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SK SUNGAI KAYU, SANDAKAN Parents-Teacher Meeting Organised by English Panel 10 September 2011

Parents' Attendance
9% 21%

Father Mother Guardians


There were a total of 71 out of 120 expected parents attended the meeting.

Parents' Age
2 8 9

20 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 - 60 60 above 23 29

The highest number of parents are in a range of 31 - 40 years old.

Parents' Address
24 37 8 Kg. Sungai Kayu Kg. Sungai Obar Kg. Tinusa 1 &2 Others

Majority of the parents live in Kg. Sungai Kayu, Sandakan.

Parents' Occupations
2 3 5 3 Housewife Teacher Driver Cleaner Mechanic


58 out of 71 parents are housewife. 5 of them works as a cleaner. 3 of them are teachers and mechanics as well. 2 of them are drivers.

Number of Children

1 - 5 children 6 - 10 children


73% of the parents have on average of 1 - 5 children and 27% of them have on average of 6 - 10 children.

Language Spoken At Home



Malay Language English Language Other Language


90% of the parents use Malay language at home. 6% of them use other language and 4% use English language.

H u sp rD yW t h gE g h o r e a ac in n lis Po r m eo S e kE g hA r g a m r p a n lis t Hm o e
4 %

0- 5h us or 6- 1 h us 0 or

9% 6

96% of the parents reported that their children spend on average of 0 5 hours per day watching English programme or speak English at home and 4% of them have on average of 6 - 10 hours.

Teach or Guide or Help The Children in their study at home


Yes No


75% of the parents teach or guide or help the children in their study at home and 25% of them choose no.

Parents Send Their Children To English Tuition


Yes = RM60 No


Only 6% of the parents send their children for English tuition and the tuition fare is RM60 for English subject per month.

Extra Class For English, Malay, Science and Mathematics with RM10 per month for all subjects.


Yes = RM10 No

100% of the parents agreed to have extra class for English, Malay, Science and Mathematics with RM10 per month for all subjects.

: 1. How do you find the teaching of English in this school? Group 1 -Very Good -Very encouraging to the children Group 2 - Need to improve from time to time - Teachers must speak English to the pupils Group 3 - It is good for English is one of the important subjects. Group 4 - Very Good and we are satisfied with it. Group 5 -Pupils can learn but still weak in practicing it for example in 10 words they learnt, they could only memorize 2 or 3 words in English. Group 6 - Very good to improve the speaking skill. Group 7 - Good

Group Discussion Questionnaire

: 2. Suggest how can teachers improve the teaching of English in this school? Group 1 -Encourage pupils to speak English through fun activities such as games and competition. Group 2 - Extra time for English lesson and encourage pupils to speak English. Group 3 - As parents, we just follow and support the school on whatever suggestions or steps taken to improve the teaching of English. Group 4 - Teacher should try to teach pupils in groups. Group 5 -Teacher should use mixed language/bilingual while teaching. Group 6 - Teacher should speak English all the time in the classroom. Group 7 - Teacher must select good quality of materials during the lesson.

Group Discussion Questionnaire

: 3. How can parents help their children in improving English at home? Group 1 -Buy English books for the children. Such as story books. Group 2 -Encourage the children to watch English programme such as astro tv, VCD and using the computer in English software. Group 3 & Group 4 - Parents should teach their children at home. Group 5 -Parents learn English and speak English to the children at home. Group 6 - Parents try to speak English to the children at home Group 7 - Send children for English tuition.

Group Discussion Questionnaire

: 4. How much homework do you want the teachers to give to your children in a week? Group 1, Group 2& Group 3 -3 times a week (depends on the teacher). Group 4 - 5 pages per day. Group 5 -Don't give too many homeworks at one time. Group 6 - Once in two days. Group 7 - Everyday

Group Discussion Questionnaire

: 5. What would you do if your child didn't do their homework? Group 1, Group 4 & Group 5 -Guide and help the children to finish the homework. Group 2 & Group 3 - Advise them and always remind them of their homework.. Group 6 - Advise them and try to find ways to attract their interest to finish their homework. Group 7 - Scold the children and beat them.

Group Discussion Questionnaire

: 6. What should the teacher do if pupils don't do their homework?

Group Discussion Questionnaire

Group 1, Group 4 & Group 5 -Teacher reprimand the pupils and ask them to finish the work. Group 2 & Group 3 - Teacher can give appropriate punishment to the pupils. Group 6 & Group 7 - Teacher gives advices to the pupils.

: 7. How would you moticate your children to speak (use) English? Group 1 -Send the children to English tuition at school or tuitiion centre. Group 2 & Group 3 - Parents help the children to speak English by using dictionary or watching academic CD of English at home. Group 4 & Group 5 -Parents should make the first step by speaking English at home and to the children as well. Group 6 & Group 7 - Encourage the children to speak English and explain to them the important of the language in their future.

Group Discussion Questionnaire