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Corporate Soul

Dynamics Of Effective Management

Written by: N K Singh Omita Paul

Presented By:-Abhishek kumar (20100126)

Corporate Soul
The Corporate Soul is a psycho-social Spirit unleased by awareness of this purpose & ideology of organisation.Not money but Mission has to be the directing principle.

Characteristics of Mission:
It is long term It is normative,representing values It serves to integrate the organisation

Indicators of Effective Organisations:




Integration is an organisation refers to harmony & cohesiveness.Any organisation which has effective management is a pisture of coordinated activities which emanate from total involvement of its people. On the other hand,an ineffective organisation shows not only disruption of group working & low morale of the people,but also uncoordinated,incoherant & wasteful actions in its day-to-day working.
The indicators of Integration is the outcome of the process of rational sensitivity which a management develops in an organisation.

Major components of Integration

Morale & team work

Job Satisfaction among employees

Employee Satisfaction

Absence of grievance

The dictionary meaning of Actuation is communication of motion;cause operation of;the motive for action. It refers to the orientation to action,results & work.Any organisation where the movement or action is not yeilding results or where there is no outer indication of a positive change in terms of its productivity,work or output-lacks this favtor.

Projection is an outward trust or transmutting of an image of an enterprise from inside to outside. Organisations environment. Projection is organisation. an constantly interact with their

While realisation deals with its inward thrust. outward movement from the

In this professional interaction,an effective organisation projects its right image,its reputation and adequately caters to the needs of the clients & the public.

Projection has been identified with two elements

i. Consumer satisfaction. ii. Reputation & public image

An organisation lives within a time frame.
Time prespective refers to intutionalised sustenance,the desire to continue with an activity or prevailing climate.The team perspective of an organisation determines continuous & lasting support of its employees. Continuity is the charter of hope of an organisation.

The Symptons of lack of Sustenance in employee utterances are as follows

I donot feel like continuing in this organisation for very long. I really donot know know why I should work in this organisation I have no idea what I will be doing in a few days time or in near future.I only feel I am just here till I really becomes inevitable for me to leave & go somewhere else I would leave this organisation the day I get better job

The concept of inner Urges

Why we use the word urge instead of process.Humanise & impart feeling to a process & it becomes an inner urge-it compels you to action. This inner urge converted into action bridges the gap between the percept & practice bringing credibility to the conduct of the people In the oeganisation.

Affection Realisation Initiation


It is that urge which is born out of compassion & consciousness of the human linkages.In an organisation,this is revealed through human relations,industrial relations,personal policies & human development as well as welfare approach.

Refers to an inner realisation of changes in environment,technology,market & socio-political forces.It is absorbing the changes & responding by innovation & planning.

The inner urge of initiation is depicted in the personality & actions of the leaders,the kind of culture one builds & the spirit of enterprise.

Refers to the urge to withdraw or suppress the urge to take certain actions Many deviations in an organisations need to be restrained & controlled.

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