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By: Corey Hopp, Greg Hohl, and Joey McAsey

Chapters 1-8 of Zechariah

Accredited to Zechariah Also called Deutero-Zechariah Divided into 3 sections
1:1-6 1:7-6:15 7:1-8:28

The First Section of Chapters 1-8 Zechariah 1:1-6

The Year
520 B.C. Eighth month

Introduction to Zechariah Gods Call

Ask forgiveness and return to Yahweh

The Second Section of Chapters 1-8 Zechariah 1:7-6:15

The Year
520 B.C During Eleventh Month

Includes Zechariahs Eight Visions

The First Four Visions

1. Man and Four Horses among Myrtle Trees
-God has in mind to restore Israel

2. The Four Horns and The Four Blacksmiths

-Principle that God would judge those who judge Israel

3. The Angel with The Measuring Line

-The blessings of Israel

4. The Cleansing of Joshua

-A Messiah will come to save the Israelites and Joshua will become High Priest

The Last Four Visions

5. The Golden Lamp Stand and The Two
Olive Trees
-God empowers the Israelites by His spirit

6. The Flying Scroll

-God frowns upon dishonesty

7. The Woman in the Basket

-God will remove all wickedness from the land

8. The Four Chariots

-the spirits of heaven will judge the whole earth

The Third Section of Chapters 1-8: Zechariah 7:1-8:28

518 B.C. Ninth Month

Sums up visions Four Messages: Reprimand, Reminder,

Restoration, and Return to God

Summary of the Book of Zechariah: Chapters 9-14

Chapters 9-11
Oracles Israel will be discriminated against

Chapter 12
Gods victory over the heathen

Chapters 13 and 14
Assault of Jerusalem

Zechariahs Background

Unknown date Babylonia


Zechariahs Family
Born into a Priestly Family Family was among the ones who returned
from the Babylonian Exile Berekiah-Zechariahs father Iddo-Zechariahs grandfather

Gods Calling
520 B.C. Series of dreams where his visions occur and he is called by God Angel involved in helping Zechariah become a


To give his messages to a people whose hearts and minds were heavy and sluggish with discouragement

Beginning of Prophecy
520 B.C.

Zechariah spoke through his writings

Historical Settings & Prophecy

Around 520 B.C.
During return of Babylonian Exile

In Jerusalem
Urged the Israelites to rebuild the Temple Foretelling

Messiah Israel

Historical Settings: Important Figures

Haggai the Prophet
Also told people to rebuild the Temple

Zerubbabel the Governor

Laid foundation of 2nd Temple

Joshua the High Priest

Selected to be High Priest for rebuilding the Temple

Historical Settings: Daily Life

Political Situation
Controlled by Persians Allowed to return to worship God

Religious Situation
Rebuilding the Temple Needed a place to worship and house God

Timeline of Zechariahs Prophecy


520 B.C.

518 B.C.

Zechariah was born

Zechariah started his prophecies Zechariah had dreams of God calling him

Time when Zechariah prophesized

Zechariah ended his prophecies

Key Themes of the Book of Zechariah

Rebuilding of Temple First and Second Coming of Christ
Predicted more about Christ than any other prophet except Isaiah

Key Themes:
Gods Message to the People

1. Reminded the Israelites of Gods presence 2. God will extend the invitation of faith 3. 4. 5.
throughout the earth Joshua becoming the High Priest God will make the judgment of sin Christ will come twice

Foretelling & Manifestation

Zechariah foretold of the Messiah
First and Second coming The Messiah will enter Jerusalem on a donkeyZechariah 9:9
Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout, Daughter
of Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey

Foretelling & Manifestation (cont.)

Someone will betray the Messiah for 30
pieces of silverZechariah 11:12-13 The Messiah will be crucifiedZechariah 12:10

Zechariah was Positive
Influenced people to do good

Repentance Salvation for all Encouragement to the people God will help one if one worships and listens
to GodZechariah 1:3 -God says Return to me and I will return to you

Application (cont.)
Lessons to learn from Zechariah Situations today that mirror Zechariah
killing people for their beliefs

Listen to God and his followers Many of the prophecies spoken about become true He was murdered between the temple and altarkilled for beliefs Many of the worlds problems today are because of

Big Picture
Zechariahs main goal was to prepare the

Israelites for a Messiah He also prophesized of a second coming of Christ so we should all be ready for the Messiah today To be prepared for the second coming of Christ we must: repent for our sins and spread the invitation of salvation to everyone

Project done by: Corey Hopp, Greg Hohl, and Joey McAsey