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Butterfly Control Valves

Value in Valves

Our Capabilities
Design, Engineer & Manufacture Butterfly Valves Series 40, Series 01, Series 09, Series 07, Series 22, Series 15, Series 39, High Performance, Resilient Seats Flow Control of Air, Water & Gases in Many Industrial Applications Furnace, Power, HVAC, Compressor-Blower, & Engine Exhaust Air Systems Special High Temperature Applications Available in Wide Variety of Sizes (2-60), Temperature Ranges (Ambient to 1500F), Actuation (Pneumatic & Electric) & Construction Materials

Who We Are
Designs, Engineers & Manufactures Butterfly Valves Butterfly Control Valve manufacturers incorporated in 1970 Grown and Expanded Industries Served Use CAD Design to Ensure Product Quality & Integrity Have 300+ Casting Patterns Supporting 10 Product Groups Multiple Seat Designs Custom Mounting Brackets for All Types of Automation

Product Applications
PDC valves are used in manufacturing and processing environments where control of air, liquids or gases is essential to maintaining successful operations. Blowers Boilers Burners Furnaces Compressors Environmental

Industry Applications
Food & Pharmaceutical Gas Recovery HVAC Industrial Process Furnaces Liquefied Natural Gas Mining Power Generation/Co-Generation Stationary Engines Water & Sewage

Furnace Applications
Customized to Meet Your Temperature, Pressure & Media Requirements Up to 1500F Seat Designs for Specific Leakage Requirements Bracket & Linkage Designs Electric Actuators Pneumatic Actuators Extended Brackets with Heat Gaskets & Shields for High-Temp Applications

Valve Selection Criteria

Clean Air Dirty Air Traces of H2O & Dirty Air Gases Liquids

Manual Gear and 10 Position/Infinite Lock Lever Handle Pneumatic and Electric

Valve Selection Criteria (cont.) Cycle Seat Type

Low (0-100K) Medium (100K-500K) High (500K-1M) ANSI Class I (Swing Thru) ANSI Class II (Angle Seat) ANSI Class III (Metal Step Seat) ANSI Class IV (Tadpole Step Seat) Bubble Tight (High Performance)

Custom Valves
Fabricated and Flame Cut Butterfly Valve Actuation Combinations OEM Designs Based on Specific Applications Modified to Fit Your Designs

Contact Us
1075 Montour West Industrial Park Coraopolis, PA 15108 Phone: 724.695.3440 Toll-Free: 800.PDC.4070 Fax: 724.695.8635 E-mail: sales@pdcvalve.com Web: www.pdcvalve.com