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The Role of Disabled Peoples User-Led Organisations (DPULOs)

27th March 2012 Lynne Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer

Cheshire Centre for Independent Living

What is a DPULO Challenges for Commissioners > More for Less Benefits of Engaging with Disabled Peoples User Led Organisations (DPULOs) DPULO Provision Identifying Gaps in Provision and Developing Innovative Solutions Questions / Discussion Time

What is a DPULO?
At least 75% of Management Board are disabled people At least 50% of staff are disabled people

At least 50% of volunteers are disabled people

Works within the ethos of the social model of disability Or Working towards the above

About Us
Cheshire Centre for Independent Living has been established since 1992, providing a range of support services, driven by the needs and aspirations of disabled people. Our Vision To eradicate inequality for local disabled people. Our Mission To empower local disabled people to have independence, choice and control over their lives and to remove the barriers that exist within society.

More for Less

Unit Costs are less > Not big overheads Investment > Return on Investment

EU Legislation: Article 19 > Saves time and money and enables smaller DPULOs to deliver services
Value added Services > Achievement of Outcomes

Benefits of DPULO Engagement

Public Sector Equality Duty Duty to Engage with disabled people Voice of disabled people Person-Centred Working Work across more than one policy area Peer to Peer approach Legitimacy both with Service Users and Commissioners Experience, skills and knowledge Identifying gaps and finding solutions Evidence of better outcomes for disabled people

DPULO Provision
Information, Advice and Advocacy Review Local Processes/ Policy Access to Work

Disability Hate Crime

Adult Social Care and Health
Personal Budgets: everyone eligible to be in receipt by 2013 Personal Health Budgets: 100% take up over 5 years? Support Planning

Service Delivery

Identifying Gaps




Recruitment Learning/Training Paperwork Other


Developing Innovative Solutions

North West Personal Assistant Register Managed Bank Account Service Personal Assistant Training Individual Employer Training Collaborative Working


More for Less.... A Reality?


Thank you for Listening.

Contact Details

www.cheshirecil.org www.nw-pa.org

Social Media: www.twitter.com/cheshirecil #dpulo www.facebook.com/cheshirecentreforindependentliving www.facebook.com/dpulos

References (info only)

Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People Report (2005) Putting People First Concordat (2007) Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act [Section 138 (1)] (2007) Personalisation: A Rough Guide (2008) Transforming Social Care (2008 & 2009) Right to Control Trailblazers (2009) A Vision for Social Care: Capable Communities, Active Citizens (2010) Think Local Act Personal (2010)

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