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The Bombay Quiz Club presents

30 questions, answers to be written down 8 starred questions (to break ties) Top six teams make it to the finals

Anthony Burgess says, Five days shalt thou labour, as the Bible says. The seventh day is the Lord thy God's. The sixth day is for __________ Fill in the blank.


What was founded on 15th August 1889 at 14, Balaram Ghosh Street?

The Mohun Bagan Athletic Club

The capital of this country is Teguchigalpa. It has made it to 2010 South Africa, the second time ever in the World Cup finals in its history. It also fought a war triggered by a football match. Name the country.


The defender had this good luck custom of his kissing the bald head of his goalkeeper before the start of the match. The two did this ritual for all their international matches that they played together. Later when they were together in the same club, they continued to do it, but only in the Champions League matches. Name both the players No half points

Laurent Blanc and Fabien Barthez

This European countrys team won the FIFA World Youth Cup twice in a row in 1989 and 1991. The players in this team have gone on to play in different clubs in different countries winning all the possible championships there are. What name was coined by the media to describe this group of players (now the term is used generally for every such similar group of players)

The Golden Generation of Portugal that includes Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Viktor Baia, Abel Xavier, Nuno Gomes, etc.

Outside which famous football stadium would you find this art structure installed?

Heysel, now called King Badouin Stadium, in Brussels

In 2005, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became the first female African head of state after a fiercely contested presidential election. She was declared winner but her rival from the Unity Party challenged the results. There was an investigation which cleared her election. Who was the rival?

George Weah, Liberia. The only FIFA World Player never to have qualified for the World Cup

After being called in to replace injured first choice goalkeeper Neri Pumpido during the 1990 World Cup, this player became a star as he encountered two back to back penalty shoot outs in the quarters and the semi-finals making crucial saves to take Argentina to the final. Name the goalkeeper

Sergio Goycochea

Between 1984 and 1992, this Italian club had one of its greatest runs with a Serie A title in 1990-91, three Italian Cup titles and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1990. Powering them were the Goal Twins of Roberto Mancini and Gianluca Vialli. Name the club.


Which countrys national professional league came up with the Hundred Year Vision in 1999 create 100 professional clubs by the year 2092, 100 years after the league was formed. This vision document included ideas of clubs engaging with local communities and businesses thus developing a loyal fan base.

The Japanese Professional League (J-League)

On December 22nd 2009, an international friendly match is scheduled between Argentina and this national team (which has played over 200 matches since 1904). Name the national team? Viktor Valdes (GK) Jordi Codina (GK) Bruno Saltor (D) Joan Capdevila (D) Gerard Pique (D) Carles Puyol (D) Alberto Lopo (D) Fernando Navarro (D) Olegeur Presas (D) Sergio Gonsalez (M) Sergio Busquets (M) Joan Verdu (M) Moises Hurtado (M) Xavi Hernandez (M) Cesc Fabregas (M) Gabri Garcia (M) Oscar Serrano (F) Bojan Krkic (F) Sergio Garcia (F) Ferran Corrominas (F)

Manager: Johann Cruyff

Catalonia, Catalan National Team; they have applied for separate affiliation just like Scotland and Wales but has been rejected so far

This is their first single to be no 1 in the UK charts in 1963. Identify the band?

Gerry and the Pacemakers

Founded in 1987, they are the most successful club in English women's football having won thirty-two major trophies to date, eleven FA Women's Premier League titles, ten FA Woman's Cups, ten Women's Premier League Cups and the UEFA Women's Champions League. Name the club.

Arsenal LFC

Zidane was clearly inspired from this player when he took the penalty in the 2006 World Cup final. Name this famous penalty taker.

Antonin Penanka, Czechoslovakia, 1976 Euro Nations Cup v USSR in the final. Czechoslovakia won that final on penalties

What do you make of this list: Simon Bolivar; Jose Gervasio Artigas; Bernando OHiggins Jose Miguel Carrera Manuel Bergano Antonio Jose de Sucre Jose Joaquin de Olmedo

The Libertadores, freedom fighters of South America. After whom the Copa Libertadores is named in tribute.

What was the significance of this goal? (1 point) Name the goal scorer and the defender who gave it away? (1 point)

The goal that took Bulgaria to the 1994 World Cup and knocked out France, second time in a row. France was absent in 1990 as well. Emil Kostadinov scored as David Ginola failed to intercept the long ball

This popular dessert is also the nickname of a top club team. Name the dessert. Name the team.

Meringue. Las Meringues as Real Madrid are some times known as

What became as a consequence of this letter sent by Floris Stempel on March 14, 1900 to a few of his friends.

"Hereby the undersigned invites you politely to grace us with your presence in one of the upper rooms of Caf-Bar 'Oost-Indi', at number 2, Kalverstraat, on Sunday morning at 9 hours and 3 quarters, to discuss the establishment of an entirely new Football Club.

Ajax Amsterdam, of course

In the first European Cup final, he played for Stade Reims against Real Madrid in 1956. In 1957, he moved to Real Madrid joining Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas. He was part of the Real Madrid teams that won the European Cups all the way to 1960. In the 1959 final, he would play against his old club Stade Reims (who had Just Fontaine in their team). Name

Raymond Kopa

Name the player

Andres Escobar

Nicknamed "Basti Fantasti" by the German press, this winger was viewed as the future of German football in the early part of this decade. He signed a lucrative 20 million mark contract with Bayern Munich in 2002 but repeated knee injuries restricted him to a mere 62 appearances in his 5 year stint at the club. He suffered from a bout of depression in 2007 and decided to quit the game at the age of 27.

Sebastian Deissler

Identify the theme

The Europa League

He excelled as a Javelin champion at the junior level before making the switch to his current occupation. In late 2008, Athletics Ireland decided to send an open invitation to X to join their javelin squad for the 2012 London Olympics. But He declined the invitation citing his age (he was 33 at the time) and family commitments. Name the player

Rory Delap (Stoke City)

(WAG quota) This 2008 Miss United Kingdom will make her debut opposite Salman Khan in his upcoming movie Veer. She makes it to a football quiz because of her association with Barcelona centerback Gerard Pique. Name

Lisa Lazarus

What nickname, derived from the Spanish for "chocolate box", is shared by the Estadio Alberto J. Armando Stadium (Argentina) and the Estadio Nemesio Dez Stadium (Mexico)?

La Bombonera

Identify the footballer in the middle.

Sherbegeth (Shebby) Singh

During a 1995 election for Denver city council, Susan B. Casey ran with the slogan "A _______ _______ for City Council.Casey used the slogan as a way of assuring voters they could trust her to be "just like them".The phrase addressed anxiety about women's achievements, and the stereotype that smart, accomplished women were not able to manage professional careers and still show love for their family.Casey won the election with 51% of the vote. Fill in the blanks

Soccer Mom

They got FIFA and UEFA affiliation in 1988. Till date, they have just 4 draws and one win (in a friendly) to their name. But one of their players holds the record for the fastest goal (8.3 seconds) in World Cup competition.(scored against England in 1994 qualifiers). Name the country

San Marino

Lebanese American Roger Tamraz set up Oil Capital Ltd in 1965. In 1988, the Libyan state owned company National Oil Corporation took a controlling stake in it. In 2005 they set a new record. Give the brand name in question.

Tamoil (signed the biggest shirt deal ever with Juventus)

Playing his first international in 2005 in the SAFF Cup, he scored the first goal (and so far his only goal) in the final against Bangladesh. He has played in central defense as well as midfield and is one of the top young stars of Indian football. He was involved in a recent security scare. Name.

Mehrajuddin Wadoo