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Case Analysis

Ion Consulting Service : MP^2 Program

All about ICS

ION Consulting provides advisory services :

1. Utilities Focus: Electric, natural gas, telecommunications, and water utility industries 2. Experienced Management Consultants: We are a firm of experienced industry experts drawn from leading strategy consulting firms and utilities 3. Regulatory Perspective: We bring a deep understanding of Federal and State regulatory issues offering insights and perspectives that are critical to making optimal decisions

Case Analysis

About MP^2 Training Program

1 It is Dynamic training program (it would assist inexperienced new comer and also experienced professional) 2 Transfer Knowledge from senior to junior 3 Reshape the companys training practice 4 Retain employees over the long term 5 Facilitate teamwork among the employee 6 Provide skill upgrades 7 Improve quality Benefit for Experienced Benefit for Inexperienced

Reviewer Sr. VP Operation

Pro Having more members working on a single project has improved the efficiency and the speed of service

Contra Too many employees on single projects will be missing out new potential projects

Managing Director Senior Consultant

He havent heard anything different from the client Having trouble looking over 3 members. Better focusing on his own work - Pleasent to work with associates. - Feel the team-work They cant do the work. They are useless - Waste of my time - His Mentor didnt listen to anything that he say - He got good Mentor - Challenge him to get certain things done - Realize that he has lots more to learn

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Associate Consultant

Associate Consultant

Group Analysis & Recommendation

Training and Development

Business Planning

Org. Design

Manpower Planning

Recruitment and Selection

Placement and Assignment

Performance Management


Job Design
Compensation and Benefit

Position Evaluation

Managing People

MP^2 Training Program was not fully support yet from both the executive board and employee (there are still pros and contras after a fourth-month trial period)

Manpower Planning
Ideal manpower composition between Experienced and Inexperienced related to business needs Currently -- 24 experienced consultant, 16 inexperienced

Change Management
One on one communication for certain rigid employee Sharing session from Experienced Consultant that is succeed as Mentor in MP^2 Program Promoting the advantage or benefit

Compensation & Career Development

Recognition to Mentor for their successful in mentoring program As a measure of the career ladder Team Incetive Plan

Mentorship Program
Create minimum criteria for Mentor Candidate Define scope of work for both Mentor and Mentee Define Successful criteria

Long Term benefit

This program is beneficial for succesion plan and career path High Employee Engagement Customer Intimacy Quality maintained Continous quality improvement

Short Term
Select only qualified mentors for this program and linkage to short term incentive plan Put only 1-2 mentee per mentor as additional resource / assistant to complete the project, minimum effort required from mentors New hire of experienced-consultants, engaged for long term hiring

Long Term
Create minimum criteria for Mentor Candidate Define scope of work for both Mentor and Mentee Define Successful criteria

For Mentor
a. b. c. Questionaire feedback from mentee Mentees competence level increase, done through competence assessment Project quality level increase

For Mentee

Competence level increase, done through competence assessment Questionaire feedback from mentor and customer

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