrier & Failure of Proper Channel Of Speech

There Are 3 main types of Physical barriers I. Noise --The most of the people experience excess noise as a barrier to Communication . In we dont feel to speak to people as it create some disturbance to convey our message. Noise causes headache

II. Time & DistanceThe time of communication does affect the business works i.e. the Time when we contact the head office of a company from India to London there will be some communication gap . Distance of the communicator does affect the person i.e. Cell phone signal unavailability
III. Faulty Instruments : Now a day we have some fault devices hence there some misinterpretations while we communicate i.e. cross connections

This can be observed while we convey some message to someone . When convey to the third party we can see change in message . This is Faulty Transmission & Poor Retention . Let us say the game Chinese whisper is such an example of Faulty Transmission & Poor Retention in an organization . We can say only 50% of Information.

Language barrier is generally observed in Mumbai i.e. South Indian peoples is quiet observed when they speak for example : the m is said yum ; l is said as yel. Language barrier creates disturbance to convey message.
By Passed Instruction are those which are said with some meaning and are understood with different meaning For example : Office Manager said tO take it tO Our stOckrOOM and burn it . . burn Meant tO photocopy by heating process copy it . The confused employee burned all letter & their copy with a lighted match stick

There is always a head weight to say that I hold this or that position in office and consider them to be inferior. This creates a breaking of hierarchy of the upper level management to lower level worker . Mr. Holestt calls it Status relationship & Mr. Davar Status Block. The management is responsible for mantaience of organization. If there is a no proper grapevine communication then there will be hardship in organization to solve problems due to miscommunication .the channel of grape vine is the simplest way to solve problem of organization

Improper use age of Written text is common among the people . The same written text in form of news paper help to know daily problems . Text has a great values good literature are on paper . The governmental memos is such an example The conveyance of message to all parts of organization in organized manner is the most effective method to help to progress of organization. If medium used to convey message not proper then there will be communication gap. There are manager who give memos to all good & bad work . Memos are not so affective as compared to direct communication

Types of SocioPsychological

Resistance to change Unclarified assumption

There are barriers to understand the language of different places & their different tone . But one unified language in form of English has help to cross-cultural barrier. Like in Paris we can speak English even though the local language is French.

The psychological barriers divided into following types 1. Different Perceptions : A person Thinking differ as no man is the same , so opinion differs . Taking care that there is no barrier 2. Allness And the Closed Mind : The attitude that I know it all or noting at all is a barrier 3. Fear & Misunderstanding : Fear to talk & not to talk is a barrier. Misunderstanding leads to conflicts which is always a barrier 4. Halo effect : The disbelief to the speaker is a kind of a barrier . Which means that the people dont trust anyone 5. Effect of emotion: the speaker does have a change to emotion of a person .profit bonus makes people happy while loss makes them unhappy 6. Polarisation: the listener must be kind enough to hear the speaker without prejudged conclusion 7. Snap Reaction & Inattentiveness: if the person is not listening to a speaker its Inattentiveness. To reach to conclusion before the to totally hearing all fact is a barrier

Barriers can be solved if

take care of all the factors to consideration THEN WECAN WIN ALL BATTELS OFLIFE