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1940: A pastry factory shop turned into a chocolate factory. 1946: Piera and Pietro Ferrero established Ferrero. 2010: ferrerro becomes the 4th largest confectionary company in the world.
Source: http://www.icco.org/about/chocolate.aspx

THE CULTURE: work, create, give

High quality Crafted precision, Product freshness, respect and consideration for our customers Thinking Glocally (think globally, act locally) Consumer always at the center of the strategy
This is a measure of Ferreros interest in consumer needs, and this is a key factor of the companys success.

Ferrero in india
Entered in 2006. Entered with 4 products:
Ferrero rocher Tic-tac Nutella Kinder Joy

Recently opened its first own production site in Baramati, near Pune (28000 square metres) in 2011.
Source: http://www.ferrero.com/?IDpagina=1202&IDnews=597

% of total market
7 6 5

3 2 1 0 2008 2009 2010

% of total market

Chocolate growth is larger than the growth of confectionary and chewing gum in the developing country as people typically incline to move towards expensive products. Increasing appetite of western-style products by Indians. Chocolate industry grown at a whooping 230% in last 5 years in India. Kraft-60 % of chocolate market Nestle-23% of chocolate market Ferrero-6% of chocolate market

hr in ferrero india: the METIZO STRATEGY

The concept of cultural intelligence as a key talent indicator. Linking of talent and cultural intelligence Focus on the traditional values and history to being able to leverage that to create an aspirational employer brand in emerging markets through personal development Rather than doing this through a training course, the idea was to get participants to do something, to experience talent. And then they linked this to their management reviews.
Source: http://www.metizo.com/home/ferrero-emerging-markets-usesmetizo-talent-strategy

Sustainable business: the ferrero way


Adaptation of the Quick Job model on the base of their


At first, they coherently structured the job groups in relation to the business model in use. Afterwards, taking advantage of Quick Job flexibility, they created Ferreros evaluation classes in line with methodologies already used in other countries. Presently, Ferrero is working on redefinition of the compensation structure based on Gold Analysis & Planning. (GAP)
Source: nexthrgroup.com

FERRERO LOOKS FOR PEOPLE WHO.. Are the captains of their own careers embrace challenge, set high standards, build on tradition Emphasize on constant innovation FERRERO GIVES IMPORTANCE TO.. Loyalty and trust Respect and responsibility Integrity Passion for innovation


A dynamic and international environment A climate of mutual respect A hands-on, informal learning approach. Ferrero takes pride in their working environment which enables their people to grow personally and professionally. All In all, Ferrero believes in growing and make the employees grow. A happy Ferrero Family Experience!!

Emphasis on Global Sustainability Strategy. MAIN GOALS TO BE REACHED: The development of self-production energy capacity to cover the needs of European plants 30% of which from renewable sources with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions; 20% reduction of water consumption per production unity; 100% of cocoa, palm oil and coffee supply certified as sustainable.

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