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Rong Liu Supervisor: Dr.

Gianfranco Mazzanti Program: Food Science

Degree :Master of Science

Edible oils and fats usually consist of a complex mixture of triacylglycerols (TAGs), and the melting range is one of the main factors which determine the properties of fat. The melting range and solid liquid phase behavior of fats are important in food products containing fats. TAGs has polymorphism in the solid phase. There are three main polymorphs: , , . In principle, the amount and composition of a solid phase in fat can be determined by the thermodynamic equilibrium (Wesdorp, 1990, p.486). Despite, many research effects to predict the melting range and solid phase composition of fats from the overall fat composition, our ability to predict them is still minimal. The objective of this research is to describe both phase equilibrium and the solid composition of fats in a multiphase system. In this study, the Michelsen method is used to test the phase stability, and then using the direct substitution method to iterate polymorph crystallization procedures, and the Gibbs free energy minimization using Murrays method is used for and polymorphs; DSC measurements will be made to confirm the calculation results..

The objective of this research is to describe phase equilibrium behaviour between a liquid phase and a number of solid solutions of fats in a multiphase system. Determine the number and amount of coexisting phase and the composition of each phase.

Expected Results
1. The initial estimates and stability tests

4. DSC measurement

Approach Methodology
the trilaurin (LLL) and trimyristin (MMM) multiple system

Molar free Gibbs energy of mixing

(Wesdorp, 1990, p.521)

The experimental line for the triluarin and trimyristin system will be almost the same as the calculated curve, showed as the above picture.
Gibbs free energy of mixing as a function of composition

Material preparation

(Wesdorp, 1990, p.508)

F is an unstable mixture and will demix A and B. The tangent to the curve at G lies at no point above the curve, so G represents a stable mixture. The curve of composition vs. Gibbs free energy, make sure
tangent of all points are above the curve.


the initial estimates and stability tests

The Michelsen method

Wesdorp, L.H. (1990) Liquid-multiple solid phase equilibria in fats: theory and experiment . A.G.Marangoni (ed.), Fat crystal networks (pp.481-522). New York: Marcel Dekker. Narine , S. S. and Marangoni, A.G. (1999). Fractal nature of fat crystal networks. Physical Review E, 59,1908-1920. doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.59.1908 Sato, K. (2001). Sato Crystallization behaviour of fats and lipids- a review. Chemical engineering science, 56, 2255-2265.


Substitution method for polymorph The Gibbs free energy minimization (Murrays method) for and polymorphs.

2. The direct substitution method for polymorph.

Calculate the P-1 phase fractions, and then to obtain the new compositions. 3. The Gibbs free energy minimization (Murrays method) for and polymorphs. Find the minimum of Gibbs free energy of and polymorphs.

DSC measurement Results confirm