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Ways of Motivating students in classroom

Presented By: Mr. Tariq Saleem Ghayyur Lecturer Department of Education University of Sargodha

Definition Of Motivation
Derived from Latin word movere, which means to move. The act or process of stimulating to action, providing an incentive or motive, especially for an act.

is setting audacious objectives & getting people to own & achieve them. is getting someone else to do what you want done because he wants to do it. is making people feel & take pride that they have done it. is letting go while retaining the right to know what is going on. is the art of accomplishing more than what is possible.

Achievement Motivation
a desire for significant accomplishment
for mastery of things, people, or ideas for attaining a high standard

Intrinsic Motivation
desire to perform a behavior for its own sake or to be effective

Extrinsic Motivation
desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment

Rewards Affect Motivation

Mom: Ill give you Rs. 500 for every A. Controlling reward

Child: As long as she pays, Ill study. Extrinsic motivation Mom: Your grades were great! Lets celebrate by going out for dinner. Informative reward Child: I love doing well. Intrinsic motivation

What students teacher..




He lacks enthusiasm. He is insecure. He doesnt accept responsibility. He lacks people skills. He is unwilling to guide. He doesnt inspire us to perform. He doesnt appreciate good work. He doesnt discuss new strategies or ideas with us. His communication is negative & de-motivating.

Some ways
Think of them as individuals. Try and maximize eye contact. Meet them face to face. Listen. Talk straight. Give clear instructions. Accept only after weighing the pros & cons. Dont put on airs. Assign Classroom Jobs Set an example.

A promise is a promise. Pair work or Group work Spot talent, creativity & promote. Encourage initiative. Tolerate mistakes. Learn from them. No mistakes, no initiative. Using audio visual material Provide praise and reward for all

Give the right touch.

Keep channels open. Why argue? Understand. To err is human. Listen to complaints. Dont shout. Explain. Never hold out threats. Blow your top, but constructively. Soften the blow. Allow them to let off steam. Dont accuse. Investigate.

A great man is one who can make a small man feel great, and perform great.