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CasaMagna Township

- Project By D K Bose Builders

Your First Dream Home

Report By Sachin Analdas Vaibhav Chavan Dhiraj Nemade Mandar Patil

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VMO PESTEL 5 Forces FCB grid Marketing Plan
Situation Problem Objective Strategy Tactic

Hierarchy of effects
Objective Strategy Target audience

About Company
To enhance lives by creating great places to live of highest quality

To build world class residential estates and become most respected company in India in residential housing

To capitalize 15% market share To sell 100 Homes by 2014

About Project
Project CasaMagna Township Location Pune Outskirts (Hadapsar) Type 2 BHK Affordable Housing Apartments 14 acre plot, 7 Buildings 8-storey, 196 flats Amenities- Play Park, Ample Parking Space Price Rs. 35-50 Lac

Value Chain Analysis

Core Competency
Extra level of detailing

Sustainable competitive Advantage

Well constructed and strategically placed homes that use our patented Admantium steel

Value Driver

Value Proposition Futuristic living @ Reasonable rates

Situation- Market Analysis

Pune is one of the fastest growing metro Pune is leading education hub, automobile hub and IT hub of India Migration contributes largely to population growth Pune Real Estate market growth rate is very high Rapid development on city outskirts Huge demand for flats from young professionals

Market Supply Breakup

Source: Indiareit.com Whitepaper (Vol 1) - Apr'0

Situation-Consumer Analysis
High skilled professionals from across the country settle in Pune for work IT professionals form majority of customers Preference for homes near work place Preference for township projects with amenities, parking space, modern technology, security

Situation-Socio Economic Analysis

Rising Real Estate Prices Rising Inflation Increase in per-capita income of the consumers Increase in disposable income of the consumers Rising Interest Rates Increase in Employment

Situation-Legal Analysis
Housing Property Scam FSI issues Government Permission

Competitor Analysis
Major Builders Kumar Builders Kolte-Patil Developers ABIL Group Kakade Developers

Pune real estate market is highly competitive Large number of upcoming residential projects

Competitor Analysis
Real Estate Distribution In Pune
Others 18% MHADA 3% Kolte-Patil Bulders 8% Kakade builders 15% Kumar Builders 35%

ABIL Group 21%

SWOT Analysis
Stress on Quality Large Area suitable for township project Easy availabilty of labour 24-hr rickshaw/taxi availability

Location distance is more from city centre No Bus stop in the vicinity

SWOT Analysis
Growing market and huge demand for affordable housing New IT SEZ being constructed nearby Proposed new link road

Large number of Competitors Slum area near the project location Economic downturn Growing prices of land, labour, resources

Findings : SWOT Analysis

Favorable demographics with 40% of population of young working class in the age group of 25 - 45 Increase in the purchasing power of the people in the country

PESTEL Analysis
Land acquisition constraints FSI constraints

Recession will affect demand and loan payments Profit margin will be affected due to competitors Interest rates on housing loans

PESTEL Analysis
High standard of work in process of construction and sale to build image for years

Use of modern equipments like huge drilling machines, cranes Pre structured Concrete Blocks

PESTEL Analysis
Environmental groups are concerned about the detrimental impact of housing development on the countryside.

Higher Interest rates Govt Regulations Land Acquisition Constraints

Finding - PESTEL Analysis

Important Points Current housing loan rate is approx. 14% which may curb people from buying property The demographic split of our state is favorable with our population being a growing population (64.9% of the population between 16-64) Purchasing power of corporate professional is on rise For operations, there is use of Admantium Steel bond which reduces number of bricks by 20%

DSTP Analysis
Natural and healthy environment with modern facilities at affordable prices

STPD : Segmentation
Segmentation and Targeting
Need-based segmentation Psychographic (Lifestylebased) segmentation Demographic segmentation Age-wise Income-wise
Commercial Real Estate Market






Age <25 Years


> 45

Income(Lacs p.a) <30

30-60 lac

>60 lac

DSTP : Positioning


Affordable township housing for mid-income and upper middle income groups in developing area of city

Marketing Problem and Objective

Marketing Problem
To provide customers, mainly youngster which are planning their first dream home which is affordable and with heavenly feeling in a developing location with great growth prospects in the near future

Marketing Objective
To sell more than 70% homes before 50% project completion

Marketing Mix
DKB group presents modern corporate standard houses in affordable price with innovatively used technology which will bring beauty, peace and harmony to the lives of the residents CasaMagna township, a structure of unmatched combination of facilities and value- it is a state of the art residential development designed around a unique theme - Youngsters

Location Hadapsar (12km away from Pune) Near Pune Solapur Highway Play Park, ample parking space, pollution and noise free place

Marketing Mix
2BHK 35-48 lakhs 3BHK 48-60 lakhs

Our Offering

FITNESS Common Swimming Pool GYMKHANA Fitness Center KIDS PARK

Promotion Plan
Roadside Boards on nearby highway Promotion in Multiplexes in une

Real Estate Exhibitions Newspaper Ads Radio Ads Value added services like low interest loan

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